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  • Birthday 1994-03-09

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  • CPU
    Intel i7-3770k
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    16 GB
  • GPU
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 FTW 2GB
  • Case
    Corsair Special Edition Graphite Series 600T - White
  • Storage
    Samsung 840 Pro 120GB SSD, Seagate 1TB SHDD, Seagate 3TB HDD, Seagate 4TB SHDD
  • Display(s)
    BenQ GW2760HS, DELL E2715H, Asus VS247H-P
  • Mouse
    Razer Mamba 2012
  • Sound
    SB Recon3D PCIe
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
  1. Chewy_Penguin

    AMD Polaris Giveaway

    I’m currently sporting a GTX 670 FTW 2GB graphics card, and the new AMD lineup would let me push my Unreal projects without limiting myself to my card’s performance.
  2. Chewy_Penguin

    LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    The small distance needed for the screen that size is incredible. We just finished building a porch on the backyard and that projector would be a great addition for parties and family gatherings. We'd probably bring it inside during the great Texas summer weather though.
  3. Chewy_Penguin

    Roccat Giveaway

    The Kova White would go awesome with my white and black case.
  4. Chewy_Penguin

    Intel NUC Giveaway

    Awesome giveaway, a NUC would be neat for the living room.
  5. Carbon fibre look looks sweet, and the ability to play games at a 4k resolution with a single card is a plus too.
  6. Chewy_Penguin

    1 Million Subscribers - Thank you all! And a giveaway!

    Congratz on reaching 1 million Linus! Love the daily videos and thank you and your outstanding team for giving us quality videos about the technology that we love.
  7. Chewy_Penguin

    Sony Xperia Z2

    It's waterproof, dustproof, has awesome camera, ips screen, and front facing speakers. The Dbrand skin is pretty sweet and orange is my favorite color.
  8. Chewy_Penguin

    ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY

    Sweet sleek design with cool red illuminating keyboard. Right size and power to game on the go.