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  1. PKmaniac123

    We need more Nicky V!

  2. PKmaniac123

    Dumbest Tech Questions/Quotes You've Ever Heard

  3. PKmaniac123

    Canada investigating Windows 10.

    For good or bad this is the Age of Information.
  4. PKmaniac123

    Make my own firewall

    I have never use linux so i will start with Xubuntu
  5. PKmaniac123

    Make my own firewall

    No i dont.Thank you i will start it when i buy my new pc and then if i have any problem/question i will pm you
  6. PKmaniac123

    Make my own firewall

    Maybe i dont know ;P from?. Anyway spec:Windows 7 ultimate,CPU: intel core duo E4500 2.20GHz, RAM 2gb,GPU Nvidia geforce 9600 GT I dont know how to work linux but i want to learn
  7. PKmaniac123

    Make my own firewall

    Hello im new here .The next week i will buy a new pc so i search a little bit and i saw i can make my own firewall with my old pc.I need someone tell me a few things and guide me/help me Thank you...(sorry my english is not good)
  8. Hello im new here.Thank you,very nice and helpful thread