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  1. Well press charges against him now! If he's already a known criminal the police will send him to jail or you will get a good chunk of money.
  2. Oh fuck off! I was going to make that joke!
  3. I was joking lol. Should have used emojis.
  4. Well press charges against him and tell your friends to not beat him up. Easy enough IMO. EDIT: And if that doesn't work (Ie the cops don't belive you) Kick his ass real good. (Make sure not to kill him tho)
  5. Isn't that like 40% off? I don't keep up with console stuff...
  6. You're gonna have a really bad time once you have to do the advanced stuff if you don't learn it from the start. Trust me. I had a really hard time catching up 3 years of math.
  7. Egoist

    I'm sorry

    No idea what you did but I don't really care. What I want to tell you tho is that you need to know the golden rule of comedy for you Youtube channel. Random ≠ Funny
  8. Lol. Forgot to type that. It's 4am so forgive me.
  9. Guys I just saw this in the newest TechQuicke video and I couldn't stop laughing. Look at him! He's got so much Swag! Also that was on Christmas. (25th December 2005) #LinusSwagTips #Thepictureisn'teven10yearsold!
  10. That system would be perfectly fine with a 650 Watt PSU.
  11. I was speculating. I have zero experience with OSX so I thought I add that part in brackets.
  12. Yeah. But it will run at the lower speed of the the two kits. (Atleast that would be how it'd be on a Windows PC. No idea if the Mac would act up.)
  13. I wonder why they don't show that in the pictures. The new design looks great imo.