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    Intel i5 4670k
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    Asus ROG Maximus vi HERO
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    gtx 760 DCU2
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    Fractal Design r4
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    120gb SSD and 2tb HDD
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    600 watt
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    razer naga hex
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    Windows 7
  1. KYAG

    New home network setup help

    That's a lot to ask for with only 300 bucks, your best bet is Craigs list the switch and wiring, un opened 24 port for 30 bucks on there.
  2. KYAG

    Network in a Box

    Prefer to leave your tears away from my networking gear.
  3. KYAG

    Network in a Box

    Yes, that is just a box, the point is what can I improve on and what else can I add to it to make it something awesome.
  4. KYAG

    Network in a Box

    Here is the YouTube video I was talking about, I was thinking about something like this, only better designed and maybe a bit more portable. And sorry about the slow response, who would of know teachers expect you to learn.
  5. KYAG

    Network in a Box

    Sort of like that, but something a little more workable if that makes sense? That looks cool I will admit but that looks like a mini server rack. drt33 has sorta the right idea. I have a 24 port switch that I can mount to the back of the box and then mount the router on the side of it with a surge protector to plug every thing in
  6. KYAG

    Network in a Box

    hello Internet people, I was watching a YouTube video of this guy's home network setup and he had a really cool cabinet made to house all of his networking hardware. I'm a high school student about to graduate and move out but I have some network back bone that I want to take with me and I'm sure that I will be moving again later on. What I want to do is make a box/cabinet type thing to hold my router, switch, and whatever other hardware I get, that can mount to a wall and I can take from house to house decently easy. Would love to hear some ideas or criticism, eventually I'll have a full design
  7. KYAG

    Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

    kyag https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf