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    College football, gaming, computers, guitar


  • CPU
    Intel i5 4690k @ 4.7ghz
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z97 U3 Plus
  • RAM
    8GB DDR3
  • GPU
    MSI AMD R9 280X
  • Case
    ULTRA Etorque H4 Mid-Tower ATX
  • Storage
    120GB Kingston Boot SSD & 3TB Hitachi Storage
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    Corsair CX600
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    Acer 24 inch 60hz 1080p
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    Hyper 212 Evo
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    membrane - getting Cherry MX Red sometime
  • Mouse
    Zowie AM
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    On Board
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1
  1. I want to build an emulation machine, I am just going to install Batocera (I have heard this is the best OS for this, better than Recalbox and Lakka, please let me know if I am correct in this assessment). I have access to some old Dell PCs. The best CPUs I have access to are i5 3470 and i3 6100. I am not sure which one to go with. The i3 would have better single core performance and better iGPU, but the i5 obviously has more threads and that could help with some newer systems. Also for RAM, I can put in as much as needed, but I was thinking 4GB would be plenty? What do you guys think? Thanks for the help.
  2. I just got an idea and ran a system restore from last night and that seems to have fixed the problem. But if anyone knows what may have happened, please let me know. I'd like to be able to fix that if I come up to it. I am definitely not hooking those earbuds up to my PC again.
  3. Everything was working fine with my PC, but I have a set of bluetooth earbuds that I use on my phone. I decided to try them with a game on my PC just for kicks. I didn't like it so I decided to unpair it. Now, the sound from my speakers is not working. I have my speakers set as the default device, but nothing. Also, for some reason, the PC doesn't want to stream a video or play a file so I can test the audio. Any one have a clue what is going on? This is very strange.. Everything was fine until I tried the bluetooth earbuds. Also, sometimes in the taskbar, the audio has a red x on it, with "The Audio Service is Not Running" when I hover the mouse over it. I have tried the troubleshooter, and nothing.
  4. For a couple of years, I have been running an i5-4690k at 4.5Ghz and have had no problems with it. Usually the most taxing thing I do with my PC is game, I have a GTX 1080 and a 1440p 95hz monitor. I was able to get my hands on a free 4790s. I thought it was going to be a 4790, and I was going to make the switch as I found that it is slightly better than my i5, not by much that I'd ever notice or anything in the real world. I found that the 4790s has the same turbo boost of the 4790 at 4.0Ghz, but base clock is 200Mhz slower, which I have heard doesn't matter. If base clock doesn't matter, then what is even the point of having the 4790 when the 4790s uses less power? What should I do, or am I just thinking too much about this. Also, do not take cost/selling price into consideration as both CPUs are going to be used, it is just if I want to change the CPU in my main rig. Thanks
  5. Thanks, for some reason I didn't realize that the firmware had been updated so much. My build was from 3/25/13, and I just checked and there is one from 9/7/17. Sorry for not checking that before coming here. I am going to flash that and then change some cables out and see if that fixes the problem. Thanks
  6. I recently got a free upgrade from 60mbps to 100mbps from my ISP. I use a wired connection on a Netgear WNR3500v2 running DD-WRT, which is supposed to be a gigbit wired connection. I have had it for a couple of years and really don't have any problems out of it and rarely have to reset it. I wired my PC directly to the modem and got 110mbps, however through the router it is 60mbps (I guess that was convenient when I had 60mbps internet), so it is obviously something with the router. It has been a while since I have done much configuration with the router, and other than a securing the wifi, it is pretty standard. Any ideas on where I should start looking? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the reply. However, I unplugged the hard drive. Nothing on screen, only a blue light. Put the hard drive back in and had the same result. In a few days, I am going to do a PSU swap with a friend's PS4 to see if that may be the problem. Any other ideas? Thanks
  8. Yeah it is definitely dual link DVI. The thing is there have been multiple DVI cables tried, only the thick one worked. I don't remember and can't find what size of wire it was. It has been a few years since I got mine, but for some reason I was thinking it was 12 awg, but 24 awg is the thickest I can find. I think I am wrong on it being 12 awg, but I want to be more sure before I tell someone else to buy something.
  9. I have used my PC and his monitor, his PC and his monitor with my DVI cable, and that worked. I feel I have done the work on it, I just don't remember what gauge my DVI cable is and I cannot find where I bought it. And I just want to make sure that I wasn't overlooking something. We have tried 3 or 4 standard cheap DVI cables and they gave no result.
  10. I'm really not sure where to post this, so please move or anything if it is necessarily. I have been working on my friend's PC. Similar setups, he has an i5 4690 and r9 280, I have an i5 4690k and a 1080 (used to be a 280x). We both have a Korean 1440p monitor with DVI only. One day, his started just not displaying anything, but would display on a tv through the 280's HDMI. After I have taken his PC to work on it. I have found that both the PC and monitor are both operational, and not broken. I have a really thick DVI cable on mine. I used it to connect his PC and monitor and it worked fine. So, I think the problem is with the DVI cable, I cannot find the AWG of the DVI cable that I bought. Does anyone know what is the thickest one? 24 AWG is the biggest I can find. I am trying to tell him what he needs to buy. Or if there is anything else that I can look into to fix that problem, let me know.
  11. My PS4 had been giving me problems about incorrect shutdown procedures. But they were never a problem. Well tonight, the PS4 wouldn't shut off correctly. It was taking forever, I just unplugged it. So naturally I rechecked it. Now there is just a blue light on the middle of the console when I boot it up. Nothing is displayed on the TV at all. A disc will eject. Any ideas? Thanks Edit: I have done more researching on it, but the blue light appears to be a situation where the PS4 turns off after a few seconds. That is not the case with me, it will stay blue for as long as its on until i unplug the power.
  12. Does Amazon not have some sort of buyer protection?
  13. That's one of the big things I was wanting to find out. Thanks so much for the help!
  14. Haha, see now that is why I like you guys I search for "z97 u3 plus nvme" and that wasn't there, just the product page, and I didn't understand what that meant! Thanks for that video, I can't believe I missed that one on my YouTube feed. Looks like I have no need to worry about spending the extra money for that 960 evo!