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    Gdog96 got a reaction from Tedster in Macbook pro won't get past apple logo when booting.   
    Not sure if this is the right place to post this...
    So basically I bought an old Macbook pro from 2007 with the intention of fixing it but I cannot figure out the problem. 
    When I first turned it on, the screen was very low resolution (much lower than it's native res) and there were striped blue pixels in a chessboard like pattern on the screen (this is the best way I can describe it). 
    So I immediately assume its a GPU problem but whatever it's usable so I carry on. 
    When booting it shows the apple logo and the spinning dial underneath for some time before it freezes on the dial and reboots. When I hold the option key on boot I can choose to boot from the recovery drive, which does exactly the same thing, however once it freezes I can hear the OSX recovery say "to choose english, please press the return key" etc. If I press the return key nothing happens, the screen remains stuck on the apple logo with blue checkered lines down the screen. 
    I have tried booting from a windows 10 boot CD i made (which works, i have tested it, and it's 32bit) but all that happens is I get a black screen (but the screen is on and illuminated, its just black). 
    One really weird thing was that I ran the battery down whilst trying to fix it and once it got really low and I rebooted (but not completely flat), the screen returned to native res and the blue checkered lines were gone, but the other problems remained. Once it had completely ran out, I charged it and now the blue checkered lines are back but the screen has remained at native res. So if there is a problem with the GPU it seems to be intermittent. Unfortunately I don't have an external monitor to test it with. 
    I'm kind of assuming that the screen problem isn't fixable without replacing the logic board, but does anyone have any ideas of how I could at least boot into an OS, or what is preventing me from doing so right now? 
    Sorry if any of this doesn't make sense, I didn't have much time to type it. 
    Thank you. 
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    Gdog96 got a reaction from 7850OC in What is the best GPU i could power with a 450W PSU?   
    So I have a silverstone 450w platinum efficiency power supply, the one that linus used in his mITX build guide (
    ) in which he powered a 670. I have a 660 and want to updgrade but, what is the best GPU (for gaming I should mention, at 1080p) that I could power with my PSU?
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    Gdog96 got a reaction from BlackOutCrisis in Gdog's build progression, over the past year.   
    Good point, I will give it a go later, though it may change the curvature of the tube as the cable is kind of supporting it, but I will have a go when I next get a chance and post some pics of what it looks like. 
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    Gdog96 got a reaction from FizzGigg in Cheap Gaming Build   
    Get the 650ti, it's faster than the 7770. 
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    Gdog96 got a reaction from TechFan@ic in triple 6870?   
    I don't think 3 6870s in crossfire is even possible, due to the fact that there is only 1 crossfire connector.