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    Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
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    I run Techquickie! Also do projects for LTT and appear in the odd Channel Super Fun video.

    Duke University '09, Boston College Law School '13

    North Carolina native. Carolina Panthers, Carolina Hurricanes, Duke Blue Devils, Manchester City FC, US Soccer.

    Game series I like: Deus Ex, Mechwarrior, FIFA, Gears of War, Pokemon, Sonic, Mario Kart.

    I won a gold medal at the Spaceteam tournament at PAX East 2013 in Boston.

    Other random interests: Cooking, ice skating, blackjack, poker (though I'm not nearly good enough at the latter to play competitively)

    Tweet me your ideas for future Techquickie videos!
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    Writer @ Linus Media Group

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  2. Found this thing in the junk drawer

    Use caution when yo-yoing. If you yo-yo it too hard, it'll leak into your protected memory space
  3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi thoughts? (Spoilers ahead)

    The movie was fine but it felt extremely contrived. Much more so than TFA. The incredibly cheesy one-liners and monologues had me wanting to rip my ears off. Star Wars has always had issues with bad dialogue and things happening precisely when the heroes need them to, but TLJ seemed to turn it up to 11. The writing was better overall than the prequels (which isn't saying much), but the bad moments were REALLY bad. On a more positive note, seeing Snoke get cut in half was immensely satisfying. Extremely hateable character, moreso even than Palpatine. I also love Hux as comic relief. He fills the role of "character who tries to be the big dog but is too blustery and inept to actually do it" perfectly. I can see him getting into a tight spot in Episode 9 and trying to cut a deal with the Resistance or something along those lines rather than actually being killed off. 6.5/10
  4. What is the name of the college you attend or have previously attended?

    Quite the soccer program you have there. Also, it took me a very long time to realize your mascot is a kangaroo.
  5. What is the name of the college you attend or have previously attended?

    I was born in south Alabama very close to Dothan. And Duke has played Troy several times over the last few years. Of course, I have a bit of a soft spot for Auburn because of a guy named Cam Newton.
  6. What is the name of the college you attend or have previously attended?

    Hey, the Bison! Quite a football team you have up there in Fargo. Of course, we know a thing or two about winning titles at Duke as well. I graduated Duke with a degree in biology, with a concentration in cell and molecular. Minored in chemistry and political science.
  7. Who at LTT owns this sexy beast?

    V6. I don't find myself missing the extra power too much, except maybe when I'm merging onto a highway and could use a bit of an extra push
  8. A R T I S A N Reminded me of a ramen place I was convinced to try a while ago in Vancouver. - Uncomfortably close-to-your-neighbors communal seating, a sad attempt at authenticity - Absolutely no decor except for those blankets they put on elevator walls to keep people from scratching them (not even kidding) - Annoying, hipsterish clientele - I'm talking about dudes in driving caps wearing scarves while they eat - Bland as anything, hardly any meat, and predictably overpriced - Pretentious dishes, including one called "This Is Not Tortellini" - you're a freaking RAMEN joint, dude 0/10, would 100% rather squeeze Sriracha onto a bunch of 50-cent instant noodles from the supermarket and have a feast. Definitely some extremely unfortunate trends in the restaurant business these days...
  9. oh I really like Myrtle Beach. Went all the time when I was younger, though I haven't been there since 2009. I hear it's gotten a bit rougher since then. The Beacon is wonderful. If I'm in Spartanburg for Panthers training camp, that's where you'll find me after practice. Burgers, catfish, fries, onion rings, sweet tea all great.
  10. Who at LTT owns this sexy beast?

    Truth. They just looked like boxes on wheels.
  11. Who at LTT owns this sexy beast?

    Yup, that's my car. The only one I've ever owned, actually. Got it back in 2003. Would you believe it doesn't have 100K miles on it yet? I've been through so, so much in that car, from North Carolina to Florida to Chicago to Indianapolis to New York to Buffalo to Boston to Vegas to Vancouver. I think what I miss the most are the nighttime drives between Rowan County, NC and Durham, NC up and down I-85 back when I was in college with the radio turned up. She needs a little suspension and body work, but other than that she's in good shape. Gas mileage leaves a bit to be desired, but what can I say? It isn't a Prius. The bigger problem is honestly the gouge-level gas prices here in Canada.
  12. Haha yeah I'm just kidding around. I like trying transit systems I haven't used before, should be good.
  13. Pretty sure I didn't. Great, I'll probably be riding it when I come down for the PK80 in November. One of my main goals in life is to make it to my death bed without getting stabbed, so I'll look at it as a personal challenge.
  14. More for me. To be fair, I'm sure some of our countrymen would call me not a real Carolinian for not liking grits, so there you go...