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  2. Hi, I've been using my Predator 15 for about a year now. About a month ago my SATA drive was showing randomly occurring 10-20 seconds 100% usage and I couldn't find the cause. Launching Task Man, Explorer during that time would make them unresponsive. Media playing during that time, which are located on that drive would also make the media player unresponsive. After about a week of this, the drive started to be dismounted and a few days after that, even restarting the PC wouldn't mount the drive.I swapped in an old drive and it was working fine for a few days, until today when it got overheated and was dismounted. The first drive that wouldn't mount back worked just fine when I connected it to a SATA to USB connector and wasn't as hot to the touch as it was when connected to the laptop's SATA connector.Long story short, any drive connected to my laptop's SATA connector seems to be heating up beyond normal, causing random 100% usage, making things unresponsive. I bought the laptop through newegg and had it shipped to My country. So sending it to the retailer isn't an option. I don't understand the problem, is it the SATA connector? Or is it something else? Could anyone help me out here?
  3. TVwazhere

    Small Build Case Suggestion

    A mITX board will only have a single PCI-E slot which will be taken up by your GPU, so if you're okay with getting an external DAC/AMP system then you can definitely go ITX
  4. will1432

    ssd for old laptop

    I have a old laptop (the one on profile) and I am thinking about getting a ssd for it. one problem I am a teen ager with little revenue and little money so would prefer <100$ 500gb or more and needs to be 2.5" because I'm 99% sure this thing is older than m.2.
  5. Tristerin

    I can hear my rad fans at 400rpm :(

    This...the dBA doubled...(weighted sound perceived by the human ear) example - 1x Fan = 15dBA x3 fans = 45 dBA in the air. Turn down 33% = 10dBA per fan x6 = 60 dBA in the air to listen to This is just a quick math, quick bleh understanding of why its louder. And yes, adding a radiator blocking the airflow will cause sound to spill out and be more amplified potentially. The air is being "buffeted" against the radiator.
  6. Radium_Angel

    Data recovery extension

    A suggestion... Get *everything* first, sort out what is important later. Data recovery is hard on the drive, you may not get another chance to sort through it looking for more... (Source: I used to do DR professionally)
  7. You've got it backwards. The author of the article is the one being accused of racism.
  8. Alok Pandit

    1080 ti under performing

    CPU bottleneck for sure. Userbenchmark shows i7 4790 is equal or a bit slow than an i3 8100. Which is what I have paired with a 1050Ti. Also the old i7 has in total 16 pcie lanes, which the 16 lane GPU is sharing with other onboard devices.
  9. Doesnt even need to go to a specialist to know that lmao
  10. This is completely random, but imo James from LMG looks extremely similar to the actor Jack Falahee, which I know from the TV-show "How to get away with murder" . Not just the beard and hairstyle, but also the face in general. With a bit of work he could maybe even go as a lookalike. Am I the only one?
  11. Radium_Angel

    Weird performance from my NAS

    SMART test will only tell you part of the story. Find the hard drive maker, and use their software tools to check the health. A network latency can also be an issue, but let's start with the basics first...
  12. Abzilla

    Top gaming keyboard?

    I personally would recommend the razer Blackwidow v2, solid keyboard
  13. Certainly, anything else you need feel free to ask. Cheers!
  14. Princess Cadence

    CaseKing to sell i9-9990XE on its own

    An i7 8700 locked would have made more sense than an i5 9600K indeed for the second CPU. Either ways the i9 9990XE is a bad processor, yeah... if it had iGPU and used Ring Bus then maybe it could be justified all the 'marketing' around it as the best CPU money can buy today.
  15. And like that yet another year has passed. Holy crap im 16 now :/


  16. lmaobadatmath

    Buying New Laptop for Travels

    https://www.prisjakt.nu/kategori.php?k=353 Is a good place to compare prices on electronics, though the page is in Swedish. These are some reputable resellers of computers: https://www.dustinhome.se/ has english versions of their site as well, they retail computers and electronics https://www.netonnet.se/ Swedish site only https://www.mediamarkt.se/ Swedish site only https://www.elgiganten.se/ Swedish site only https://www.inet.se/ Swedish site only https://www.komplett.se/ Swedish site only Max weight would be a 3.5 kg, min battery 4 hours with decent usage.
  17. Silentprototipe

    Laptop Upgrade

    @GeneXiS_X I got this @max668 So from what I can tell from your post your trying to upgrade the SSD and RAM right? This is what my Envy X360 looks like. My guess is that your looking for the cable attached to my HDD (the silvery looking thing next to the battery) As for the RAM, Its DDR4 SODIMM running at 2400 Mhz. Its under the smaller metal plate next to the heatsink
  18. Christiaan21-03

    Games to play with my (very non gamery) girlfriend

    you can always ask if she wants to dance together with you ;)- Most girls tend to favour mmorpg's and puzzler types of play.. especially with crocheting in mind bit of romantic too btw
  19. GoldenLag

    1050 or 780

    You dont want to use the 500w PSU you have on hand. Its a poor quality one. Wouldnt use it with the 780 or 290 as its just not good.
  20. I changed the fan curve so it would always be on, however still nothing when it’s pulgged in the CPU 1 socket.
  21. Skiiwee29

    System reboot

    Yes replace it. The VS Orange power supplies are on a do not buy list. Please take a look at the PSU Tier list linked in my signature for an appropriate unit to replace it with.
  22. William Gaming

    1050 or 780

  23. charbel1011

    Top gaming keyboard?

    I have this one https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01ER4B7YM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and im guessing same thing as yours? Worst purchase ever. the rgb keeps freezing and gives me 1 solid color. and the whole keyboard is freezing as well. I have to keep switching the bios button and sometimes that doesnt work either. i have to unplug and plug the usb cables. I tried a lot of troubleshooting steps including reinstalling windows. I tried plugging in 3.1 usb didn't work either.
  24. LukeSavenije

    Another which card question

    hm... interesting, then I'd get the 750w too puget systems is a great source for performance testing
  25. cj09beira

    CaseKing to sell i9-9990XE on its own

    there is no point in using it for that it doesnt have enough cores
  26. William Gaming

    1050 or 780

    I want to use a on hand 500w psu. Can i do this with the r9 290 as it would be cheaper and better price to performance if i got the 780 with a on hand PSU instead of buying another PSu for the r9 290
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