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  1. Straight up, not surprised. Standard practice for USB BT, is just let Windows do it, unless you need the software they come with. For instance, stenography machines need CSR Harmony, or BlueSoleil to work correctly, but those are the only things I'm aware of that need those terrible pieces of software.
  2. Usually those debug LEDs are actually to indicate the exact opposite, as in the part having the issue. This is the case with most motherboards. I would make sure you have CPU power connected, re-seat the CPU, etc. It's not passing the CPU POST step, so start there.
  3. Goddamn CSR. Uninstall the device, pull it out, reboot. Plug it into a different USB, then wait for Windows to do it's thing. Had this happen with a StarTech.com Bluetooth adapter, and apparently it's an issue with that chipset specifically.
  4. I couldn't see anything either. Which pretty much confirms it's not the drive as I expected, and is likely OPs cable.
  5. In my case, no. It sounds like something may be bad with the GPU. I wouldn't be surprised either, the GE60 is an old, old model. Mine has issues with it's 765M where it gets way hot way soon and so I can't game on it anymore, but now I've got the desktop so eh.
  6. My MSI GE60-2OD did this back when it's driver was super messed up and corrupted. I tried many things, but ultimately reinstalling Windows for me, corrected it. Idk if I missed something else, but I tried several driver installs and it never seemed to do the job.
  7. Can you provide the specifications of your computer, especially the motherboard, and the drive?
  8. Check the fan grills are clear. You should not be idling that high.... That's almost certainly the issue, is thermal throttling.
  9. Are you plugged into power? Do you have the system set to run off the Nvidia GPU for all games? What are your temps?
  10. Generally, unless the RAID controller supports importing a foreign configuration, you can't move the RAID array at all. This is true of much larger RAID controllers like dedicated Marvell controllers, LSI, PERC, etc.
  11. Serial numbers are unique, you need to look at the part number/model number, not the serial number.
  12. So, I work for a hardware manufacturer that makes some stuff like this. Looking for mDP to USB-C female, for what exactly? No one can accurately recommend anything without knowing that first. So, what are you trying to do, that involved male mDP to female USB-C? Once I know that, I can help out, and potentially explain why a cable/adapter like that does not exist.
  13. Is the Bluetooth driver installed? https://www.gigabyte.com/ca/Motherboard/GC-WB1733D-I-rev-10/support#support-dl-driver
  14. Are you plugging into power, or running off battery?
  15. How are you monitoring the usage? What are you doing when you are trying to see the usage? What are your Nvidia control panel settings set to?
  16. Are you plugging into the card, or the motherboard for video? What're the full details of the build?
  17. Wait, no, I'm dumb. You said it's in your board, well... - Supports DVI with max. resolution up to 1920x1200 @ 60Hz Straight from the manual.
  18. It's not seeing the printer because, as you can see it says "Driver is unavailable". This is why OpenOffice is not seeing the printer. Windows is, but it has no idea how to use it due to the driver not being... well, available to it. As such, it will not pass the printer through to other programs such as OpenOffice. Please make sure you have installed the latest driver from here: https://epson.ca/Support/Printers/All-In-Ones/WorkForce-Series/Epson-WorkForce-Pro-WF-3720/s/SPT_C11CF24201#drivers You will likely need to do so over USB, so you may need to purchase a USB A to B cable, commonly known as a printer cable. These cables are cheap, and easy to get.
  19. Could you post the full details of the build? What has recently changed, if anything before this started? Does it only happen when running games, or just after 1h40m into boot, even if just on the desktop? What troubleshooting have you done yourself?
  20. That's as warning that the system has a TPM, used for stuff like BitLocker, and if you accept it, it will wipe the TPM of all previous keys. If you used BitLocker to encrypt multiple drives in the system, but you told it to only reset one drive then erasing it will make you lose access to the 2nd drive. What is the laptop? Do you use BitLocker of anything similar? Why are you resetting the laptop, and why does a personal laptop have a TPM?
  21. Are you using a DVI dual-link cable? If you're not, you're not getting 144Hz ever. It needs the extra 6 pins for the missing bandwidth.
  22. Not over USB-C with a basic hub like that. You'd need a full on USB 3.0 dock that uses say, a DisplayLink chipset, or MCT Trigger chipset to power the displays. "Really long cable" will depend on how long you're looking for, as their are limitations. Charging is impossible, as mentioned before, without using the original charger on the laptop. I shouldn't really recommend anything, because I can't speak to anything much, other than what my work makes, and I'm quite sure forum rules don't allow for me to recommend stuff without disclosure if I work for the company. That's a hassle, and I don't need people knowing where I work. Reach out to support for companies like Targus, StarTech.com, TrippLite, Wavlink, and so on. They may be able to help you locate a solution.
  23. This is not possible with your laptop. It doesn't support video, nor Power Delivery, so you can only use the USB ports and the NIC on the hub. Additionally, USB-C extension cables are not allowed within the USB-IF specification, and so any extension cable you see, is not guaranteed to work at all. Your best bet, if you want displays, network, and USB off a single port is a USB 3.0 dock, however these cannot be used for games as their graphics chipsets are very weak compared to an actual GPU and they cannot possibly charge a laptop. However, these do allow for extension cables.
  24. Almost guaranteed it does not, based off the price, as well due to the description. There's 0 mention of: Video 4K60Hz, or 4K30Hz, etc DisplayPort 1.2 DP etc Those are the tell tale signs of video support. Yep, you just need to look at the cable specs. Here's some examples: Startech.com's USB315C5C6: https://www.startech.com/Cables/usb-c/usb-c-usb-3-cable-power-delivery~USB315C5C6 PERFORMANCE Maximum Digital Resolutions 4K @ 60Hz C2G's 28842: https://www.cablestogo.com/product/28842/6ft-thunderbolt-3-cable-20gbps#!specs • Thunderbolt, USB and DisplayPort backward compatible • Supports 4K 60Hz displays (4096 x 2160 30bpp @ 60 Hz) Monprice's 27923: https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=27923 4K Resolution: Connect a USB-C™ equipped monitor at resolutions up to ultra HD 4K video for a sharper, clearer, and more realistic picture. There's just a few examples.