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  1. @campy Thanks for the links - just had a look and unfortunately I can't find those in the UK though. I've got a note of them though so I can keep and eye out!
  2. Hi, Ive been searching all over for a case that is slim (think Dell Optiplex type size) with at least 1 (preferably 2) 5.25 inch bays and at least 1 3.5 inch bay. It needs to support Micro ATX motherboards as I'll be transplanting an existing pc into this case. My use case for this is that I need a machine that I can populate the front bays with hot swap caddies and use as a HDD test/wipe machine. I currently have a full size system for this but need a slim case to make room in my apartment. The best I've found so far is this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-micro-ATX-slim-chassis-slim-PC-case-Low-profile-with-250W-PSU-KM2009B/201291453009?hash=item2edde7d251:g:JA0AAOxyXWdQ7YDR But I would like to know what other options exist. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Hi, Haven't posted here in a while but hoping someone could help. Basically I have acquired 3x 300gb 15K hp sas drives and I want to install them in a regular desktop PC (no sas controller). I want to know what the cheapest/easiest way to go about this would be. I know I would have to buy a sas controller pcie card, but does anyone have any recommendations? I have searched ebay and found things like this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dell-WY335-0WY335-PCI-Express-Perc-6-i-6i-SAS-SATA-RAID-Controller-Card-/201667086345?hash=item2ef44b8809:g:fkoAAOSw44BYRWLf which look like they would do the trick if I can find the correct cables, or even this one which comes with cables: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dell-SAS-6-iR-RAID-Controller-Card-0JW063-PCI-E-2x-146GB-SAS-CHEETAH-15K-0XX518-/112386479588?hash=item1a2ac195e4:g:9~EAAOSwtfhYsaZ-. However I'm aware that these are from servers so are they likely to work with regular desktop motherboards? Further, would dell cards work with HP drives or do they tend to be locked down to one manufacturer? I should note that I will be using windows 10 as the OS. On another note, I do have a Adaptec ASC-39320A SCSI PCI X card (https://www.amazon.com/Dell-ASC-39320A-Ultra320-Controller-Compatible/dp/B00DYBXN10) which I know works in Windows 10 (despite being connected to a regular PCI port). I don't suppose there is any way I can adapt the 68pin scsi interface to SAS? I know none of this is really convenient and/or won't be a very fast storage option but I got the parts for free and I have an old shuttle shoebox PC which I'm messing around with to see if I can make a little makeshift NAS out of, purely for fun, and I would like to put these old drives to use since they are currently collecting dust. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks
  4. Hi, I have a Nexus 6p and I live in the UK. Android 7 was released on August 22nd (I think?) but I've had no sign on an update come through on my phone, is it normal for it to take this long? I've tried manually looking for updates in the settings with no luck. I'm currently on Marshmallow. I know there are images out there but I don't want to image my phone I just want to update and keep everything. I should mention this is the first android phone I've owned and it's been on Marshmallow since I got it so I'm unfamiliar with how to update so I might be missing something? Thanks
  5. Hi, I have only recently come across this problem. I have a Nexus 6p with the latest android patch installed. I can see all my photos on the phone itself, but when I connect to a computer and try and view them in windows explorer, I can see one or two from recently, but there is a huge gap of photos from the last few months. I can't pinpoint exactly which photos aren't showing up, but it is a lot of them. I am making sure to set the phone to USB for photo transfer. I have tried retarting the phone, trying a different USB port/computer to connect to, but I can't think of anything else to try. I want to back up the pictures but I can't when they don't show up on the computer. It has been working fine up until recently and everything else on the phone seems okay. I feel like I'm missing something here? The computer I'm connecting to is windows 10. EDIT: I can see on the phone that I have 928 photos in the gallery (not including screenshots, whatsapp pictures etc, just ones from the camera) but in Windows I can only see 238 photos.. Thank you
  6. Thanks for the reply. I have tried to re-download it but when I try and install it, it says it can't because internet explorer is already installed on the computer.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm having some issues with Internet Explorer. If I double click the icon for it, I get the loading circle next to the mouse pointer for a couple seconds, which then disappears and nothing loads, ever. No error messages either. I have looked in task manager and whilst this is happening internet explorer never appears (unless I'm missing it). Things I have tried: Running without add ons/extensions. Running as administrator Disabling internet explorer - restarting - enabling internet explorer - restarting Resetting internet explorer in Internet Options menu Running malwarebytes (no threats) All of the above has not worked at all and I'm at a loss of what to do. This is with a brand new installation of windows 7 professional, with mostly brand hew hardware (excluding RAM and PSU). The PC has 4GB ram and an I3 4170. This problem occurs when no other programs are running so it cant be a ram issue? Please don't suggest other web browsers, this is my fathers PC and he likes his internet explorer 11 (for some reason). I also want to understand what the problem is here. Thanks in advance, much appreciated.
  8. Ah okay, thanks for explaining it to me everyone, i appreciate it!
  9. Hi I have recently bought a KFA2 GTX 970 second hand, however I noticed a strange issue when stress testing it. If I stress the GPU using MSI Kombustor, the GPU power and usage will both be at or around 100%. However, the moment I begin stress testing the CPU at the same time (using prime95) the GPU usage drops to 30-40% and power to 55-60%, resulting in a massive drop in FPS. I tried using MSI Kombustors CPU burner but it only made this effect worse with power and usage dropping to 40% and 20-30% respectively. I assumed this was my power supply causing the issue as its only a 450W silverstone SFX unit. However, I tried the GPU in my friends PC with the same specs and a Corsair CX600 power supply and I found the same issue. Is this normal? What can I do about it? Generally pretty confused at the moment, would love some input from you guys. Thanks
  10. Okay, thanks everyone. I was unaware that coil whine came forms that weren't just that high pitch whine. Cheers
  11. Hi all, I recently purchased a KFA2 GTX 970 second hand for a great price, upgrading from a GTX 660. However, whenever the card is under load, there is a fairly loud electrical buzzing noise coming from the centre of the PCB - I can hear it across the room and its annoying as the rest of my system is near silent. I know it is not the fans because I have stopped the fans by hand briefly to test them and the buzzing continues. Further, if I alt tab out of a game the buzzing noise instantly stops before the fans have slowed down. The noise isn't your standard high pitch coil whine noise, it sounds more like a cable tie caught in a fan (which it obviously isnt). However it does seem to change pitch ever so slightly when looking around in games, but I might be imagining things. The person I bought it from claims he has never heard any noises like that before. The card works fine otherwise with a load temp of ~70 degrees. Now, I was wondering if it could be my power supply causing the problem? The card is hooked up to a Silverstone SFX 450 watt PSU. 450 watt is the minimum wattage for this card, but maybe I'm cutting it too fine? I don't have another power supply to test it with. The rest of the system is as follows: i5 3570k - no OC 8gb Ram OCZ agility 3 120gb SSD WD Green 2TB 2 fans in the system total including CPU fan Any ideas what this could be and if there is even a way around it? Thanks very much
  12. Thats my bad for not properly explaining. Thank you for your help!
  13. Thanks for the in depth reply, Im slightly confused though (forgive me, this kind of thing always confuses me). Why would the new motherboard look for a drive with a windows 7 partition? If I'm replacing the broken motherboard inside the XP computer with an identical motherboard surely it will boot into windows XP if the drives and everything else is the same? Is it something to do with updated BIOS's or something? I should clarify that I only wrote about his windows 7 computer for a bit of context and so that people didn't just tell me to upgrade him to 7. The problem is only with his XP system. Thanks again
  14. So the north-bridge chip has failed in my Grandad's ancient gaming PC with Windows XP installed. He has a newer pc with windows 7 installed but he wants to keep his old one for some older games and because he just prefers it in general. So my question is, if I replace the motherboard with an identical motherboard, will windows need to be re-activated? Because the product key he used is long gone so it might introduce some problems if he does have to reactivate. Thanks
  15. Unfortunately this didn't solve the problems. Although after resetting the SMC the screen returned to its low res state, but once it rebooted its back to its native res.
  16. Not sure if this is the right place to post this... So basically I bought an old Macbook pro from 2007 with the intention of fixing it but I cannot figure out the problem. When I first turned it on, the screen was very low resolution (much lower than it's native res) and there were striped blue pixels in a chessboard like pattern on the screen (this is the best way I can describe it). So I immediately assume its a GPU problem but whatever it's usable so I carry on. When booting it shows the apple logo and the spinning dial underneath for some time before it freezes on the dial and reboots. When I hold the option key on boot I can choose to boot from the recovery drive, which does exactly the same thing, however once it freezes I can hear the OSX recovery say "to choose english, please press the return key" etc. If I press the return key nothing happens, the screen remains stuck on the apple logo with blue checkered lines down the screen. I have tried booting from a windows 10 boot CD i made (which works, i have tested it, and it's 32bit) but all that happens is I get a black screen (but the screen is on and illuminated, its just black). One really weird thing was that I ran the battery down whilst trying to fix it and once it got really low and I rebooted (but not completely flat), the screen returned to native res and the blue checkered lines were gone, but the other problems remained. Once it had completely ran out, I charged it and now the blue checkered lines are back but the screen has remained at native res. So if there is a problem with the GPU it seems to be intermittent. Unfortunately I don't have an external monitor to test it with. I'm kind of assuming that the screen problem isn't fixable without replacing the logic board, but does anyone have any ideas of how I could at least boot into an OS, or what is preventing me from doing so right now? Sorry if any of this doesn't make sense, I didn't have much time to type it. Thank you.
  17. So, I was getting checksum errors on an old shuttle PC, so I bought the correct CMOS battery to replace it. However, when I turn the system on after replacing the battery, all I get is a black screen, I don't even get the opportunity to get into the BIOS. If I replace the old CMOS battery it will boot again, but with checksum error. What is going on here and how do I fix it? Thanks
  18. Thanks for all the replies already! I just realised that although the sticker on the computer is an xp home key, the pc itself has xp professional SP3 installed. Does this mean I could use a xp professional SP3 ISO but use my home edition product key?
  19. Hello everyone, I have an old Dell Optiplex gx620 desktop computer that I want to restore back to factory settings however I dont have the dell restore disk, therefore I need to find an ISO file for windows xp home edition (I have the legit key thats on the sticker on the case so Im assuming this is legal). I cannot find this file anywhere online, although I did find a service pack 3 disk image file direct from microsoft but Im not quite sure what to do with the files as there doesnt seem to be an ISO included. If there is no way to get an ISO, can someone please tell me how I would be able to make a bootable USB/CD for xp home, as everything I have tried so far doesnt work, one of which was using wintoflash but that didnt work because, again, I couldnt find the ISO file. If im going about this completely wrong then please let me know. Thank you
  20. Do i delete all the recovery partitions too? Theres more than one so I dont know which ones to keep
  21. Hello, So I bought a laptop last november and noticed this problem pretty much immedietely but didnt care until now as Im going to uni so it might start to be annoying. Basically, in My Computer, the only hard drive in the computer (1TB) is displayed as 2. One called 'OS' that is 372GB big, and one called 'New Volume' which is 537GB big. In disk management, the hard drive is displayed as such: (prt = partition, just incase it wasnt obvious) 300MB Healthy EFI prt -- 900MB Healthy recovery prt -- OS c: 372.26 GB NTFS Healthy (Boot, page file, crash dump, primary prt) --350MB Healthy recovery prt -- New Volume 537.6 GB NTFS Healthy primary prt --20.01GB Healthy recovery prt I would like to merge the partitions so that in My Computer there is just one hard drive shown with the capacity of 1TB (or whatever that is formatted to). The laptop is Windows 8.1, its an Asus Vivobook if that matters. Many thanks
  22. Its been really cool watching LinusMediaGroup grow since I started watching when Linus still worked at NCIX with cameraman. Good job.
  23. My favourite thing is the brushed aluminium that doesnt stain an much.