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  1. Hi, im new to the overclock world, and im trying to overclock my cpu, but i have some questions, i heard that ryzen gets benefits from faster ram, but i made some cinebench runs with my ram at 2600 and at 3000, and the scores didnt change.. i didnt saw a performance upgrade, maybe i need to lower the timings? is that easy? i have no idea about ram overcock, im just using the overcoclk option in my bios. im using this ram: 2 x Crucial DDR4 8GB 3000MHz Ballistix Sport LT Grey @ 1496MHz (16-16-16-35) dual channel. ( i think that 1496 its 3000 just showing the 1 cicle number) for the cpu, im with the ryzen 7 1700, using an dual 120mm AIO, currently at 3.8 ghz at 1.375v i think.. getting between 70° to 78° depending on ambient temp, i get diferent numbers on cpuid hwmonitor i get max 1.35v, on aida64 i get max 1.415 and avg, 1.37.. on cpuid goes from 1.37 to 1.4,, i dont know whats the right number.. im using an Asus TUF B450-Plus Gaming motherboard, and the bios for overclock is not easy for me, too much options i dont know... i would need some help to try to reach 4ghz, or 3.8ghz with the lowest voltage posible, to get the best temps, and the ram to the highest speed, lower clocks posibble, to check if i get some improvement.. its that "easy" to do? or normal for a overclocker, or too hard to try with my only theorical knowledge from linus and other youtubers videos?
  2. haha i know, i mean, that i oriented the rad that way bc i tought it was the best one when i was mounting it, bc was all i saw in the videos, i will flip it
  3. Update 2. I just came back home, and the pc was running 1 full day, the pump its now very quiet, no noise, i think it just needed some time to bleed the bubbles, i will leave the rad mounted that way for now since im not moving the pc,,, if i have to move it for something, and i hear noise again, i will flip them to have the tubes at the bottom
  4. i Always saw linus and the other tech youtubers put them on top, thats why i mounted the rad that way, but right now, its very quiet, i think it bleed out all the air
  5. thnx! yes, i wanted a simple color theme, but in a clean way!
  6. Im still at work, but i will try that when i come home back, if the pump its still making noise (today when i woke up it was quiet, maybe already bleed out the air) Yes, its almost summer here, and the day i was testing, it was 32°c ambient.. maybe thats why it seems hot mmm i dont remember the voltage, bc i tried ryzen master, and the bios for overcock, but the bios was setting the voltage auto, and ryzen master i think it was.. 1.25v? i remember trying 1.35-1.4 for 4ghz, but it was unstable at 1.35 and too hot at 1.4v for 4ghz, almost 100° in a single cinebench test, thats why i used 3.8 ghz at i think 1.25, but im not 100% sure right now
  7. Update 1: Yesterday i went to sleep with the PC on to let the cooler run, and when i wake up today it was quite, no pump noise, now im in work, and i leaved the pc on so it can have more time, i will check it when i come back to see if the pump its still quiet, maybe it just needed some time to get the air bubbles off..
  8. ah i though u mean that 3.8 was low for 78°, mmm idk if the temps are high.. i was reaching 85 degrees at 3ghz on the stock cooler, 60° with the AIO, and 78° at 3.8ghz, sounds "normal", but again, i dont know much about overclocking and watercooling/AIO.. im new to this
  9. as far as i saw in videos about overclock ryzen when i was testing, around 4ghz its the max for my cpu, i think some intel cpus oc higher
  10. this are the temps, after 15 mins of prime95 torture test, overclocked to 3.8 ghz, i dont see anything weird about tems
  11. its a little late here, i will try that tomorrow and let it go for a few hours to test it
  12. yeah, prices in Argentina are like that, and thats for an iphone,, a macbook or something like that, can be more expensive that a nice used car lol
  13. the cheapest iphone 11 are around U$D 1500,, and the pro max bla bla bla are around 3k.. super expensive here
  14. Temperatures are normal, i will show you a spreadsheet i made testing.. after the overclock temperatures reach around 80 on full load
  15. Thats what i tought... if its conected via sata its all the time 100% so if sometimes its quite,, it could be quite all the time, theres any way to take the air bubbles out? i tried moving the radiator a little but nothigs, its mounted vertical on the front, like this, should i mount it different?