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    I7 4790K@4.6
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    Maximus 7 Hero
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 2133
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    ASUS Strix 970
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    Corsair 600T SE
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    Intel 530 240GB / 2x1TB WD Black / 4TB WD MyBook 1230
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    Corsair HX 750
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    Samsung UN46EH5300
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    Swiftech H220X
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    Logitech MK710
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  1. RX580 or 1060 in there and good for another couple years honestly. Sitting in the same situation for a co-workers system I built in 2014.
  2. Had to do a system reboot, weird. It's there now.
  3. Huh, I also have beta, still says only available one my Xbone..
  4. Metro Exodus is Xbone only as of now with this 'service' so booo. Only game currently out I'd pay the $1 to play, maaaybe Forza Horizon 4.
  5. Glossing over the fact it was released 'fully' along side Apex Legends, but whatever. It's cool to hate on games for not being successful. I paid $20 for a month of Origin Access to play Anthem for well over 60 hours. Fun game for sure, had it's issues for sure. People hold Bioware in some gilded hall of developers for making a couple neat games, then shit all over them when they try something different, zomg it wasn't a classicly styled RPG where my choices matter(they never really did by the way)??!! SUUUUCCCKKKSSSSS. Get over it, it's a fun looter shooter with jetpacks. That's all it needed to be taken for, not the next holy RPG grail.
  6. They need to update their website, NCIX is still listed as a distributor...
  7. Interesting object, but rather static in composition. Could use a bit of colour tweaking, but I like it overall. 6.5/11teen. Playing with the Pixel 3 Night Sight on a mini tripod and remote shutter, I could not see the mountains in the background with the naked eye.
  8. Define alternative, Range? Size? Etc.. Hyundai Kona EV comes to mind, EPA range of 258 miles. They look and feel like normal ass cars from my understanding. The EV issue is range anxiety, quirkyness for the sake of quirkyness, and cost. Oh, and range. I can very easily do 1000Km in a day(multiple times this year already) with my lil turbo 1.6L, and still only fill up once(600+Km) in that distance, in minutes, not hours, pretty much anywhere I want. Until EV has that kind of convenience, it will never truly take over. Hopefully by that time, we will have moved on to hydrogen fuel cell, where we really should be focusing our collective efforts. EV is a stop gap band aid solution, always has been.
  9. newegg.ca needs to follow suit, I'm not expecting $200CAD but less then $300 would be amazing, however, it is on amazon right now for like $380 CAD or something.
  10. No Gran Turismo, No Bandicoot, No Spyro, Mr Driller iQ R6 All 3 of those can be tossed for the above three..
  11. Again, the easiest content is absolutely that way, but anything more then LFR/Heroic Dungeons is most definitely not. You still need people that can play, not just faceroll, and still need to actually get to the dungeon/raid(atleast a couple people to the summoning stone, like since forever ago..). 100% nobody is special, when you do the easiest version of something.
  12. Planned poorly and short sighted if your only 'tank' was sick or had other plans, you were SOL. Now you can have anyone step up that knows WTF they are doing and fill the role at the drop of a hat, provided they had a tank spec. How is that not planned better?
  13. For the lowest form of all the content, yes, it is fast and easy. The stuff that actually takes brains and planning, no, you still have to get there yourself. Pigeon holing someone into a role that can't be filled by anyone else is short sighted and planned poorly. I still use my mage the same way I used too, still has ports, people still ask for them.