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    Central Texas
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    Computer hardware, Android Development, Gaming, and Cooking
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    Restaurant Professional


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    P8-Z77-V DLX
  • RAM
    32GB CBE 1866 MHz
  • GPU
    GTX 680 4GB FTW+ SLI
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    PrimoChill WetBench
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    2x250GB EVO RAID0, 256GB 840P, 256GB CM4, 1TB WDB, 1TB CVA, 500GB 2.5 HDD
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    XL2420T, QX2710 QHD
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    Custom Hardline Loop
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    AXE STX, SP2500
  1. RobV

    NVidia Shield Tablet Recall

    My bad if someone had already posted this, I just got an email about it and I thought the LTT crowd would have a solution to revive all the money lost on this thing. I bought the LTE version with all the accessaries, 2 controllers, and the cover. to get one month or so of use and then have it collect dust after contacting nvidia, because they wouldnt help either way.
  2. RobV

    NVidia Shield Tablet Recall

    It's not news, its the problem. I know there's some way to use a pc to control an android device? It needs to be updated to the latest version, then nvidia downloads some app to determine for sure, so without the newest operating system they will not accept the claim. but everything else with my device meets the specifications.
  3. I preordered the LTE version of this tablet, and boy I loved it. After having it for about a month I hear a loud scream downstairs from my daughter. While rushing to see who could be murdering my family, the shields cover somehow disconnects from the tablet and it drops to the bottom of the stairs. It cracked the corner of the screen. I contacted nvidia on seeing if they could send me a replacement part or if it could be sent in to service. The optimistic representative seemed as if they were going to be a lot of help. He told me to call back tomorrow, so I did but they said "they regret to inform me.... blah blah blah" Well now my tablet is up for recall and it always did get hot as a mother, but there's no input received through touch. Tried my shield controller but its been connected to the portable since then. NO TOUCH INPUT/NEED TO UPDATE SYSTEM/SUBMIT CLAIM - Any ideas? Oh my 3 year old daughter was fine, just screaming for no reason
  4. nope, nothing kicked on, i have 2 res, the other is veritical feeding the pump/res combo, when i switched it on, nothing. no whirling or crazy noises from a dry pump. the bottom res was completely full so worries on that end.
  5. there is a connector for the mobo but that is for monitoring. They are the original connectors, you need pull the pins out to feed it through the small holes, then reassemble.
  6. I was doing a system rebuild and installed a bitspower pump mod to my XSPC Photon 270 pump/res last month. Well this week I decided to finish and start bending pipes. I got some water in the res and the pump connected to a separate power supply, psu ran fine. But the pump just wouldnt kick on. I tried switching the position on the wired in the connector as well. Anyone got any ideas, or have run into similar problem?
  7. RobV

    Help Water cooling my system

    he's right, full blocks for those cards are 100 a piece, plus another 80 at least for the cpu, and you havent even bought a pump, res, and fittings.. ohhh the fittings
  8. RobV

    Help Water cooling my system

    its not that hard to bend acrylic and it looks beautiful, i was asking the same question here, 6 months ago, and someone pointed me to singularitycomputers on youtube, and fell in love. You should check it out.
  9. RobV

    Help Water cooling my system

    do you want to go hardline or flex tubing
  10. RobV

    ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY

    easy to clean aluminum body
  11. RobV

    ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY

    easy to clean aluminum body
  12. I love the physical design. Beautiful!
  13. RobV


    My wife is jealous of my gorgeous m8, granted she did get my nexus 5, but she's tired of my sloppy seconds (previously using my N4). Can you level the playing field for her Linus? The phone is absolutely beautiful, never had she noticed build quality in any fashion.
  14. I have a couple of all in ones laying around from a previous build and micro center has a few g10 brackets for sale, has anyone seen or heard of anyone using them on a 680 FTW? i have an itch to tinker with some components. thanks