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  1. This should of been solved since November of that same year. The problem was the motherboard, not the PSU. We bought new components for it and works fine till this day. MOBO CPU RAM HDD old PSU still works fine.
  2. Those were my initial sentiments but I understand it more than I first did on the surface.
  3. Codecademy if you were asking for a place to learn. Trust me its great and its not clustered with too much information at once. The way its setup you'll never a website in a week time. You basically just have to stick with it. or you can try tutorialpointz
  4. Beautiful beautiful work. Is it possible to show how the bottom tier is setup? Monitor connections?
  5. I setup a poll or i thought i did. I dont see it
  6. where is that option hidden I sorted it out.
  7. Lmao I'll fix it. ohhhh the irony
  8. This is brillant. You inspire me. keep working
  9. I'm curious how members here on the forum use google. For example when you looking for information. Do you type coherent sentences. or Do you type the keywords that you are looking for. For example 'How to fix a bicycle wheel' vs ' fix bicycle wheel' I'm asking because I've seen people type paragraphs into google expecting to find anything. BTW I'm the second option. Which one are you ?
  10. Algorithms are good for truly building code. IMO once you've grasp how algorithms are written; you can turn the syntax over so much quicker. I'd recommend C after learning html and javascript. Javascript is a beautiful language that Im just starting to realise.
  11. Im actually doing this now and its excelllent. Nice refresher.
  12. I think ill just have to occupy of the array for my project file to come back. though it does not print if I add more than one. how does my code look ? also with my current setup. How can read space in between text I tried char name [30];printf("Enter your name: ");scanf ("%[\^n]", name);printf ( "Name entered : %s"); this works but its self. Doesn't work otherwise.
  13. I have define maxprojects already. do you mind if I share the entire code. Also (unrelated) I have realised that when I am inputting data; unless I use near all the array, it wouldn't print them in order. For instance -I have been test the input field with my name which is 7 char long, the array is set to 30, when I am over 10 or higher on all the entries it prints them all back to me in the order I put them in. Why is that? ok I have published the code. it is over 400 lines long. http://pastebin.com/XbdLK4yx noted this code is the older version of what I am using; as I when back to see what I was doing wrong and near close to what I'll actually use. hope for your feedback because I have no one close by that can assist.
  14. Sample output DUDE, thanks allot for your efforts, though it not what I was looking for. I am looking at your code as it is well explained and I've start to tamper with to full understand it and examine. Thanks for the breakdown; as I have seen allot of this syntax used but never knew what it does. So I appreciate it. Lol I think the initial solution posed wasn't explained properly and that was my fault. Instead of having the user input a primary key. My intend was to create an automatic number; between for example from (1 to 100). 1 being the starting point; while it increments for a new 'set of data'. and prints it accordingly. Sad to say I have not made progress with this. I have been picking at it. Ive been busy and kinda put it on the backburner Thoughts?
  15. string need to but changed to char. ; after entries. also this message |error: 'for' loop initial declarations are only allowed in C99 mode i have never seen this so I dont know what to do.lol EDIT: FIXED