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    mods are little girls and the rules cater to sjw
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  1. stress test with a single stick of ram and swap them to see if its a ramstick also is it 4 sticks? if it freezes on all 4 sticks alone then rma the cpu i think, or it could be a psu issue idk if you can, keep the gpu out of all the troubleshooting just in case
  2. 98 wasnt slow, maybe the comp it was on but i ran mine with a pentium 4
  3. yandex is chrome but i doubt the other guy is on yandex, so it could just be a chrome thing.
  4. i saw it when on the yandex beta browser
  5. there was never a reason to "upgrade" to xp if you had 98 I was using 98 until windows 7 for most VM's from linux and my laptop i somehow had 98 on it i didnt play fallout 3 on xp for example in xp's whole lifetime, just 98 you also had a better ui, DOS games, 10x better. 98 was the last decent windows op imo
  6. GOG is still irrelevant keep dreamin'
  7. ill get my boxers* in a bunch all i want about STUPID ASS PEOPLE GIVING STUPID ASS BANS idgaf if its their platform they also get the change ip and make spam accounts treatment too
  8. click on it and alt-f4 and see what happens also run a malwarebytes scan lol also reinstall gpu drivers
  9. steam has always been and always will be an ugly heap, we just need skin compatibility steam is the only one who got it right though, so theres that. Everything else is 100000000x worse
  10. their rules are bullshit politics have always been "inside" gaming not a reason to ban people, the ONLY reason you should ever bad someone from your game is for cheating, PERIOD
  11. g pro wired is endgame price/performance is perfect but if you want to spend in excess for not much of an advantage because the cable is good anyway then yeah, gprowireless maybe bury razor idea though, there are much better mice to compare to the gpro hell the 403 is better than the razor
  12. you played diablo 3 right? back to path of exile