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    UnknownEngineer reacted to Brooksie359 in Takeshobo, manga creator sueing Cloudflare for offering service to sites that host pirated content   
    I don't think that argument hold much water. Trying to have cloudflare be the police of all site it serves is not realistic or reasonable. It should not be up to them if someone is infringing on other people's IP. 
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    UnknownEngineer reacted to RejZoR in Takeshobo, manga creator sueing Cloudflare for offering service to sites that host pirated content   
    Isn't Cloudflare just redundancy host? Technically, they don't or shouldn't give a shit, they just host if original webpage goes down. Meaning, if original host is taken down by law, they should also be affected, but not otherwise. Barking at Cloudflare but not at original host seems a bit weird.
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    UnknownEngineer got a reaction from Ben17 in AMD 3950x stuck in a lower powerstate? Stuck near 600Mhz.   
    Greetings from a long time lurker.
    I am experiencing a strange bug with my 3950x for the second time. I just resumed from hibernation, and my CPU seems to stay clocked between 500 and 800Mhz.
    Windows is reporting utilization at 1 or 2 %, despite there being some stutters and slowness in system operation at this speed. Additionally HWmonitor is reporting half the cores at 567mhz, while the rest seem fine at 3.5Ghz.
    Temps are near 36C, so there is no overheating causing this. Only software that was hibernated was Firefox.

    A restart can fix this, at-least it did last time, but I want to fix this so I can use hibernation. Restarting would defeat the point of hibernation.
    Has anyone seen this yet? The 2 times I have seen this issue have been when I resume from Hibernation, but not every time.
    Specs and software:
    Mobo: Gigabyte Aorus Master, BIOS F11
    CPU: 3950x (stock)
    RAM: 16GB x 2 3600Mhz CL16 GSkill
    PSU: 750W EVGA Supernova G2
    Cooling: Corsair H110i GTX
    OS: Windows 10 pro, 1909, 1usmus Ryzen powerplan.
    I can give additional details if I missed something.
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    UnknownEngineer got a reaction from Ben17 in AMD 3950x stuck in a lower powerstate? Stuck near 600Mhz.   
    I tried playing Witcher 3 the first time I had this bug, it was "playable". Also that didn't fix the down-clocking. I didn't try a synthetic load, I might try that next time.
    With that in mind, the lowest speed I "naturally" see is 3.5Ghz on desktop, windows never reports lower than 4Ghz since it sees just the current highest speed.
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    UnknownEngineer reacted to Trik'Stari in Linux Dev's threaten to pull killswitch over CoC (somewhat clickbaity title)   
    It amounts more to "promoting people of various backgrounds except for one specific group of people, many of whom need to be gotten rid of" which is ironic considering that is what they allegedly are morally against.
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  7. Informative
    UnknownEngineer reacted to QuintupleA in Watched the LTT video about the Eve V. Bought one. Huge mistake   
    Wanted a cheaper option than the Surface for work. Bought an Eve V after watching this video:
    Final cost: 1700€. Bought it in May, with original shipping estimate in June and I still haven't gotten it. Eve tech is refusing a refund, stating that it's "against policy", despite the EU laws clearly stating that I have a right to get it back after 30 days if they haven't shipped.
    But wait, there's more! You can't register an account on their forum atm (probably to keep people like me from complaining). AND EVEN MORE: even though they market themselves as European, their parent company is actually based in Hong Kong, so good fucking luck getting anything out of them.
    Yet another example of crowd funded shit not being worth it. If you're looking for a tablet like this, just bite the bullet and buy the established brand.
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    UnknownEngineer reacted to vorticalbox in A teen from Australia was able to remotely access confidential information data on Apple's servers for over a year   
    Just to note this isn't illegal, using the software is but just having it is fine.
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    UnknownEngineer reacted to lewdicrous in Thief steals 53-foot tractor trailer filled with nearly $100K worth of ramen noodles, authorities say   
    Were they electronic noodles?
    Were they being sent to best buy?
    Were they overclock-able by any chance?
    Please give us more details.. I beg of you..

  10. Funny
    UnknownEngineer reacted to huilun02 in Thief steals 53-foot tractor trailer filled with nearly $100K worth of ramen noodles, authorities say   
    Must have been some really high tech noodles for this news to be posted here
  11. Informative
    UnknownEngineer reacted to Master Disaster in Nvidias confusing new lineup may finally have been explained   
    So after months of confusion Adored.tv seem to have finally nailed down exactly what Nvidia are planning.
    I'll start with another image from Chinese manufacturer Colorful...

    Now here's what Adored.tv claim is happening when these cards release later in August/early September
    So it looks like Nvidia is splitting the lineup into cards which support RTX and cards that don't. I guess I was kind of correct when I speculated 2 different SKUs.
    I still think RTX will be Turing and GTX will be Ampere, let's see if I'm correct.
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    UnknownEngineer reacted to Lurick in Bethesda blocks resale of used game   
    Zenimax can take a long walk off a short bridge for this crap. They know most people won't stand up to them because they lack the resources to fight back.
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    UnknownEngineer reacted to kv in Bethesda blocks resale of used game   
    Full story: https://www.polygon.com/2018/8/11/17661254/bethesda-sell-used-games-amazon-block
    In what could be described as a massive overreach - Bethesda is sending take-down notices to vendors re-selling Bethesda products on places like Amazon and eBay If left unchallenged, this could impact the scope of the 'First Sale Doctrine' in the United States, which offers legal protection for re-selling goods. The action in question
    The seller's reason for the listing
    Bethesda's letter and the seller's response
    Bethesda's justification - specifically pointing to the lack of warranty determines that the product is 'materially different' from the 'genuine product' (A legal benchmark for the first sale doctrine).
    Bethesda's legal threats
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    UnknownEngineer reacted to valdyrgramr in Nvidias confusing new lineup may finally have been explained   
    To avoid another lawsuit.
  15. Agree
  16. Agree
    UnknownEngineer reacted to dizmo in Facebook’s Patents Reveals Its Creepy Plans To Collect More Data   
    So....that makes it fine? WTF kind of attitude is that?
  17. Funny
    UnknownEngineer reacted to Energycore in Sony: We removed the headphone jack due to the XZ2's design   
    Sony thinking they can out-apple Apple
    Next up, beautiful seamless computer cases without front IO.
  18. Informative
    UnknownEngineer reacted to DocSwag in (edited) #FakeNews NVIDIA admits being affected by same security flaws as Intel, AMD and ARM.   
    Leaving this here:
    Nvidia isn't affected. They only updated their drivers to patch against potential CPU side exploits that could take advantage of stuff the GPU driver can do.
    It wouldn't make sense for a GPU to be affected, anyhow.
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  20. Agree
    UnknownEngineer reacted to 2FA in Websites use your CPU to mine cryptocurrency even when you close your browser   
    Nothing makes me want to revisit a site like having a hidden pop up mining in the background.
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    UnknownEngineer reacted to TidaLWaveZ in Credit details of 143 million US Citizens comprimised   
    I think it is... Pretty sure this is insider trading and totally illegal.
  22. Agree
    UnknownEngineer reacted to Kobathor in Credit details of 143 million US Citizens comprimised   
    Yes, yes it is.
  23. Agree
    UnknownEngineer reacted to LAwLz in GAB.ai social network app removed from google play store for violating "hate speech" policy   
    Every time something like this happens, both the left and right will become even more extreme. The right will have their views validated (that they are actually the ones being oppressed) and as a response to the right being even more vocal the left will become more extreme too.
    Good job Google. You are part of the problem.
    This is extremely counterproductive if you want to stop hatred.
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    UnknownEngineer got a reaction from Discowarewolf69 in What's the Oldest Hardware in Your System right now?   
    Everything, I am at school on computer using DDR2. I don't exactly know what it is using either.
    (I have no assignments to do ATM, that is why I am posting)
    My own PC's oldest part would be the HDD. It's some Segate OEM drive.
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    UnknownEngineer reacted to Jito463 in Tesla autopilot update   
    I think you underestimate just how long it would take to roll something like this out.  It would be multiple decades before you'd even potentially see bans on cars lacking autodrive of some sort, especially considering the number of cars on the road right now.