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  1. OK. So what is your suggestion for a $1400 build. You can list only the main components here. Thanks.
  2. It is a good build. But i have a couple more question if you have the time to answer. Is the Corsair 350D better than the case that you suggested? Also i don't really need more than 1GB HDD, so is't it better for me to buy maybe something more reliable like the WD Caviar Black for around the same amount?
  3. I meant 1800 USD. Converted to my currency it is around 3000 bulgarian levs. The prices in Bulgaria doesn't really matter because my budget is flexible. I want some suggestions around this amount and if bulgarian prices are higher i can swallow a 200$ difference for instance.
  4. Personally i would go with the GTX 770. I have had GTX 680 which is really a rebranded 770 and i absolutely loved it.
  5. Hello guys, i am planning to build a gaming computer for around 1800$ (only for the components). Please suggest all components i should buy. I prefer Intel CPUs and it would be better if the case is windowed and the PSU modular. I am waiting for your replies. Thank you!
  6. My opinion is to wait. If nothing else you will get pretty good deals on the PS3 once the PS4 is released.
  7. FX-43xx series is four core, FX-63xx - six core and FX-83xx is 8 core. FX-8350 is close to the performance of i5 3570k.
  8. vkadurin


    True. But i said that single 780 can't utilize it. Don't get me wrong i am not an AMD fan. Just saying my opinion...
  9. vkadurin


    I don't need to convince you that i am right. It is enough for me to believe it.
  10. vkadurin


    780's GPU doesn't have the power to utilize 5GB of VRAM.
  11. What fans are you going to use?