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Everything posted by Owade73

  1. My current peripheral set-up is a logitech M185 and ATH-M50X connected to my laptop.
  2. Linus and Luke are both in a car crash and are not going to be able to run the company for an undetermined amount of time. Who would you like to see take over LMG? It can be an inside or outside potential.
  3. I would love to win the keyboard because laptop keyboard.
  4. You know I made it because it's crap.

  5. I want an ssd because the very slow laptop mechanical hard drive in my computer is starting to become noticeable.
  6. *Fourm gets updated! 

    Me: Oh wow this is cool

    *Views profile

    *Two photos broken on About Me 

    Me: :'(

  7. That Kova has a very nice design imo...
  8. The audio was severely out of sync on that WAN show though... I had to stop watching because it started to hurt me. :'(
  9. Wow, now it's a question of who can go the longest without restarting their pc! Xp
  10. My laptop is the beast this thread has been waiting for. EDIT: Unplugged it and turned on battery saver, .77GHz almost immediately.
  11. Anyone else get really excited when Linus hosts Netlinked Daily?

  12. Bit-Coin mining... on a quantum processor.

  13. The DDOS protection scared the crap out of me... I thought the site was down.

  14. Sadly with a split family and all I can't be with it atm but I will take a look at min when I can... I always noted about 65 C when gaming though so it doesn't do to bad.
  15. My 9590 is great! Got it to 5.1 GHZ then stopped there because I'm only air cooling, granite with a NH-D14.
  16. Baranacules released a great video explaining how his bitcoin project turned out... if I can find the video I will link it... EDIT: I found it!
  17. I found a new thread to follow on Reddit! Thanks! Now it will go with the other 2 million subscriptions I have... #tooMuchReddit
  18. Yes thats why there is a complete build from years ago in my room doing nothing but collect dust and act as a door stopper...
  19. EDIT: But of course spoilers work this time. I'm just gonna leave this here (testmoz.com/540748) FOR JAKE FROM STATE FARM!!!!!!!
  20. I gave up and started to answer randomly after two questions... I'm sorry for my lack of help, I just get bored during tests...
  21. As someone who has been using it since the start of the insider program I am quite excited to see how the general public will view it but I am kinda sad to see Windows 7 and 8/8.1 not really be a thing anymore... It was nice having something to complain about then come back to be relieved. Although I loved Win8.1.