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    i5 6600k
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    Asus Z170-A
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    16GB 2400MHz DDR4 (2 x 8GB)
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    Sapphire Nitro R9 390 8GB
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    NZXT S340 - White
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    SanDisk Ultra II 960GB
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    EVGA 650W 80+ Gold
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    Logitech G602
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    HyperX Cloud
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    Windows 10

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  1. Yeah going to see if I can try it in another PC, fingers crossed!
  2. Unfortunately I don't have access to another PC Anyone have any ideas? I tried to RMA with the distributor but they declined as the warranty has expired.
  3. Will try that now, thanks! Update: BIOS still does not detect GPU after clearing CMOS
  4. That's what I fear. It seems like it might be a gonner. I'm going to wait until I can get it in another PC before I finally admit defeat, but no amount of tinkering or driver/BIOS fiddling has helped as yet. It's going to be an expensive holiday season
  5. I've had the card in and out of the two available PCI slots, and I've tried with two different PCI cables - to no avail
  6. Unfortunately not right now, I'm going to ask around to see if anyone I know might have a PC to try it in.
  7. So my graphics card recently stopped working, there's no video output, but the PC boots and can use it when the monitor is plugged into the motherboard to use Intel's Onboard graphics. Specs CPU - i5 6600k GPU - Sapphire R9 390 Nitro 8GB RAM - 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 PSU - EVGA 650W G2 (80+ Gold) Mobo - Asus Z170-A Notes this is not a new build, the problem just began one day when I started up the system, after a power cut in BIOS, there is no graphic card detected in any of the 3 slots, even though I've checked with the GPU inserted into the PCIEX16_1 and PCIEX16_2 (there isn't room in the 3rd one) fans on the GPU aren't spinning, which makes me feel like the GPU may not be powered (but they don't normally come on until the GPU is warm enough) PSU seems to be serving the rest of the system well, so I'm skeptical that it's an issue with just the VGA power delivery GPU and PSU are 3 years old this month, so warranty has expired on GPU, but 7 year warranty on PSU I don't have access to another system to try the graphics card in, unfortunately So the question is, is my GPU dead? I really don't want to give up on it but I'm running out of ideas. Can anyone help a man in need at Christmas?
  8. Hi all, wondering if anyone can help with my graphics card issue. System Spec: CPU - i5 6600k GPU - Sapphire Nitro R9 390 RAM - 2 x 8GB Corsair Vengence DDR4 Mobo - Asus Z170-A PSU - EVGA G2 650W OS - Windows 10 (Home) Situation: all working under normal use power cut, system powers down restart system, no display signal graphcis card doesn't seem to be powered on fans aren't spinning (although often don't at lower temps) no signal to monitor from any ports on GPU rest of PC works fine using graphics port on motherboard Already tried: restarting system using different cable for display (not the issue since built-in graphics work) changing PCI slot on mobo removing GPU, cleaning CPU + mobo with compressed air installing latest AMD drivers removing all AMD graphics drivers & reinstalling resetting Windows When installing the latest graphics drivers I get "Error 173 – AMD Installer Cannot Continue Since AMD Graphics Hardware Was Not Found", and the GPU is not listed under the device manager on Windows either. Clearly the system isn't recognising the GPU, is there anything I can maybe do at BIOS level to see if the GPU is recognised? Could it be a power supply issue with that single part? (seems unlikely since everything else works) Maybe a motherboard issue? (also seems unlikely since the issue is for both PCI slots that the GPU can use) If anyone has any ideas it would be hugely appreciated! Really can't afford to replace a GPU this holiday season. Many thanks.
  9. Already did, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I also tried using a driver remove tool, still the newer drivers wont work.
  10. Hello all, For a while now I have been using AMD drivers 16.5 or earlier because any drivers since then have caused issues with my GPU. My build is as follows: CPU - i5 6600k (not overclocked) GPU - Sapphire R9 390 Nitro (w/ backplate, not overclocked) Mobo - Asus Z170-A PSU - EVGA G2 650W Whenever I install a newer driver, my PC restarts after installation, then 30-60 seconds after reaching the desktop, the screen goes to a dark grey/black and will not display any image. I cannot shut my PC down without holding the power button on the case. I am quite concerned that newer drivers aren't working, and I am wondering if anyone knows why? Is my card faulty? Is my PSU not providing enough power? (Sapphire recommend 750W, but I only have 650W, although I've only had problems in the last few months. Are there some other hardware incompatibilities? Many thanks to anyone who can help.
  11. Gotta be the Razer Blade for that 1060! Contratz on 3 million!
  12. Would recommend the NZXT Hue+ every day of the week. Fantastic customer support. Simple set up. Easy to use software. I have the Hue+, makes my PC look gorgeous, can't go wrong!
  13. All 3 of those panels look fantastic, in terms of aesthetics and specs. Particularly like the Acer, thanks man - really appreciate it! I'd already looked at the Dell, just a very clean and nice monitor. Think my purchase will have to come from this list ?
  14. So I'm looking to upgrade from my 23" 1080p 60Hz IPS panel to a higher resolution screen and I am still not 100% decided on what to get. Currently I am most tempted by a 27" 1440p 60Hz IPS panel such as the BenQ GW2765HT, however there are still other solutions that are better in certain ways. So as someone who enjoys PC gaming, it certainly needs to be a display appropriate for gaming on my i5 6600k + R9 390 Nitro 8GB - preferably for at least medium-high settings at 60+ fps. Options I have considered: 3440x1440 Ultra-widescreen (maybe trying to push too many pixels?) 2560x1080 Ultra-widescreen (resolution is a little low for dev work, particularly the vertical res) 2560x1440 Widescreen (seems the ideal right now) 3840x2160 Widescreen (not ideal for gaming on an R9 390) Things to consider: TN really isn't an option - as someone who's used IPS for a few yeas, I could never go back. More than 60Hz is not essential - having never used a panel with higher refresh rate I would not be at a loss by getting a 60Hz panel. My gaming isn't competitive on a serious level, just a little more than casual, if you will. Screen real-estate needs to be considered as I am a programmer for a living. Budget: no more than £500, although nearer £300 is preferred Note: I will be using my current 1080p screen as a little secondary for a while, before it goes to a friend of mine. What are your suggestions? Personal experience with these panels with a similar setup/situation? TL;DR - I'm looking for an ideal single monitor for gaming and programming, with a higher resolution than 1080p.
  15. I'm what way? I do see that the software is obviously very different, what else?