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  1. I'm in the US and I use Verizon - specifically, I have the unlimited family plan. I'm currently using an LG v20, however my battery life is **awful** - even switching batteries, uninstalling apps, rooting, using a custom rom (SUPER), etc. - it goes down to 50% in about 6 hours. I am **not** here to discuss ways to improve my battery life, I just want an upgrade - I need one. On top of the bad battery life, my v20 has always been slow and laggy, and it's getting worse as apps get better. I'm not exactly a big mobile gamer, but I do multitask a lot - mostly with messenger, steam, discord, facebook, Boost (reddit), and a few other apps like that. As well as Pocketcasts and Spotify. Right now my #1 choice is a Pixel 3a - I've never had a Google phone before, but I really like the idea of getting the latest Android versions quickly rather than having to wait a year. While I'll miss my v20's second screen, removable battery, and sd slot - it doesn't take much to hit the power button, I don't really replace my battery, and I'm only using 39gb of space after having this phone for 2 years or so. Is the 3a the best choice for me? Will it be a noticeable upgrade from my v20? What are some of the differences I'll notice between the two? Will memory be an issue (v20 has 4gb, and I regularly get down to 2-300mb free and will lag really bad until I restart)? The camera in the 3a seems to be worse in terms of resolution, same with video - and it only has one camera - are these problems? What about battery life? Processing power? GPU? My friend has a phone that functions similar to the v20's second screen, it has a very low power "screensaver" that she can customize - that sounds like a really nice feature in my replacement. The Pixel 3a is $16.66/mo (Not sure if that's with my upgrade or what...) for 24 months, so I'd like to keep it around there, or at most $30/month. I was also told that Google offers financing - but it's $3 more a month. If the Verizon version really is locked, I may go that route instead.
  2. Accurate drawing is a must, that's the main reason I want it. I also want to try to keep it under $500
  3. So I want to get a tablet to watch movies, shows, other stuff... Take notes in OneNote, do some art / coloring to relax and for concept work. Nothing too taxing, but an accurate stylus and sensor is required. Would a Surface Pro 3 be a good investment? If so, which one and where can I get one cheap? Refurbished is fine as long as it works properly and won't break right away. I'm in the US.
  4. Should I worry about the low reviews on Amazon? Do I still get the same warranty?
  5. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Dell-Inspiron-15-7000-7577-i5-7300HQ-GTX-1060-Max-Q-Laptop-Review.264134.0.html says it's 35ms GTG. And if not Dell, then who? I need to get it ASAP for a not completely outrageous price, with some sort of warranty. And does the laptop come with the Windows 10 Pro key, or is it hard coded into the install? Ideally I'd like to format and install Windows myself and just use the key they give me...
  6. What's the response time like on the monitor for gaming? The 1080p panel, not the UHD or whatever they call it. It sounds like it may be as bad as 30ms. Is that bad enough that I won't be able to enjoy gaming on it? What's the CPU like on it? I want to be able to encode h265, run Docker, compile shit, etc. but this "HQ" suffix on it weirds me out. I want to order it straight from Dell, but I need to get it ASAP and some of the configurations say it'll take up to the 20th to get ready. Is there any way to speed it up? Is it worth buying new rather than refurbished? Regardless, I want to get it from Dell - and I want the best warranty possible since my friend has had some minor issues with hers. I'm willing to spend an extra $2-300 for new vs refurb and another $200 for the warranty if they'll actually replace and fix whatever issues I have. The battery life seems... Good, but not amazing - is there a battery pack or replacement battery anyone can recommend for when I can't get to a charger? How fast does it charge? Can I remove all the Dell bloatware? I want to buy a version with Windows 7 Pro because I'm lazy, but not if I'm stuck with all their crap
  7. What about the refresh rate on the XPS 15? And is there documentation somewhere that says you CAN upgrade the ram and add a second internal drive?
  8. Would it be worth buying an 8gb refurb and upgrading the ram myself? Price wise I mean. What about hard drive? Get one with an SSD and add an extra hdd myself? What's the refresh rate like? Is there any ghosting? It looks powerful enough I can play fast paced games on it.
  9. Wow, XPS 15 looks great... But the new version is out of my price range. Are Dell's refurbished safe to buy? Do they have a decent warranty if it dies, or if there's a dead pixel or something like that.
  10. I don't need anything fancy, but it does need to have virtualization built into the CPU, more than 10gb of ram, at least a boot SSD with room for some programs, and ideally an extra 400+gb for other stuff. I'm going to be using it to run Docker (Lots and lots...), Unity, and playing stuff like Minecraft (CPU) and Black Desert Online (GPU). I don't need to have the settings cranked up to max, but being able to run BDO at something other than the lowest setting would be nice.
  11. I don't need or want a current gen, just something that's comparable to the note 5.
  12. Right now I have a Note 5 and I like it for the most part - it's never given me any issues in terms of speed or memory, hell even the storage is okay-ish. What has always bothered me about it, and what is definitely a massive issue to me right now is the lack of a removable battery. My phone's battery is dying, and bad - I get maybe 6 hours of battery life per day if I'm lucky - so I need a new one. Right now the LG V20 looks best for me, but I haven't heard too much about it. My ideal phone would have the following: A battery that can be removed without the use of a heat gun A fingerprint scanner - it's just too damn convenient Rootable, ideally with an active rom community Good battery life Front and rear cameras at least close to as good as what the Note 5 has Works on Verizon in the USA Am I asking for too much? The LG V20 looks like it has everything I want and more, but I wanted to get the opinions of people on LTT forums before I bought it.