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  1. Like Radium said, what are your qualifications? Certificates? Degrees?
  2. Climb the pole and set up your own Airfiber from Ubiquiti ?
  3. Turn Windows Features On or Off --> Enable .Net Framework 3.5 and everything within it --> Enable SMB 1.0 and everything under it. Do you know the UNC path to each PC?
  4. Whats dirt cheap, does it work? Chances are it wasn't just used for one month, lol.
  5. Weird, every phone when I set up without a sim, and then later insert a Bell sim. Seems to wipe the entire phone.
  6. I second beldin, I got tons of their cables used for everything.
  7. Bell sims have been resetting my phones, does it do this to yours?
  8. People buy phones for different reasons, some would rather pay a premium as a status symbol and others would for customization. I only use 4 apps on my phone anyways, so I prefer something that is common / easy for repair shops to fix when they break.
  9. I wouldn't waste your money on an active adapter, just grab a new monitor if you can afford it. Newer cards will eventually stop shipping with DVI. Good luck!
  10. Usually when I see something I really want, I'll give myself a week to sit on it. If I still want that item by the end of next week I'll probably just buy it. Terrible
  11. I've had my fair share of issues with Windows but I can't seem to stay away.
  12. Yes - I build my computer and pick the parts with gaming in mind. Unfortunately I don't have as much time for games as I would like ?
  13. Tbh few are going to trust a 15 year old to build computers when you have computer stores that have "professionals". Maybe start out by doing it for free for friends and family.
  14. Where do you live? Looks like you'll have to run cables friend
  15. Pingplotter is the software I use when troubleshooting connection from site to site.
  16. If you have Coax cabling from one end to another in your house, you can use Moca Adapters. You can pick them up from Amazon for about 200$ per pair. I also sell them on ebay but I'm not going to advertise it here.
  17. Sounds like they are on different networks, you only have one SSID for your entire network right? If you have to manually switch yourself over from one Razer sila to another then that's probably your issue. Other's have already suggested this, make sure you have the 2 Sila's set up as AP's pointing back to your main router. ( basically make sure the Sila's don't give out IP's )
  18. ..I guess if you want a job in IT?
  19. Recently Razer has been upping their RMA game, didn't even have to send in my DA for them to ship me a new one right away. I'll have to go with Logitech though, they've sent me an absurd amount of gear over the years. Current mouse; G403 is pretty sweet.