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About Xayer

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    Junior Member
  • Birthday 1996-05-09

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    Web Developer


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Sabertooth X99
  • RAM
    Corsair Dominator Platinum 4x4GB kit @ 2666MHz
  • GPU
    ASUS Strix GTX 970
  • Case
    White Phanteks Enthoo Luxe
  • Storage
    Samsung 850 EVO 250GB
  • PSU
    Corsair RM750
  • Display(s)
    LG34UM95 3440x1400
  • Cooling
    Corsair H110i GT
  • Keyboard
    Poker 3
  • Mouse
    Steelseries Kana
  • Operating System
    Windows 8

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  1. That's pretty amazing for such a product. There was alot of ports on it too. Would be exciting to try out!
  2. You obviously have great taste in avatars.

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    2. Morgan MLGman

      Morgan MLGman

      Is it good? Looks interesting.


      I play The Witcher 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider atm (from the demanding games), both maxed out, both averaging at 50FPS+ with maxed settings @ 1920x1200 resolution ^^

    3. Xayer


      It is, and people are not even close to my Sniping skills ;)


      I don't play MMORPG games :D True but at 1080p? Those games deserve some more resolution! :P

    4. Morgan MLGman

      Morgan MLGman

      I play at a resolution 11,1% higher than 1080p, which is a 1200p. 16x10 aspect ratio :P

  3. So I should just make a smaller pc with a cpu with a smaller TDP. Which CPU cooler would you guys recommend for that tower then?
  4. But there's barely any space in that case for an AIO.
  5. So after building Greyscale, and living with it for a year, I'm kinda considering shrinking the build into a Silverstone ML08 since it's taking quite alot of space. I've been looking at CPU coolers for that case, but none of them really seem to be able to handle a 5820K due to the 140W TDP. The problem is that the case only has room for 58mm in height. Am I trying to do the impossible here, and should I just build another small pc instead? Which CPU Coolers would you recommend for this case?
  6. Yeah it is, Some parts Are overkill like the sabertooth x99, but otherwise yeah.
  7. As that's All you can see so far? Well dont fear, the parts will be here soon.
  8. Its an overkill gamer, editting, and Developer computer
  9. I will probably get another 970 down the line in like 6-12 months if I need it. So it's not a requirement for me.
  10. Update time! So I have some good news! the last half of the build has just been ordered. To summarize, the following parts have been ordered: CPU - 5820K CPU Cooler - H110i GT PSU - RM 750 GPU - ASUS STRIX GTX 970 I should have the parts by Thursday, so hopefully will get you some progress in the weekend. I will hopefully have some good looking photos along with the build process.
  11. I never was going to I was talking about the 980ti.
  12. Was considering it, but dont have the money for it.
  13. Thanks guys! If you go to the Greyscale build log you'd see "This build is supposed to be a combination of great parts, at both aesthetically but also performance wise. Some of you might go crazy about my spec selection, but as it was some of the components I thought fit well together. " I simply like the look of the RM series
  14. Hello everyone I'm building Greyscale, my x99 Rig. Specs Corsair H110i GT Intel core i7 5820K Samsung 850 EVO White Enthoo Luxe ASUS Strix GTX 970 ASUS Sabertooth X99 Corsair RM750 Power Supply 16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 my question is, will the RM750 be enough for possible 970 SLI in the future?
  15. Unless it's 2D rendering, then I don't think he will