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  • CPU
    Fx 8320
  • Motherboard
    asrock 970 extreme 4
  • RAM
    8 gb corsair vengeance 1600mhz
  • GPU
    saphire hd 7870
  • Case
    Zalman z9+
  • Storage
    1 840 evo 128gb and 1 2 tb wd blue
  • PSU
    Cm b600
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    Hp m900 1080p crt
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    hyper 212 evo
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    Random futjitsu ergonomic keyboard from 1998
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    Random dell design mouse
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    random speakers
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    Windows 7

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  1. Anyways can I get some advice on the build apart from the psu which I'll just change?
  2. Probably. In the description it says cx 550 and in the screenshot all I can see is Cx 5 but it's the green label
  3. True compared to what we have nowadays both the S12II and M12II evo's are pretty meh. But anything beats the cx green labels :p. Might as well spend a bit of money and get something better anyways.
  4. The green label cx's are known to fail so I'm not gonna risk using those. The seasonic is a good psu. Nothing special just a newer version of the good old reliable S12II series.
  5. I can't wait a couple months. I need a computer now as this is currently one of my 2 main sources of income. Also my ryzen 1600 pc is like dead dead due to water from the storm.
  6. Hello, In my search for a decently cheap replacement system for me (we had a storm and well rip everything but my laptop and a couple other things) I've come across this: I7 3820k 16gb of ram 120gb 840 evo Asus P9x79 Quadro 2000 (If my quadro k6000 still works then that will replace it) cx 550 (green label will toss and replace with a seasonic m12II 620 I have here) Some old thick 140mm watercooler (will replace with a cryorig h7 I have here if it looks sketchy) All for 295€ Doesn't seem too bad of a deal considering that board can also almost any v2 xeon out there so that can be a nice upgrade for me. I game a bit but mostly use my pc for productivity tasks like drawing, logo design, 3D modeling, sculpting, character rigging, animating said characters,... This is to replace a ryzen 1600 and I'm trying to spend as little as possible to get the best as I've recently been fired from my primary job and am currently living of my secondary job and commision work (which has now taken a huge blow due to only have 1 computer to work on). Any help would be appreciated.
  7. jaslion

    Best camera phone on a budget

    Found a zenfone zoom s on sale for 320€. Which seems to also be a good contendor.
  8. Recently my oneplus one, nexus 6p, lumia 950 and lumia 1020 died (a short series of unfortunate events) died and now I'm left with a galaxy s4 that my neighbour lets me use atm whilst I'm looking for a new phone. I use my phone primarily to capture quick reference images that I study to draw, use in my artpieces,... and all of the phones above (the oneplus one not so much) did the job more than well enough for me but the S4 I have now just does not cut it at all since it's not in the best condition. I've been looking around and have found a couple older flagships for a decent price and some good midrangers. Galaxy S7 32gb for 300€ Lg G6 32gb for 310€ Nokia 7 for 320€ Moto g6 64gb for 260€ All I need these phones to do is have a headphone jack, have a good camera that can capture some nice detail (and also have somewhat decent low light performance), get me through the day with the battery and NOT be big (150mm in height max since I'm not tall and my pockets are rather small because of that). I don't do much on my phone except take picture and sometimes chat with people on telegram so I'm not a heavy user and specs can be lower as I find the s4 I have now to be plenty and get about 2 days of battery out of it. If anyone has some good recommendations post them as I'm really just trying to find the best value phone for me. I have 1000€+ of spending money but that does not mean I want to spend more than what I have to spend.
  9. So quite randomly I will start experiencing screen glitching on my dell AIO when playing a game in fullscreen. Window or borderless window is fine but fullscreen makes my screen flash pink, throw some differently coloured bars on the screen,... but a simple alt tab out of the game and then back into the game fixes it until I restart the system or it goes to sleep. I'm on the most recent amd drivers and as far as I know the gpu is fine as I've played divinity original sin this weekend and left it open over night and the system did not have any issues what so ever after I alt tabbed. Anyone know why this happens? Specs: ryzen 1400 Rx 580 8gb ddr4 2400mhz 128gb ssd 1tb hdd
  10. jaslion

    2 in 1 laptop for drawing

    I'm busy getting a list ready. The envy series of 2 in 1's also seems to have a large difference in screen quality even on the same laptop. So I'm going to be avoiding those.
  11. jaslion

    2 in 1 laptop for drawing

    I might just have to give up on playing overwatch I guess. Dell has a really rough markup over here so they are usually not a great option. I did manage to find a hp envy x360 with a i5 8250u, 8gb and an mx150 for 1049€ (no student discount on it) but I'm not sure about the thermals and if the cpu runs at full speed or not since I can't really find much info about it.
  12. jaslion

    2 in 1 laptop for drawing

    The cheapest one I can find here is the i5 model and with student discount and even an extra discount on it It's still almost 1300€.
  13. jaslion

    2 in 1 laptop for drawing

    https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/ This site was made to look at almost all vendors in belgium and the netherlands. Zoek een product is the searchbar for products. Also Amazon.co.uk amazon.de amazon.fr Are also a good resource since they all deliver to Belgium.
  14. jaslion

    2 in 1 laptop for drawing

    The surface laptop doesn't fold into tablet mode (since I need to draw on the screen) and the eve V seems good but has pen pressure, palm rejections and jitter issues so that one is probably not something I would get.
  15. Hello, FEEL FREE TO SKIP TO THE LINE AS THIS IS JUST BACKSTORY AND SMALL ISSUES I'VE RAN INTO. I've recently gotten really into drawing again and have been really enjoying myself. About a month ago I've started drawing digitally and I love every aspect of it. I currently use a laptop + artisul d13 drawing tablet and love this setup. When I'm on the go I use my sketchbook if I have an idea and then later if I like it enough work it out on my tablet at home. This is all fine and so but my new school schedule is going to have me have multiple hours between classes and this is going to mean I have some downtime this wouldn't be too bad if I had a normal schedule but because I already got credit for most courses due to a previous education I will have barely anything to do in that time. Since I've sold my wacom intuos pro to get the artisul I no longer really have a portable tablet and my current laptop isn't the best in terms of battery life. I tried using my parents vaio tap 11 with the wacom bamboo pen but the 4gb of ram in that thing makes it barely useable with photoshop and just useable with paint tool sai. ------------ I've since been looking at a mobile studio pro from wacom but can't really find any deals so I started looking at a surface pro, lenovo yoga 530 / 720 2 in 1, hp envy x360,... Now the problem is that I need something decent enough that has active pen support (I have a wacom bamboo pen here but if it has a decent pen included or as an option that's good too) and it has to be powerfull enough to run some vms and run overwatch at 720p lowest settings (and guild wars 2 but that runs on basically anything with a semi decent cpu so not an issue) as these are my 2 relax games for when I don't feel like doing anything really. I'm also going to be selling my laptop I currently have (after swapping the drive in it) since I no longer need the power it has since I no longer have to do vfx work on the go. This laptop will also go with me on my internship to the usa in about 7 months so that is also a big reason as to why I want to keep things simple. My current system: Clevo p650 i7 6700hq gtx 970m 8gb ddr4 1tb sata ssd (want to use this in the new one but have someone that will buy it from me if I have to swap to a m.2 or msata drive) 1920*1080 15.6" IPS screen that has been calibrated (can go and calibrate the new screen no problem) Drawing: artisul d13 tablet If the new system is even half as good as the current setup I'm good. For intensive tasks I have my pc at home so that is not an issue. My budget is 1100€ and I would like to last about 5 years with the laptop. Preferably keep it under 17 inch. If you find a good one in usd add another 150 usd to it and that should be the price in belgium here. Thanks for the help and sorry for the mediocre english.