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  1. Jud4s

    Doom (4?) performance on Radeon and GeForce

    Oh great. Looks like NVIDIA again doesn't give even 1 flying f*** about Kepler.
  2. It really is. Where I live, GOT is running on Free TV even before you can get your hands on a BluRay. That's why i have to wait for a whole year to watch it and avoid TV like hell just because i want to have it 1080p and original voice.
  3. Jud4s

    DeWalt now making smartphones?

    I'm still using one :-D Best stuff.
  4. Exactly. Same as with nearly every other security relevant law everywhere.
  5. Jud4s

    The new Razer Blackwidow X

    I hate it when they talk about "military grade" materials. Such a bs.
  6. Well, seriously, there is no need to upgrade your CPU. It's totally fine and i guarantee you, you won't see noticable performance gains in 95% of games when switching to let's say an i7 or so. Just overclock that i5 to at least 4Ghz, though higher would be better as long as it's stable. As others already said, the pci-e lanes are shared between your 2 cards. Even if you would populate the second pci-e slot with only a pci-e 1X Wifi-card or something similar, the amount of provided lanes for your graphics card would still be split in half - it's just the way those mobos are designed to work. However, as well as mentioned before, pcie-e Gen3 8X is a shitload of bandwith and youre not likely to see any performance losses from that end; for example, i'm running a 660ti in one of my computers on a pci-e Gen1 16X and that is still plenty. Go overclock that i5 and have fun with your configuration, it's a nice one edit: anyhow, that GTX770 really is overkill for PhysX, but YOLO, if you have it lying around, i'd do the same rather than let it collect dust.
  7. Jud4s

    Q6600 overclock

    Which stepping does this Q6600 have? If the chip says SLACR, it's the G0 - stepping, which is a lot better then the former B3. What Motherboard does your friend use? Which cooler do you have? In my experience at least 90% of G0 chips can run 3.0 Ghz rockstable at stock Voltage (sth. around 1.25V), which should still keep quite a good compromise between power consumtion (and so heat emission) and performance. I ran tests on p43 and x38 mobos, i guess p35 should do the trick as well. All my chips have shown a linear scaling of 20% sincle-threaded performance going from 2.4 Ghz stock to 3.0 Ghz. Although beyond 3.0 Ghz the Performance increase flattens out pretty harsh and is just not worth it. I went up to 3.6 Ghz which brought me a mere 5-10% further performance increase max, but the only way to tackle the heat output was with a custom Loop and a 360 rad. If you want to push it i'd suggest not to go beyond 1.45V, but up to that you should be fine if you can handle the heat. Staying below 60°C while stress testing would be golden. What RAM do you use? Try to eliminate instability from accidentally overclocking the RAM when dialing up the FSB. Take one step at a time. If you have any further questions i'll try to help, although there are a lot of people on this forum that have way more experience than i have. Try to find that LGA775 overclocking guide via search function, it's pretty good. Good luck!
  8. Jud4s

    [Review] Bowers & Wilkins P7

    Yeah, they really didn't cheap out on any of the materials, that's rare today. I generally like B&W products for their design (and personally for their sound as well), though i only owned the P5 and a pair of 802D yet; you definitely pay premium for that and might not get the best bang for your bucks fidelity wise but i'm no purist by any means when it comes to those things that are only made for personal amusement...
  9. Jud4s

    [Review] Bowers & Wilkins P7

    Thank you for that Review. I own the first Version P5 for 5 years now with regular use outdoors, approximately 1-2 hours a day average with everything from light rain to hot sun, -20°C up to 35°C. They are still rock solid and look like the day i bought them. Even the leather pads are still as good as new, so no reason to worry on that end. Have fun with your new cans ;-)
  10. Jud4s

    Dual Psu

    I think you're right. However - i wouldn't like to be the guy that has to learn how to treat electricity the "hard way".
  11. It's probably just the typical VRAM BS - i guess the "VR-test" considers 4GB+ as ready and 3GB and less as capable at the most. I think you're more than fine with your 780ti.
  12. I'm running Linux Mint on my old Netbook with 1GB RAM and it works pretty well.
  13. Jud4s

    Dual Psu

    HFGL ;-) no, srsly, i wouldn't exactly do that unless you know EXACTLY what you're doing there.
  14. The HAF XB EVO is hands down the best case i've ever owned. Go for it!
  15. Jud4s

    Third party backplate - MSI GTX 970 gaming

    ^This. There was only one version of the MSI 970 with a original metal backplate, which was the MSI Gaming 4G 100ME, but that was a green colored special edition card; i don't think they are sold anymore.