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  1. stutter with 1080ti

    I read through the thread and didn't see anyone suggest this. Some games have weird issues with power management. In Nvidia control panel under global options, look for power management mode and set it to prefer maximum performance. I don't think you need to overclock anything to solve any of those problems. Also make sure your game is Full Screen, and not Windowed or Borderless.
  2. I have both an IPS and TN 144hz. The color difference is noticeable. I use the TN 144hz for gaming. The IPS has noticeable Input lag and a slight motion blur < would never use it for gaming. I think it would be best to get an higher grade LED 144hz instead of TN, like those from BenQ if you wanted "gaming".
  3. Corsair One

    Oh, this system actually seems pretty good. I would buy it, though I'm only looking at Ryzen builds now.
  4. OBS & FPS

    Do you get 144 fps when not streaming? The above mentioned using Quicksync and NVENC which takes the load off the cpu. The idea being your CPU can focus on LoL. You can also build a dedicated streaming pc (dual pc setup) though the setup can be complex when it comes to audio.
  5. GTX 1070 Hybrid vs Aircooled Card

    I have an AIO water cooled 970, and the biggest thing I loved about it, was the fact that I never had to worry about overheating or dust on my motherboard. For me, those long term goals were ideal. If you can afford it, I think it the best option. Nothing is wrong with the air coolers either.
  6. Something like this you can use a custom Website solution or buy ready made solutions. In the end he really needs inventory system, but you will have to find the best for him, in terms of cost, ease of use and actually bringing value to his business. Small to medium size businesses can spend 3 months or longer on making a choice like this purely with research. http://www.capterra.com/inventory-management-software/
  7. Holy moly that is perfect-ish! I might get this one!
  8. I would commission someone if I could find one
  9. The Fan hub is nice but I do not remember everything about it and I can not tell if it was ever updated. I will be honest, I would not recommend it unless you really have to. The side panel is on very tight, and it will press against those fan headers. If you will plan your build, get a motherboard that has enough fan ports and PWM extensions if you need.
  10. Thanks, actually this and the Stacker are the only ones I could find. I imagined a case wide enough the mini would be perpendicular to the atx, like an L. Is anyone able to find other options?
  11. Hey all, I've been looking for a Dual PC case. As the title mentioned, I do want to build a dual pc streaming setup. As such, I want to hold an ATX and Micro/Mini ATX in one case. I've been searching but ideally, I would like to find one where the ATX has a standard layout, but the Mini ATX sits below the ATX, on top of a power supply shroud. I suppose this is very very niche because I can't seem to find any like this.
  12. 144 Hz Monitors and a lot of Questions

    I'll be honest, I don't notice any screen tearing at all so I agree with you. If you want to take advantage of 144hz, you would need your game to be full screen. In windowed mode (including borderless), the GPU resources are shared and the game will actually look choppy on 144hz even if you had some large framerate. This is in addition to the worse response time as you mentioned. The only game this has no relevance to is Forza Horizon 3 which uses some advanced direct X feature I know little of
  13. 144 Hz Monitors and a lot of Questions

    TN Panels are lame but not all are bad. IPS is the best in terms of quality (colors) but 144hz IPS is expensive. You aren't going to find IPS 144hz at any affordable price. You should buy LED. Do not buy a cheap IPS monitor for gaming. While being defaulted to 60hz (which isn't a bad thing) they suffer some bad response times, most times resulting into some odd motion blur. The Asus Swift and Acer Predator are the top tier gaming monitors but they aren't without flaws. A rule of thumb is that high performance items endure some serious workloads and over time it is common to run into some issue. Rare, and minor for many people, but if you are on a tight budget this may not be your playground. I would say just buy a cheap 144hz Monitor without any Sync technology. When you add "sync" into the marketing, be sure to add like 200$ to the price. Those sync technologies are meant to remove screen tearing. I have an AOC G2460PQU (which has no sync) @144hz and I barely notice any tearing. I use DVI to get the 144hz and has VESA mounting which was something I needed. To even enjoy 144hz, or any Sync technology, all games must be run at Full Screen as well.
  14. I was considering this since I will have left over guts to practically build a new pc. I think the main issue that stops me is the audio setup, and just managing 2pcs. Also, I can salvage some cost by selling the old guts.
  15. Not too verse in Silicon Lottery, I thought the chips they give you would be the clock speeds they indicated?