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  1. I want to build a 3d printer can anyone tell me about the cost and level a difficulty ahead, I've built pc/s in the past and know a bit of programming
  2. well i haven't used either but you can see performance comparison using thishttp://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Core-i3-4150-vs-AMD-FX-6300
  3. I'm wanting to root my phone the s4 i 9500 to gpe to get the update quicker but i'm wondering if i do so will i get the update from google like the others or must i wait until next year to get the update
  4. Jason246

    Just asking

    Thanks for the input it helped
  5. Jason246

    Just asking

    Well i'm new so can you recommend any
  6. Jason246

    Just asking

    If i wanted to program for android or apple want language should i learn and what compiler should i use to make a game
  7. Well i found linus tech tips while looking for a review of the asrock m8 and never left, as for the future i would like to see a asus gx500 review and unboxing because i'm look for a laptop with a 4k display so buy so i'm awaiting your recommendation. So congrats on your 1,000,000 subcribers, it's good to see someone follow their dreams and and make it
  8. I'm starting a new business and i need to make ads, but i don't know what software to use to make them can someone point me in a general direction.
  9. Well i'm using it for my new gaming rig i want to buy it with a asrock m8 and 8gb of ram and i going to give it a buy
  10. Need to build new gaming pc

  11. I looking at buying a intel xeon e3 1230v2 but it has confidential on the plate and i'm wondering if i should go on with the purchase
  12. i like the screen and i like msi, they make good stuff
  13. Well i'm kinda interested but my main question is does it over and throttle