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  1. I'm currently looking at Fidelio x2 and massdrop 6xx thanks to friend suggestions. Which one is better? I listen to a range of music including hip hop, pop, kpop. Here's a few of my playlists: I was also looking at the vmoda mic if getting the fidelio, I think they wouldn't work on the senheisser though so need a recommendation for that as well. Thank you
  2. Any of these low response time with budget if 1500? Cheers
  3. hey. I meant for no ghosting? Ghosting happens because if response time I thought
  4. What fisplay response time is good enough for csgo?
  5. Hi, do you notice any ghosting when playing games? (Csgo in particular)
  6. Metrize

    Laptop for uni and csgo

    Bump can anyone with an xps 15 chime in if there's ghosting with playing csgo? It's important I can play decently
  7. Metrize

    Laptop for uni and csgo

    mech eng. is the ghosting not a problem for csgo?
  8. Metrize

    Laptop for uni and csgo

    I'm in the UK btw
  9. I want one that is good for uni and csgo. Looking at the xps 15 it looks good but apparently theres ghosting? Any ideas then?
  10. What about this? It seems like a top specs and cheaper than the xps. Does an i5 have much difference to an i7 in laptops? This one even has a 4k screen http://m.dell.com/mt/www.dell.com/uk/business/p/inspiron-15-7566-laptop/pd?oc=bn56603&model_id=inspiron-15-7566-laptop
  11. Probably like 1.5k but the less the better tbh
  12. What's a good laptop for university? I need it to have top specs the lower the price the better. I've been looking at Dell xps? No Apple Need to be able to play casual games (FM 16, league csgo dota)
  13. Metrize

    Who else is happy with Vessel shutting down?

    Maybe this will help to get videos on relevant time, by the time reviews and stuff for phones/etc are like months late. Maybe they should do reviews faster so they get more views and get money that way instead of these terrible delays from the reviee and when the product came out. There's still not a pixel review
  14. Metrize

    Plans Regarding Shutdown of Vessel

    Finally no more delayed videos, hurrah Verizon
  15. Metrize

    15 year old - what should I save money for?

    Don't fall into the trap of Consumerism. Just invest in stocks