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    8GB HyperX fury 1866 mhz
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    GTX 1060 6 GB
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    CoolerMaster K380
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    Antec EDG750 80+ Gold
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    Philips 224e
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    Hyper 212
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    Red Dragon K551
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    Logitech G402 Hyperion
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    Shure se 215
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  1. AmbarChakrabarti

    Worth replacing the shutter?

  2. AmbarChakrabarti

    Worth replacing the shutter?

    Sony A7 is famous for its ISO performance. It also looks like a better deal than the other cameras because of the quality
  3. AmbarChakrabarti

    Worth replacing the shutter?

    I don't know about UK pricing. but, what A mount camera can you get if you have a budget of 300 to 350 (maybe 400)?
  4. AmbarChakrabarti

    Issues with AMD ReLive and Premiere Pro

    I'll suggest him that. Is there a good website i can visit for trouble shooting OBS?
  5. AmbarChakrabarti

    Issues with AMD ReLive and Premiere Pro

    I have tried that already. Set to constant frame rate and the issue, somehow, persists. I tried both 30 and 60 FPS settings
  6. AmbarChakrabarti

    Issues with AMD ReLive and Premiere Pro

    Hello there! This is something I have faced once before. My friend wants to stream PUBG and I am the one editing his videos. The only problem is VFR. VFR is short for Variable frame rate. In a nutshell when we play games we might experience frame rate dips, now if we experience frame dips whilst recording, the end footage will play fine in VLC, but when we export it in Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas, the audio will be 15 seconds behind the visual. IE Audio will be massively out of sync. This happens because the frame rate dips during the load screen. And NLE suites prefer a constant frame rate, like solid 60 FPS all the time (Even if we drop one frame, the audio will be out of sync) Trying to manually sync the audio is pointless. And so that raises the question, what can be done? My friend can't afford a capture card. His capture software is AMD ReLive, since he has an RX 580 and an R5 2600x on, i think, a B450 Asus board.
  7. AmbarChakrabarti

    LTT forum "banning" game

    Banned for posting 3 minutes ago
  8. AmbarChakrabarti

    What do you think is "your game"?

    from a story and atmosphere perspective, metro last Light T_T
  9. Could it be, that one of these SKU's is a region specific card? Remember the GTX 1060 5GB?
  10. AmbarChakrabarti

    Help Scientists Cure Cancer with your PC! - Folding @ Home

    I'm glad I get to fold
  11. AmbarChakrabarti

    Linus' Recommended 'things'

    IC Diamond paste, Gamers Nexus ModMat
  12. The craziest deals I have ever seen are from Sony. There is a festival called Diwali here in India, that happens every November. And the craziest deal I recall from that period was that Sony was giving a PS4 (1TB Fat) with 2 games and an external HDD free with one of their Android powered smart TV's. At one point, they were also giving, and I'm not kidding here; an Xperia Z2 for free, with one of their TV's (That was of course, when the Z2 was a flagship device) And so what are the craziest deals you have ever scooped up? Tech or not, doesn't matter. Some other deals I came across include 15 USD earphones for 3 USD, got a pair of MDR V55 free with a sony TV, they were 50 USD back then
  13. AmbarChakrabarti

    How do you stop yourself from buying unnecessary things?

    Go out? Play games? Run?
  14. AmbarChakrabarti

    Canon To Announce New FF Mirrorless Camera

    Considering the fact that the market is saturated with EF lenses, this new RF mounting system is a VERY bold decision by Canon.
  15. AmbarChakrabarti

    what irritates you most about using older pc's/laptops?

    HDD's aren't that bad. its actually windows 10 that slows them down a lot