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    4x4GB DDR3 1600mhz (ADATA XPG low profile blacks)
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    GTX 770 2GB (Gigabyte Windforce)
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    Cooler Master N600KWN1
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    256GB SSD (Samsung 850 PRO)
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    Corsair RM650i
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    LG 24" 1920x1200, LG 23" 1920x1080
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    NH-D15 (Noctua)
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    SteelSeries Apex Raw
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    Logitech M525
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    Windows 7 x64 <3

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  1. I'm just trolling you both, I'm not serious... It's just rare to see something relationship wise on this forum...
  2. someone , copy that image on the first page, and have a go at it in paint or photoshop... thank you!
  3. I think it will not pass, but eventually it will... here one Btard was FORCED to do it, over a year of fighting... even after the president said that they should reclassify, he had excuses... lets see how his chairman friends will react having dollar bills up their asses... I'm sorry for my aggression, but the self centered nature of these major companies make me angry... no regard for people, but themselves... Here in Estonia, I can get 400Mbit/s for about 30-35 euro... 100mbit/s for about 15 euro... In Finland, 1Mbit/s of internet is a legal right... that means everyone has and should have 1mbit/s connection for FREE... they plan to make it 100Mbit/s... And here you have this BS in america... how much do you pay? 70$ for 30Mbit/s??? F******* lobbyists ...
  4. guys, there should be no dates in LTT !!! what if admins catch you? eviction...
  5. the web add advertising is absurd... Let them do whatever they want.. My country for example has a growing money loan company... and every time I turn adblock I get that BS in my face, I never need loans, and some people crash on that... It can be anything from good things to bad things, ad companies like google and others dont care, their in the money business (of course google is kinda against porn advertisement, and I credit them for that)... so I say, if some company can rip a little money off them by such away, go right ahead... I hope adblock survives... the guy sais he is a nonprofit like wikipedia... guys if you get the chance, make a contribution like some of you did to Linus. I did it a few times even though I didnt wanted, but they really helped me out and continue to help me a lot of times...
  6. either that or it was a first gen SSHD and the guy just goofed... cause 1tb ssd is another thing from the rest, they are all fast and parallelised, even if it was the first 1tb ssd to come to market... or he got scammed somehow (hdd in ssd enclosure)... my mind goes nuts...
  7. pffff... because logic right? Let me guess, he was using sata 1? I cannot fathom this BS... speechless...
  8. btw, forgot.... I think its noticeable sometimes, this small lag that ssds have to wait. It's not like ssd will get more read speeds, but it might load some things faster (it wont need to hang for a second here and there). Sort of saying, it will get smoother. Sort of polishing the software side...
  9. I think this is amazing... the more it goes on, the more SSDs will spread among people and eventually get cheaper. I believe that our current operating systems are optimized for HDDs in a same way as these protocols (they are designed for a slow hard drive, and so SSDs have to sit and wait here and there). This is a huge turnaround for all PC users... If you think about it, SSDs didnt even exist about 5 years ago (I know I am wrong, but they were not wide known and mainstream). I mean I have learned about SSDs maybe 1.5 years ago, some of my friends and relatives learned about them 0.5 years ago, some got them, some still use HDDs... some people dont even know what the heck it is, never even saw one. Things are changing and I'm glad If you guys saw that chart of SSD prices (was it from CES?) - they predict that SSDs will equal HDD prices by 2017 (I belive it were small SSDs that will be equal, like 500gb, 1tb, BUT STILL!!!) (if I remember) and will become cheaper as time goes on. This update moves everything towards it... If one brand like MSI does this, I bet ASUS and GIGABYTE will soon follow, and then I imagine even OS makers will start tweaking things...
  10. data? as in cells that were not used? much slower? hope not too slow...
  11. can you fill me in please on what was the issue before? Is the ssd buggy or something?
  12. I would like to know if you need a strong sd card if you want to use 4k video and high burts photo shooting on smartphones... there are a lot of sd cards, some are faster some are slower. Reading about gopro cameras I found out that you need in fact one of the strongest micro sd's, something liek samsung PRO or sandisk EXTREME... What about phones? I have a 64gig kingston sd lying around which is nothing special... I was wondering if I could use it with no issues on something like sony z3 compact...?