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    Junior Member
  • Birthday 1997-07-04

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    Computers where my thing in the past and I still run a small pc repair shop for the locals here on the side.
    Got into digital art and vfx a couple years ago and this is my primary intrest now.
    Also skate
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    I'm alive so yay?
  • Occupation
    I repair pc's on the side, do art commision work and orderpick in the evening. Soon studying again


  • CPU
    I7 6700hq
  • RAM
    32gb corsair vengeance 2666mhz
  • GPU
    gtx 970m
  • Storage
    1tb 840 evo + 512gb 960 evo nvme
  • PSU
    It's a 180w powerbrick
  • Display(s)
    My laptop's screen and a wacom cintiq 13HD
  • Cooling
    3 fans in my 15 inch thin laptop. Nice and cool yo
  • Keyboard
    Rando bluetooth mini keyboard from amazon and my lappy's one
  • Mouse
    Mx master 2 and my wacom stylus
  • Sound
    1981 amp with speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 / elementary os

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  1. As I don't know who you will use as your supplier I cannot really recommend a case as these may not even be available through them.
  2. For gaming it is. Games don't really use over 6 cores so basically if you have 6+ fast cores you are good to go. The is core for core faster than the 9980xe but loses in tasks that can use all the cores from the 9980xe quite hard (adobe premiere, 3d rendering,...). You basically spent a heap of money on a cpu that is probably never going to be fully used by games before it becomes obsolete. Swapping a gpu is really quite simple and basically anyone can do it.
  3. Problem is that when the filth does peel away it will get stuck in all the small fins and such of the cooling block for the cpu and gpu (I don't know what you have cooled so just generalizing). The only real way is to remove all the items, open them up and actually scrub them clean with something as simple as dishsoap. Brown tubing is basically lost but you can try scrubbing it clean with a small stickbrush for cleaning dishes and again some dishsoap.
  4. A320 boards are an issue for future upgrades if the people that buy the low end ones want to use them as a upgrade rig. Another problem is that if you buy in bulk and want to use these for a next gen ryzen you may end up with basically useless stock as a320 boards are being left out in the dust. I would also highly advice to change the case for the budget ones to something sleeker and possibly coloured fans in there. Assuming you buy in bulk you can get a lot of good cases that have both from overseas for the price of said case. We still very much buy with our eyes even when looking for the best bang for the buck systems which all the sub 600 ones fall into.
  5. This oozes the mid 2000's high end gaming pc aesthetic so hard I love it
  6. 1.Price 2. Has good airflow 3. Is a boring box without windows and stuff 4. Size. So I can tuck it away so it's not in the way or so I don't need to look at it.
  7. The 200ge is a bit better, a lot newer and a lot more energy efficient. So 200ge would be best.
  8. I've posted a few times before about this so sorry for the repeat but all the options I was going to get that would combine a strong laptop + a good screen are out of my league in terms of price sadly so I'm just going to accept it that I'll get a weaker laptop and get a cpu + motherboard to cobble togheter a decent desktop from parts I have laying around. I do digital art (photoshop is my main tool), 3d moddeling (blender is becoming my main software but sometimes still use maya), zbrush (so some graphics card that isn't just intel is needed) and that's about it for intensive programs. As long as it can run these things semi smoothly and has a good screen I'm happy. Current laptop spec that died: 6700hq 32gb ram 970m 1.5tb of ssd storage (512 nvme drive + 1tb sata ssd) 15.6 inch 1080p panel Budget is 1400€ max (same price as the old one funny enough) Anything goes really just nothing super heavy (3kg+). Thank you for your time and again sorry for asking so much about it. I didn't want to replace this laptop I had but need to now and I'm just stuck finding one that fits well like this one did.
  9. The problem with the 210 is age. Hardware acceleration doesn't really work on it so that kinda sucks. I've looked a bit more and thus far i've found these options: Gt 610 Gt 630 Hd 7450 Hd 7570 Hd 8450 (same as a 7450 it seems) R7 240
  10. You can usually get hd 6450's and hd 5450's for below 10$ used and those normally either come with a dp port + dvi or hdmi + dvi.
  11. Bad value. You can get a 5700 for 50-60$. I know your budget is limited but the vega 56 for that money is not worth it anymore and it's really not that good of an upgrade over the rx 580. I recommend you save up some more and get a substantial performance boost instead of a rather small one.
  12. You have a bunch of things open and running in the background and there is 16gb of ram available so windows is less likely to offload it into it's virtual memory. Nothing out of the ordinary here.
  13. That would be the smartest. For the fan noise just get a budget air cooler and hat will be more quiet than a watercooler. Gpu I would maybe do warranty
  14. It looks kinda standard. Why not just use the same cooler? Also you are going to have to ghetto anyways to make it fit inside a case since the mounting holes are non standard for the motherboard