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  • CPU
    AMD 4130@ 4.5
  • Motherboard
    ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0
  • RAM
    8 gigs G skill ddr3 1333 @ 1872
  • GPU
    zotac gtx 650 ti boost 2gb bois mod 1111 core/ mem1725
  • Case
    nope not yet home mad bench
  • Storage
    WD 1T
  • PSU
  • Display(s)
  • Cooling
    GeminII S524 +COUGAR CF-V12HPB
  • Mouse
  • Operating System
    windows 8.1 pro X64
  1. just light folding to get back into it ..You seem to have a nice folding team ..edit fixed to gpu fold only
  2. I love Zotac I find there cards have better fans then most<> looking at you evga way less noise and heat at same speed and runs very cool . What Really blew my mind they oc really good I have my gtx 650ti boost bois mod for 1200 core 1700 mem could not be more happy temps are great price not bad ..they might not over clock better than top vendors but they make a really solid gpu's and look at there mini pc's there pretty good to
  3. As someone who loves AMD but I am no fan boy ...... It would take a long time and money to get up there to get same performance as Intel .. Also it would take them to under stand they need to market there software also . Look how long it took to get Microsoft to fix windows 7 but they took the patch of the download but at least they fixed windows 8 for AMD .. To much software is made with Intel compile so AMD needs to really make different instructions for there cpu's .. Understand AMD has only about 20k people working for them and Intel has over 100k and Intel spend more money on R&D then AMD makes. Intel has the money and the cpu's to put AMD out for the count right now but i think they would never will for fear of being hated but everyone Just my thoughts on the who thing
  4. np np all good don't worry people have different taste
  5. I went and picked up A hard drive a best buy is was cheaper than newegg and micro center $50 less for same drive WD 1t 64meg 7200rmp 64mb cash for $65.00 no waiting for it and if it goes bad in 2 years i can just bring it back a least i will plenty room for my stuff not that it took up alot but never know when i will need the space ....I feel better knowing I have a new hard drive
  6. yes i know HD's die super fast or some are like my other HD in my other pc that has been reformatted well 500 times with windows and linux and is over 10 years old ..It is just luck of the draw and ithink the on time is how long my pc has been on with out powering down as it is verry rare for me to shut it down
  7. OK thank you I know it was a seagate 500g my friend gave it to me new in the box about 2 years ago he had it sitting around for about 4 -5 years ...I will start looking around for a new one local nothing to really worry about as far as backup i only really only have steam on it and 2 other games so it is a easy fix for me.. I will just down load stuff when i go to sleep at night to make it less painful ..Thank you again
  8. I don't know if my HD has long to live
  9. If i remeber right a stock Q6600 gets around 5k-6k ppd
  10. #1 for me PSU... People always say just get 550 watt when the system will be drawing 500 watts @ stock they always forget about overclocking and adding extra stuff ..Think about head room people # 2 someone ask for GPU upgrade and 99% of the time every answer is .. you system is junk or out dated even though its only a year old and they still yell out " you need a i5 +mobo +ram +SSD " you go from wanting to spend $250-$350 for new gpu to $1500 + for a system .. Not all people are going to play BF4 . People forget not all people have the extra money for a full upgrade
  11. shd0w2 did you get your passkey ? If you did you need to complete 10 WU's before bonus kicks in .
  12. Get the Xeon putting overclocking aside it is a better made Cpu