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  1. I'd check out The Economist, which is fairly centrist.
  2. Obviously it's been a long week!
  3. Walt Disney has been dead for decades...
  4. Interesting question. The following response from me does not constitute legal advice. Generally speaking, you own copyright in any image you create, including photos. Your Disney World example throws a bit of a wrinkle into this, as it's private property that holds itself out to the public primarily for the purpose of tourism. You probably need permission if you're entering the parks for the primary purpose of taking photos for profit. If you just buy a ticket and walk into the parks, the understanding between you and Disney is that you are there as a tourist, not as someone on business. (If you're walking around public property, like a city street, this wouldn't apply.) For WDW specifically, Walt Disney World Media Relations is who you'd need to speak with. Their contact info should be easy enough to find. I'd also recommend seeing if you can get in touch with Tom Bricker, who runs Disney Tourist Blog, a really great site with information and reviews of different Disney attractions (as well as Universal). He's a photographer and posts tons of photos from inside WDW on his site, and he's also a lawyer by trade so he might be able to share some of his experiences/insights with you. He's always replying to visitor comments and whatnot so I imagine he wouldn't be too hard to get in touch with.
  5. This is going to happen, probably late summer.
  6. Follow @nihilist_arbys on Twitter.
  7. 0 C = kind of cold 100 C = dead 0 F = really cold 100 F = really hot Most people seem to live in places where temperature swings are between 10 F and 100 F, which is -12 C to 38 C. The F scale more naturally covers typical weather conditions. In this scenario F also has more granularity. You can say "it's in the mid 60s outside" and people will understand what you mean, whereas "it's in the mid 20s C" could mean a lot of things. You also don't have to mess around with fractional degrees when adjusting a thermostat in F. People don't think about this because they're too busy bandwagoning on the "American measurements are stupid" train, but I do think F is a lot more practical in this situation. Of course C makes more sense for scientific applications. But I'm pretty firm in my belief that F is an excellent scale for talking about the weather.
  8. I support Duke basketball and Manchester City FC, which I guess makes me extremely contrarian in the sports world. I think Nutella is extremely overrated. Kendrick Lamar isn't that freaking good. Fahrenheit is way more practical than Celsius for describing everyday weather conditions. I've seen some opinions in this thread that really aren't all that unpopular. Bono seems to rub a lot of people the wrong way (not necessarily me) and plenty of people believe that Michael Jackson was just a weird dude who didn't understand boundaries rather than an actual child molester.
  9. I appreciate your suggestions. However, I'd like to quickly speak on this as I've had this suggestion pop up more than once. As long as I'm running Techquickie, we're not going to touch anything like this. You're asking us to advocate for one side of a complicated sociopolitical issue people have very strong feelings about in both directions. The few times we've covered anything that could be taken as remotely related to politics, we've taken great pains to be as even-handed as possible - see, for example, our video on net neutrality. The closest we've come to something like this is our episode on cyberbullying, which we were extremely careful to present in a factual, data-driven manner, instead of coming across as lecturing our viewers about how to treat people online. It was difficult enough coming up with a way to cover the GENERAL phenomenon of people being horrible to each other irrespective of race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, etc etc while keeping things neutral and evidence-based. Advocating for a specific group, by contrast, is even more difficult to the point where I consider it an absolute minefield. I have my own personal feelings on this matter, but other than saying I don't condone harassment of anyone online (or off), I'm not sharing them and in this case they're irrelevant anyway as taking sides on issues like this is, in my view, a bad idea for most YouTubers, especially those who don't comment on or poke fun at larger societal issues as part of the core of who they are. Regarding the last bit of your quote, if someone actually needs to be told not to be a jerk on the Internet, a video from us isn't going to convince them. Thanks to all who have suggested topics. Keep them coming, I do read them and I've seen some good ones.
  10. We DON'T get away with it. At all. We're constantly stereotyped as being idiots. To get this back on topic, I'm rooting for Nashville. My wife grew up in Tennessee and it would be cool to see another Southern team skate off with the Cup. Wouldn't at all mind seeing Anaheim or Ottawa win it if the Preds don't. I have less than zero desire to see the Pens win another title.
  11. I don't know what real estate prices are in NZ, but the Vancouver area's cost of living is almost unbearably high, even by Canadian standards. Rentals abound on Prepare to pay through the nose. I don't know what the job market is like around here. I have a hunch that it will be easier to find work in design or software engineering than it would in law. You'll also need to sign up for a social insurance number, health insurance, and staggeringly expensive car insurance if you're planning to drive. A lot of construction around here seems to be done rather cheaply. I would not make a hasty decision on living arrangements should you decide to come here. I'll leave others to give their opinions of whether the Vancouver area is "cool" or not.
  12. "John"
  13. At home, I have a Corsair M65 RGB. Best mouse I've ever used. It's the right weight and shape, and the buttons are laid out in a way such that I'm not accidentally actuating buttons on the side all the time. Only downside is that it's the older design with that stupid tramp stamp logo.
  14. Your comment reminded me of this:
  15. I personally dislike red builds unless you're really bringing something unique and well-executed to the table, as I think they're really overdone. White with black trim would be visually striking, elegant, and a little different. Maybe something like a Sabertooth S series motherboard from ASUS (white) with a white NZXT H440.