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  2. xg32

    Will My System Bottleneck?

    depends on the games you play, short answer is the cpu is def a bottleneck and at current prices you wanna look at either the 2060, radeon vii or 2080, not the 2070. if you are on a tight budget and the monitor isn't anything too special, sell/return it and go for a 1080p/144hz VA panel instead and run a 2060 with it. Even a 2080 will not run some AAA games on 1440p/144hz on high.
  3. NA6Pro

    New to PC laptops

    Alright thanks for the info, I was worried its was destroying the laptop
  4. seon123

    Need help inchoosin my PSU for my first build

    Not the G3, that's for sure. The Corsair doesn't make an RX series PSU. Formula Gold 550W, if you don't need it to be modular and don't plan on multi GPU. Whisper M 750W if you don't plan on multi GPU. HX 750 if you plan on multi GPU.
  5. I don't know if it is possible, and if it is possible on how to control one audio source from the medial volume dial. From what I can see there is no option in the CUE to change what audio sources it controls. it just controls all system audio at once.
  6. NickPickerWI

    RM1000x Fan size

    Thermaltake is also not Corsair. You're forgetting that a V8 from a Corvette won't work in a Porsche. There's much more to it than just finding a supplier with a fan with some lighting. Thermaltake might have designed their entire PSU around having that fan. They might have more failures because of that fan. They might have to cheap out on other components because of that fan. They might have to use more expensive components because of that fan. They might not be able to meet as aggressive of quality control targets because of that fan. They might not be able to reach the same kinds of performance targets (wattage ratings, efficiency ratings) because of that fan. They might only be able to get that fan because they made some kind of deal with that supplier that might not be so awesome. We don't know. They're not Corsair. We also don't know what went into Corsair's design for their PSU fan for this product series.
  7. Bearmann

    Build for Friend

    Looks great!
  8. Kiddo V9999

    LTT forum "banning" game

    Banned because I forgot that the LTT forum existed
  9. Turtle Rig

    Will My System Bottleneck?

    At minimum you need a 2070 to drive 1440p with nv panel AA methods turned on and give you a crisp non jaggy experience. You will hit 144fps but will have dips, but that is what freesync is for. Your CPU will hold you back tho 3.4Ghz will not cut it. Also definitely go 16GB RAM with SSD as well.
  10. Alright, alright, maybe that was a bad suggestion. But, everything I've seen suggests it's because of what I said, even if it is easier to blame others.
  11. _Syn_

    Need help inchoosin my PSU for my first build

    Actually with that setup the 9900K is getting used more than anything, you get less CPU usage with 1440p and way less with 4K, the 9900K is really pointless at 4K. (for gaming)
  12. Slottr

    Need help inchoosin my PSU for my first build

    It's close to it though. Hopefully they're doing workstation stuff because that 9900k is definitely shooting below it's league if they're gaming
  13. Asking someone why they're depressed and suicidal can produce different results depending on when you ask them. I've suffered with severe depression since I was around 8. I have some theories on what triggered it and what has kept it such a big problem in my life for 26 years, but I couldn't tell you what triggers it from moment to moment. At least not in a way that would make sense to anyone, not even myself. That kind of treatment from people will definitely add to it and could bring those feelings to the forefront, but so could saying something as simple as "its raining outside". Trik is right as well, its easy to point at poor treatment and say "that caused it" because its an easy target and one that would make sense to us and others. Given how society reacts to mental illness it is also a lot easier than saying "I have a problem" as well.
  14. Jurrunio

    Need help inchoosin my PSU for my first build

    Bought other parts already? Saw more parts I'd like to change...
  15. Oh. So the Nokia 9's fingerprint reader can barely register real fingerprints, but it will register a pack of gum as a fingerprint just fine. What the fuck.



  16. Maddtwisted

    CPU Temp

    To be honest I would look at getting a new aio as it seems yours is at the end of its life span, as they only last for about 5years before they start failing
  17. _Syn_

    Need help inchoosin my PSU for my first build

    RTX 2080 is not overkill for 1080P 144Hz
  18. Understandable. You can't help someone that actively makes it impossible to interact with them. If you want a further technical explanation for what I'm talking about, hit up a PM.
  19. There was a video on youtube, by a canadian trans lawyer, who said that's absolutely what it is about. It's been taken down though. Also if you read the bill, and actually think about it like a lawyer (I.E. try to distort it for what you want), that's absolutely what it is. Just because they use terms like "hatred" doesn't change that. Maybe they need to word it better.
  20. How much do you want to spend on the PSU?
  21. Slottr

    Need help inchoosin my PSU for my first build

    Hold up You have all that for a 1080p 144hz display?
  22. valdyrgramr

    New to PC laptops

    CPUs and GPUs run faster if the cooling allows it. It's not exactly called OCing, but rather a turbo or boost.
  23. ammar_code

    FloatPlane Related

    I understand CDN's and setting up of Remote Servers and know most of Linux. I just created a mini platform where I used a remote server to run it. But the downside was that it didn't operate. I do not have a degree of any sort and my knowledge comes from my Computer Science course and Udemy and YouTube. Thanks !
  24. aezakmi

    Easy Way to Chill your pc

    This sounds like literally the least efficient cooling system in the world. I like it.
  25. I'm actively avoiding all non necessary communication with her, for my own mental well being (she's a generally toxic person who turns any and all conversations back to herself, and always ends up being an argument) I'll message you more, if you want. But I don't want to get into details here.
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