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  1. The issues dissapeard even though I got an error message saying that the restore failed.
  2. I'm just clinging to the tiny chance might present an even easier way out.
  3. I've never created a restore point. And the mods and game are not on my c drive would that make a difference for their affect on the system?
  4. Sorry in advance for the length of the post. List of issues All icons missing from taskbar including the clock and keyboard language switcher Cannot open start menu (have tried windows key and taskbar button) Taskbar is still visible over fullscreen webcontent. Have tested fullscreen videos on youtube vessel facebook, and fullscreen website in chrome. Does not affect games tested assassins creed 4 and just cause 2 Alt-Tab is in windows classic theme. Aero peak previews desktop when I hover over it, but does not switch to desktop when I click While trying to solve issues, I clicked on the button to customise the notication area int the taskbar proderties. And got this error message. Audio and video playback periodically stops. Tested on youtube, vessel, facebook and in spotify. When I tried to play the content both youtube and spotify spat out error messages (see image section at end). Vessel and facebook just continue trying to load the videos to no avail. What I've done Rebooted Tried restarting windows explorer Ran a virus scan through avast which found nothing. Ran second scan through malware bytes which found one piece of malware. System info Windows 10 64bit Intel e3 1231 v3 Asrock h97 annivesary Zotac gtx 970 16gb of ram 256gb adata ssd 2tb seagete hdd 500w evga psu The problems started right after I installed a bunch of mods for skyrim. The mods were all from nexus. Images Thanks
  5. then realises that you're not in the virtual machine
  6. I was thniking that since the canadian federal elections are coming up that someone should start a mock political campaing for turnip. I'm not really sure what this would entail, but I would love to see this happen. Also we can see how well its doing in the firepoles.
  7. It was actually not googl play music but plex that was the problem. Thanks
  8. it is running and they seem to function when that window is selected
  9. The app i'm trying to use it with is spotify and they don't work when it is in focus.
  10. I having an issue where the media keys are not functionning on my computer. The spefic keys that are not working are play/pause stop and the next and previous buttons. For some reason they do function in the maya installer and in the ff type-o launcher and game. I'm using a cheap dynex keyboard and tested also with a cheap logitech wireless keyboard. my sistem specs are in my signature. Thanks
  11. I was wondering if would work to buy an premade ethernet cable and cut off on of the ends and replace it with a keystone jack. I want to do this because I have only one or two spots that I want to plug the cable into the wall, and it would be wastful to buy in bulk for about 30 ft of cable.
  12. Yes but what carriers support it because looking at what kind of entannas is is the phone on the spec sheet is confusingme. It says gsm and cdma which wikipedia says is suppordted by pretty much only rogers and they have trrible resption where I live. it also lists a couple of lte bands but i'm a bit cinfused by what that would mean.
  13. Do you know if you can use the oneplus one in canada and if so what carriers?
  14. you used a bit to much thermal paste in that image
  15. My dad is trying to install Microfoft ice on his computer but every time it says that he requires visual c++. So he installed visual c++ then tries to install ice again and he gets the same error message. In the add or remove programme section in control panel is says that visual c++ is installed.
  16. Just building my first desktop right now. About to order the parts in a couple of days.
  17. Something you should add is an explanation on how to post pictures because it took me quite some time to figure out how to do that.
  18. Is there a way to get pc partpicker not to calculate prices with mail in rebates? Thanks