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  1. I set my Chrome up like this, but it still shows wrong location for Speedtest. I want to keep Kaspersky until I find something better. Any recommendations on anti-virus to use?
  2. Hi All, I have recently noticed that when I have Chrome Notifications come up that the location (for weather notification) will list the wrong location. I am currently in Michigan and I am being given notifications for Maryland. I also went to Speedtest and the location there is also using the Washington DC area for my location, even though I am in Michigan. I have run Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 and MBAM in safe mode and they come up with nothing detected for malware/viruses, so I don't have a clue what could be causing this. Anyone have any ideas on what causes this and how it can be fixed?
  3. Yes, it's gone from installed programs in Control Panel. I can right click and open it using Open With and it opens in Adobe Reader. If I open a pdf while in Outlook 365, there is no Open With, and it opens with PDF Architect.
  4. It has an uninstaller, which I used to uninstall it. The problem is that it will still open pdf files in PDF Architect. Adobe Reader never even opens up. I think the file association is messed up and PDF Architect is still somehow on the system.
  5. I have a program called PDF Architect that I want removed from my computer. I removed it by uninstalling it via Control Panel/Remove programs, but when I try to look at a PDF using Adobe Reader, it opens up in PDF Architect even though that program is presumably uninstalled. How do I completely get rid of this unwanted program?
  6. Download VS Express 2013 for Desktop from Microsoft and you can compile it yourself with the included tools. Here http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40769
  7. Did the laptop come with Windows pre-installed? If so, it is trying to find the HDD to boot off of. If you put the HDD back in without the SSD, I'll bet it'll boot into Windows if it was pre-installed. Does the laptop have the ability to have the HDD installed and the SSD installed at the same time? The SSD probably needs to be formatted for use before it can be used. If you have the ability to put both drives in at the same time, go into Computer Management (assuming it boots into Windows), and format the SSD. Then exit and reboot and unplug the HDD leaving only the SSD to install Windows on. See if that fixes the situation.
  8. Yes, disconnect any drives other than the one you are installing Windows on to avoid issues. Just unplug it, it's as simple as that and replug it in after Windows is installed when computer is not powered on. Switching to Z97 won't have any effect on Windows as long as you're doing a full reinstall of Windows, all the drivers from your previous Windows will be gone, and you'll be able to install the new drivers that came with the motherboard, (or better yet, download the newest versions from ASUS website). Windows will likely only take 20GB or less for the install, so you should be completely OK on driver installs space-wise and if for the space that Windows uses for other things. Chipset drivers should be first installed, then do the other drivers/utilities. Leave the BIOS at optimized defaults for now, make sure it boots up, and then you can go back and change the memory to use the XMP settings. First boot will normally take you to BIOS first, and once it's there, you can restart and go into Windows. Hope this answers everything for you.
  9. I have Crysis running on Win 8.1, but when I tried to install from an old disk, it wouldn't work. I had to copy the files to a drive and then install it from there. But it works fine with Windows 8.1, without running it in compatibility mode.
  10. Make sure in your sound devices that they haven't been muted. I've seen that happen before.
  11. See if you can see the new SSD in Disk Management. If it's there, you can initialize and format it.
  12. This could be an issue with Punkbuster seeing it is happening in multiplayer games. Try updating to the latest Punkbuster version and see if it fixes the issue.
  13. try reinstalling the geforce driver, see if that fixes the issue.
  14. Sometimes this is caused by a driver hanging. Did you recently update a driver?
  15. Try going into Control Panel and then Power Options. Under Power Options click Change Plan, and then change advanced power settings. Double click the sleep tab and double click sleep after. Change your settings to how long before sleeps or whatever, and click OK and save settings. It might take a reboot to see it show up again after this.
  16. If you can't get it to work on your own, take it to a shop and let them build it/diagnose problem. Usually they can do it for a reasonable price.
  17. Try these instructions: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/windows7/a/install-windows-7-usb.htm
  18. I had this error so I ran the installer, then had to restart Steam and finally reboot computer to get it all working.
  19. well you could do a ghetto thing and just mount the SSD somewhere else with two-sided tape somewhere away from heat sources. It doesn't really need to be in a hard bay tray because it's got no moving parts to worry about. Linus actually has his mounted behind the motherboard tray in his case.
  20. I'd change out the 4770k to the 4790k as it's the same price and you get the extra boost from the higher clock speed without the need to overclock. I might also get a slightly higher wattage on the power supply, something around 600-700 watts. Looks like a good build though.