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  • CPU
    intel core i72600 locked
  • Motherboard
    G1 SNIPER M3
  • RAM
    cheap ass ram
  • GPU
    2x GTX 550TI
  • Case
  • PSU
    INWIN 600W some ugly psu dont buy it
  • Cooling
    h40 lquid cooling
  1. yes.. every setting every res.. i had to underclock 300-400 mhz to make it work normally ... thx for the help mate
  2. yeah i did tried a few bunch of drivers... but the weird thing is its only noticeable in these games.... thx for the help btw
  3. the most prevalent are in those games assassin creed Odyssey and RAGE 2, other games show minor changes a dot or something seemlier should i RMA ? goes back to normal when underclocking
  4. okay it worked when i changed the output but still when i try to make the spaekers work they are not making anysound complete silence its like the rear jack is not working
  5. well i managed to well sorta make it work like that when i deleted all the drivers i inculded a picture but skype on not working because i cant enable com def
  6. well thats the thing i dont know if its dead .... its the build in sound proccesor in the motherboard the device is recgonized but there is no sound
  7. i was talking with my friend today trough skype suddenly my mic stopped working so i rest the system then when my pc booted up there was a weird squeeky noise it was unbearble to hear i rest again the system and thats it no sound at ALL i uninstalled the drivers downloaded them again NOTHING WORKS i still have no sound so is my soundcard is dead ? it is the RECON 3DI CARD