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  1. Stryder721

    Rogue blackberry priv

    Well after doing something testing I’ve notice that opening the slider makes it glitch out the screen more so the screen cable may be messed up but I dont gave a heat source now a set of jeweler screw drivers to get into the device to reseat the cable, I also noticed that the screen would blank out on first boot if the phone isn’t coming from being shut down or restarting but after that it would work fine. Would that be linked to this as well
  2. Stryder721

    New PC, storing data

    Transfer the library, saves are synced on steam through cloud save
  3. Stryder721

    Problems Upgrading an Old Laptop

    Could be needing a graphics driver, try installing that into the os and see if maybe that might be the culprit
  4. Stryder721

    Slow boot into Windows

    Try running a command prompt under administrator (open task manager and click new then run and type in taskmgr and make sure the run as admin box is checked) once come comes up just run “chkdsk /f c:/“ without quotes and it should ask to schedule the chkdsk the computer comes up restart the computer and let it do its thing (will take a while) mine took a while to do when I had windows 8
  5. Stryder721

    Rogue blackberry priv

    I do apologize if this isn’t the right place to post this but I’m all out of options, I’ve been using my backup phone to shoot some 4K video when I realized the screen was just going wild, I’ve tried resetting the phone... nothing, running the battery dead and letting if it charge back up... nada. I even went out to slide it up and down a few times and nada. The only thing that remotely helped was having it on the charger. But the issue is the entire screen works and touches like a normal phone it’s just the image is wonky on exactly the right half of the screen Angry priv screen link
  6. Stryder721

    Powerline AV500

    It's worth a shot to see what the ending result is! hope it all works out for you!
  7. Stryder721

    Under $50

    I would look around on sites like Craigslist, ebay and other local sites that would be listing computer hardware for a good price, also it's good to check auctions on ebay as you can find good cards on there for a great price. Also for the person who shared this video, props to you! i love this youtube channel
  8. Stryder721

    Powerline AV500

    Yes, because you still qoute on qoute have a wired connection to your pc from your router. This will also happen to make your internet connection more stable as opposed to wifi which can sometimes on consumer boxes outright stop working entirely (mine used to kick everyone off and would not work until the box was reset). If you don't get a more stable internet connection then the issue then would be on your isp's side
  9. Stryder721

    Is this a problem with my hard drive?

    I would run something like Hiren's boot cd off of a CD or usb thumb drive to and load into minixp where you can run a surface scan and see if your drive is in fact dying. Other ways to tell if your drive could be dying may also be... -Slower than usual file transfers (like hours to transfers pictures) -Clicking or grinding noises coming from the disk itself -Some files are broken as in a picture you drew in paint no longer opens Also a side note, sometimes in hirens the drive from your pc doesnt show up, so you'll have to mount the drives which should be a shortcut in the start menu if i remember correctly
  10. Stryder721

    Powerline AV500

    Powerline adapters, use your house's internal wiring to pass data from your modem or router (depending on your network setup) to your PC, while yes it's not as fast as a straight hard wired run from your modem or router (depending on your network setup) but the speed drop really isnt that noticable unless you have a really high download or upload rate. I'd recommend using the powerline adapters over wifi due to the fact that you would have a better connection overall to the internet and probably would save you headaches of trying to reposition your computer to get a good wifi signal. For powerline adapters all you need is one to go from the box to you adapter then plug in other one near your computer and run you an ethernet cable from it to your pc and if nothing goes wrong, you'll have internet
  11. Stryder721

    Intel HD Graphics 630 Drivers?

    It might be a few months before Intel drops a graphics driver on their site for seventh generation chips
  12. Stryder721

    Intel HD Graphics 630 Drivers?

    As of right now i don't see a download from Intel's website unfortunately. I'll keep looking around and see if i see any. Right now your best bet is windows update to see if you can get the drivers from microsoft
  13. Stryder721

    Intel HD Graphics 630 Drivers?

    Lemme see if I can find the right ones, sorry about that!
  14. Stryder721

    Galaxy S4 very slow charging

    It helps to close all the apps you're not using when the phone is off, i have that problem with my phone and using snapchat where it will pull more power then the charger can supply, if no apps is running my list of guesses would be... -Battery needs to be replaced -Charging port could be getting ready to die -That version of android could be just draining the battery
  15. Stryder721

    Intel HD Graphics 630 Drivers?

    What you'll need to do if you don't wanna take your discrete GPU out of your case is install them manually. Link from intel how to do so ( http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/graphics-drivers/000005629.html ) Link for the zip file of your driver ( https://downloadmirror.intel.com/26404/eng/win64_154510.4542.zip ) Hopefully this works for you! *note* That's the driver for Kaby Lake CPU's, if i grabbed the wrong one i'll try and give you the link to the right one!