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  1. ultralars

    Will i see any difference?

    cant seem to find any lg monitors for sale in my country dont think they sell them here for some reason also i got nvidia, while freesync is for amd right?
  2. ultralars

    Will i see any difference?

    So for the last 6 months i have been thinking of buying a new monitor, only because my current monitor is around 7-8 years, benq e2400hd http://www.trustedreviews.com/BenQ-E2400HD-24in-Full-HD-Monitor-review-feature-table-page-3#tr-review-summary and i am wondering if i can get a better looking image by buying a new monitor. I am perfectly happy with 1080p, i currently dont have the horsepower to drive 1440p for very long, so no real reason to go for that. My benq is a TN 24 inch lcd monitor from 2008. So as for an upgrade i was thinking the 27 inch, led, IPS Asus mx279h from 2012. Because i like thin bezels, its IPS and the larger screen should probably give better immersion in games. either that or the 24 inch eizo flexscan ev2450. its 24 inch, and also ips. Very thin bezels. i think from 2014 the reason i never end up buying anything, when thinking about this, is that i fear it will end up looking the same as the monitor it should be replacing. so i am asking, will it look the same, if i am not upgrading resolution and i am primarily using it for gaming and internett?
  3. Hmm, i think i'll go for it then! thanks!
  4. So I have an old 1080 monitor, i think its around 6 years? its the benq e2400hd lcd, its 1080 and TN as far as i know. I am thinking about upgrading to eizo foris FS2434, which is also 1080, but its IPS and its from late 2014, while the benq is from 2008 or something. so what do you think? will i still see a considerabe jump in quality?
  5. ultralars

    LG to create a new G4 before the end of the year?

    5,8 inches? too big
  6. ultralars

    buying a new monitor worth it?

    if i am not upgrading to a higher resolution, is buying a new monitor still going to give an actual bump in image quality or is the difference very slight? for gaming that is i currently have a Benq E2400hd, i think i bougth it around 5 years ago, and i think it was a bit of a low - medium priced monitor(really dont remember tough). Its also TN i am wondering wether or not i should go for the eizo foris FS2434, its not higher resolution, still 1080p but its IPS, its a higher price range and it has good reviews( tough few) So what i was wondering is if i will notice a big difference, or if its very sligth, and i should jsut stay with what i have
  7. ultralars

    laptop running hot

    But what about the thermal paste, is that something which also needs maintenance or can i just leave it alone?
  8. ultralars

    laptop running hot

    quick question if i do open it up, is there anything i should be afraid of touching? what about static and such? i dont have anything like a anti static wristband right now atleast
  9. ultralars

    laptop running hot

    yeah, i'll just have to be carefull. The windows disc is at another place, i'll come back to this thread at a later date if i dont manage to fix my problem
  10. ultralars

    laptop running hot

    i guess i'll give this a shot if reinstalling windows dont work, i'd hate to have to open up the laptot tough. Oh well.
  11. ultralars

    laptop running hot

    i haven't but i have only had the laptop for a year and 2 months, do you think there could be a significant buildup of dust in that time period?
  12. ultralars

    laptop running hot

    there isnt, it reaches 75 and 65 just using firefox and word
  13. ultralars

    laptop running hot

    So as off late my laptop(msi gt70 dominator) has been running hot as i am writing(only using firefox and word) this my gpu temp is 75 and cpu 63, i have this turbo button which turn the fans up to max, when activated it slowly reduces the temperature, after one minute its down to gpu 65 and cpu 53, so not very effective given nothing is running. Also watt use i much higher than it used to be before. i am wondering if a windows reinstall might fix this? given the high watt usage( battery life is 3 times lower than before, and watt use is much higher), and some other issues like the computer always using the 880m instead of the internal gpu, which is indicated by an orange light. the theory that i hope is not correct is that the problem lies with the thermal paste, and that i would have to replace it, problem is tough i have never done that before and i dont feel confident doing it, i dont want to send it in either because then i dont have my computer. i can still play games, its not overheating and turning off, currently playing witcher 2, not sure how it would run witcher 3 but i am going to try that out when i finish witcher 2. the problem is just that it makes alot of noise, which is emabrasing in enviroments like classroom, or when taking the exam... you can imagine. solutions or opinions anyone?
  14. is it a yearly release? are we going to see the follow up to the gtx 970 in september?
  15. ultralars

    17 inch 1080 vs 24 inch 1440p

    I think your right i have a reguluar old 24 inch 1080 monitor at my side here, because i use dual monitors for productivity and i do feel like there is some more sharpness on my laptop when trying the same game on both monitors, but its very sligth and it may be because my laptop has better brigthness, also i sit farther away from my 24inch, due to its sheer size, than i do my laptop. but i would have to agree that if your going above 22,24 inches, 1440 p would probably be best, in order to maintain the ppi For productivity i have no opinion since i have never used a 1440p( except on my lg g3) screen and cant really comment on that.