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  1. So, the piece on the ear-cup hinge that stops rotation beyond a certain point on my ATH-M50x has broken. The headphones are way out of warranty. Are the any recommendations as to where to send the headphones for repair? Thanks, in advance
  2. Thanks for the advice. I'll do that right away.
  3. okay got it, don't have a lot of critical data there just steam, uplay and origin games. So is the drive gonna die in a week or month? I know you guys can't know for certain but how bad is 200 sectors for reference?
  4. I've been experiencing some hang up on my system as of late and I wanted to figure out if my C drive was failing.Turns our the C drive seems okay, however, my D drive shows a caution sign as the health status. (I'll attach the info of both drives just in case)
  5. I just needed it to work man but I guess you're right
  6. The onboard sound on my Z97 PC Mate is abysmal. It only has enough power to run a pair of ATH-M50X barely and I desire a cleaner/louder sound, any suggestions?
  7. I went to Walmart and all they had were some razer custom switches not Cherry MX
  8. just saw the rapid-i one and the MX Red pricing in not bad
  9. a any recommendation for switch type? (MX Reds are way to expensive)
  10. Looking for shorter keyboard for competitive CS GO Can be mechanical (Doesn't have to be).
  11. never mind, got it working by disconnecting the phone from the computer and trying to boot without the PC worked
  12. So I tried to install TWRP on my OP X (E10005) and it boot into it but then I commenced a reboot and it no longer =(