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  1. Mastersen901

    $850 gaming pc build, need suggestions

    Won't the CPU bottleneck the GPu in this configuration?? Also can't you squeeze in an SSD or bigger HDD?? Thanks
  2. Mastersen901


    OMG Finallyy :D :D
  3. Hey guys, Again a fourteen year old looking to build a new gaming pc,sighhh... I currently have an 2-year old HP Pavilion.and i want to play some modern games at decent FPS. I've put together something already and need suggestions from you guys. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3sPNd <<< This is what i have selected so far I want to play latest games at decent fps, game like BF4 and minecraft with some recource packs installed. As i'm still in school and will be doing some basic papers and other schoolwork too. I currenly have an 1080p monitor that my cousin gave me and its working fine. I also have an copy of W8 so i wont be needing that. Periphirals is also taken care of. I'm also planning to overclock the CPU so i will be needing an aftermarket cooler. I also want the pc to be upgradable and fast because this will also function as my family's home pc (hence the SSD and HDD) I am on a strict budget tho. It should be less than 850$ Are there things that I should change? Please let me know Thanks
  4. Mastersen901

    Dark Vengeance - First Personal Rig

    This is gorgeous, very well done indeed
  5. Mastersen901

    Project CARS trailer (Oculus and SteamOS)

    I've been wanting for this to happen farrr too long :rolleyes:
  6. Mastersen901

    Codename: 'Murica

    Wait YOU NEED MOAR STORAGE You will never be able to fit much p0rn I mean 'stuff' on those drives.
  7. Mastersen901

    World of Tanks Platoon

    Surprisingly well I must say. I think my favourite tank so far.
  8. Mastersen901

    World of Tanks Platoon

    Wot Username: Mastersen901 Main Tiers Used: Tier 6 Jackson Times on WoT (in general):7 - 9 GMT Main WoT server played on: EU Add me if you want I also got a bunch of tier 5's
  9. Mastersen901

    Humble Bundle Giveaway - CLOSED

    Steam one please!
  10. Mastersen901

    Mark III

    OH. It makes much more sense now. :D
  11. Mastersen901

    Mark III

    Oh. Won't you'll be looking at the 5'25inch/fan intakes and such? or am I just not thinking right? :wacko:
  12. Mastersen901

    Mark III

    Nice job on the sleeving! :D And a window mod in the front of the case??? :blink: I'm keeping my eye on you to see how this turns out! :ph34r:
  13. Mastersen901

    Microwave Oven Build

    Ah! Great build fellow WoT player! ;) Also, nice job on the cable management! :D
  14. Mastersen901

    Motivation - A Multi-platform Journy

    WOW 0.o You have accomplished something great for yourselves sir :wub: Keep it up. I'm looking forward to seeing more ;)
  15. Mastersen901

    Help me choose a monitor!!!

    Yeah I know. Do you own one? Or had any experience with it? Whoa. That's a big price difference comparing those two. :blink: I could, but I was planning to do a multi monitor setup. And that monitor is on the other hand just too big for my desk. I know. :D