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  1. MetEishYa

    Golden Visas

    Watched the WAN show and found it odd that Linus and Luke mocked Malta for being able to "Buy" citizenship, them not be aware that this practice is pretty common. A lot of countries actually have these type of Visas, they called Investment Visas or more common name Golden Visa. The US, Canada, UK, Sweden and a lot of other have the similar type of visas. For Quebec its $1.2 million (CAD) QUEBEC, for the UK its 2 Million GBP UK. You get a visa either permanent or for a long period then can apply for permanent citizenship.
  2. Who actually uses Spotify Family Plan at $15 or even at $10 for solo when you can get Youtube Premium Family Plan for $9 a month which includes Play Music for you and upto 5 other.
  3. This might just have the opposite effect than what they think it might. Example if a creator has 12 012 345 subs its will round to 12M but what happens if the loss say 15000 subs. The actual subs will be 11 997 345 but due to the rounding down it will display as 11M. Effectively making it look like they just lost 1 million subs.
  4. The small ones i doubt will be enforced but they have said that big companies like Netflix or Steam, if the don't comply will be block. And if its a video about the ruling party that they dont like they will also enforce this. This is why the are going to be taking the bill to the constitutional court as this is a form of censorship.
  5. I think it was illegal but was never amended to keep up with modern technology or there were loopholes. So they updated and strengthened the laws around this.
  6. Agreed. We know that this is aimed at the likes of Netflix and other streaming platforms just for Cash. However it may have unintended consequences. Even by this bill the Presidents Twitter Videos will have to be classified LOL.
  7. South African circusparliament passed the Film and Publications (FPB) Bill last week. The FPB is South Africa's classifications office which classifies films, games and other publications with there rating system similar to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in the USA. The Bill was passed with the premise of protecting children from mature content online. It allows for the criminalization of Revenge Porn and Child Porn. However the bill also states that any distributor of film must have there film classified by the FPB and must be registered as a distributor. This is were things get ugly. This means that if you share any video, post any video on Youtube or Facebook you will have to have your video classified before you are allowed to post that video. Even include Livestreaming, which is impossible to classify before posting. Here are the implications if you do not follow this Law. Who does this bill apply to? Everyone whos content/film is available in South Africa ie. Steam, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This basically means all Youtubers such as LinusTechTips, Jays2cents and Gamers Nexus, must have there videos classified by the FPB if they make there videos available to view in South Africa. Links: https://www.michalsons.com/blog/mr-president-please-dont-sign/37894 https://www.michalsons.com/blog/film-and-publications-bill/33423
  8. Spending $5000 it must be OLED or better, no VA LCD panel is worth that much. GSYNC in the living room is actually a negative, as freesync would make it work with consoles and pc (Nvidia and AMD).
  9. This is scummy beyond compare. The only reason this game exist is because of your backers and now you screw them. Where is Valve with all this Epic stuff? They should start stepping in and blacklisting companies that start pre-order on steam then at the last moment swap platforms. Removing all there previous games on sale on steam. Can you imagine the outrage if Microsoft decided that if a developer wanted to have there game on the XBox that they can only sell there game on the Windows Store for PC.
  10. They knew the terms before they released on the Platform. Cant cry now about them when you not making all the money in the world. Why cant they just have 2 options in App for payment, "pay via website" link and a "pay via app". They can then have different rates eg website $10, In app $14 (assuming 30% fee for in-app), that way they get the $10 regardless. For the customer you either use the website or pay extra for the convenience of in-app.
  11. I has the same stupid one screen in the middle interior and ugly cheap looking dash as the model 3. Why cant they just have a proper instrument cluster like the S and the X. So i'm defiantly not buy this then.
  12. Easiest is to find the door bell and check the labels on it. It should say what input voltage is required. Turn off power to it first just incase its 230V.
  13. Not surprised they sell before the release date considering they in Sim Lim and there are plenty of stores all trying to sell the same products. They know that once a customer leaves the store the chances of him buy there are much less, so try up sell and haggle.
  14. In the video they do mention that this prototype was developed before the concept car.
  15. I like the exterior look it kinda reminds me of the Mark 1 Golf or the Lansia Delta Integrale. The interior looks horrible, too blocky doesnt match the sleek look of the exterior and the wood trim is ugly, the centre armrest is also ugly and looks out of place, also if its a 4 seater why not put an armrest and cup holders between the seats. The front door handles are also a bad idea, they will probably break like all other cars with these type of handles. Glad to see its rear wheel drive.