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  1. OMG IM STUPID, i thought of everything but that. Thanks bro
  2. I reinstalled windows and while I was installing drivers my displays all went black and never went back to normal, I restarted my pc and the problem persisted, I created a recovery disk and its not letting me restore my pc b/c it says that its "missing a partition" i'm not sure how to go about fixing this but any help would be great.
  3. fans work, gpu is plugged in to psu and mobo, all the connecter on the mobo and panel are in. I know the problem is that the mobo pcie is 2.0 and the gpu is 3.0 but i just cant find thw option to disable integrated and the mobos bios doesnt recognize that there is a new gpu well it kinda does but i just makes it not display out of the mobo display connectors or the gpu display connectors
  4. There is two pcie connectors on that one cable and one is plugged into the gpu
  5. There is two pcie connectors on that one cable and one is plugged into the gpu
  6. My friend got a new gpu and didnt know how to install it so i came over to help. I figured out that the mobo has a pcie 2.0 slot and the gpu is 3.0 i dont know how to make it work so i need help pls. Mobo is an Acer AAHD3-VC Ans the gpu is a MSI 1060 I tried to disable the integrated but couldnt find the option in the bois also im not 100% on how to update the bios. Any information is helpful Thanks, Chris and Cam
  7. I would love to have the Excalibur v2 keyboard so it can replace the bad acer one i have
  8. So my computer has just been freezing a lot more often recently and i'm starting to think its my processor(AMD A10-7850K). When it freezes both my monitors stay on and i can see what i was doing before it froze but i cant move my mouse around and nothing moves on the screen. Also sometimes the computer just restarts itself randomly, it gives no prompts. I'm not sure what to do anymore please help. *Edit* Im running windows 10
  9. I start my computer and windows only gets to the logo with a loading icon under it. Thanks for any help
  10. I want to buy a new keyboard but not sure what to go with. What I would like it to have: - Mechanical Keys (cmx browns prefer) - Wireless - Back light - 10 key less I've seen randomfrankp's video ( ) about a keyboard like this but is there any other options? Thanks
  11. Heres the voltages http://imgur.com/mVQEqq1
  12. I'm using the thermal paste came with the tx3
  13. A10 7850k apu 16gb ddr3 1866mhz Gigabyte f2a88xn wifi