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  1. Past hour

    Random click input

    I'm not sure but it could maybe be your trackpad not properly working.
  3. Shadow_Storm56

    Short range high speed point to point.

    Very simple question, I will be getting a mini home on my farm about.... 500 feet from my parents house also on the farm. In my parents house where I live now we have fiber internet which is great for all of us but I do not want to buy it yet again for a mini home that close especially when I am the main user of this high speed internet. So I need a point to point system that is not horribly ugly and will do like.....800MBS at low latency over that small distance, clean line of sight. I could live with 500 plus but I want 800 so I can mostly fully use this connection and if something weakens the connection I would be slowed to like...400-500 not 200-300. The original connection is 1000 down and 900 up so as close to that as possible but I also do not want a 4000 dollar antenna for this. ant idea??
  4. Mick Naughty

    GPU temperatures

    Open air cards aren't good for that. Especially with limited space. Id just get better airflow was a whole and turn the gpu fans up. Or just let the temps be.
  5. mr moose

    Does the youth generations choosing hip-hop over punk-rock?

    If you classify Kiss, ACDC, def leppard as metal, then maybe for a bit in places it waz. But I consider them hard rock. I put them altogether under the label "good music", for me metallica, judas priest, iron maiden, slayer, black sabbath are all metal. Mainstream to me is anything that is in the top 40. In the 80's we did not see much of any of these bands in the top 40.
  6. Apparently quite a few of the groups got arrested, but most likely they are all still very active just scheming a few huge projects that will got massive coverage very soon, it really would not surprise me, i think it would be funny to see all these huge companies get screwed by like 10 guys on hp laptops spam coding for hours on end..
  7. Tbh we need emoji reactions, like on Discord.

  8. faziten

    Games not working

    A full hardware description is required. State brand and model of every component you have installed, as well as Operating system version. Cheers!
  9. *Imagine saving $500 instead of buying the Galaxy Fold*



    iPhone Xs Max: $1,099

    iPad mini: $399

    Total: $1,498


    You Could save even more if you got an iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone XR. Not only do you get two separate devices, each is also significantly more effective at its role than the Galaxy Fold is.....

  10. desertcomputer

    Facebook oopsie: 1.5mil people's contacts uploaded without consent

    Is not a accident, when it leaked they claim to be accident to minimize damaged claused.
  11. Im_Ben

    Mic for gaming

    I'm planning to buy a mic, with a stand for it. I will only do gaming, not record music or anything, however, I do not want it to pick up every little click and clack from my keyboard and mouse. I don't want it to be too expensive. What should I get?
  12. Yes, and that's my argument. A government run ratings board would not exist to remove content, only to rate it. It is then upon hardware manufacturers and retails to decide if it's worth licensing and selling the AO rated content, not the rating's board. This way, a developer's/publisher's freedom of expression is not changed in any way, but there's monetary incentive to release a game with a lower rating. See above. I'm not saying the government can or should remove content, that's not my argument at all. What I am saying is that if the US government were to assume the role of a review board, and gave games harsher ratings, it'd be a form of censorship without directly conflicting with the first amendment. The goal of this hypothetical federally run review board isn't to ban games, it's to rate them like the ESRB, but the federal review board would just give games harsher ratings. Valve isn't partnered with the ESRB anyway so I guess it makes sense. Yes, I'm quite aware that PC has some AO rated titles. I'm asking for examples of games that existed on Sony's or Microsoft's game consoles That entire section is filled with games that are given ratings from completely different review boards, not the ESRB, and one of those games is rated by the ESRB but it's just an M rated PS2 game. Keep in mind, too, Amazon is a marketplace that just about anybody can sell on, and just about anybody can get information wrong or sell an import rated from a completely different rating board.
  13. What about other stuff, motherboard and memory? Do you have to figure out those yourself? what model of Vega is that?
  14. Derkoli

    Another Petabyte

    yottabyte time?
  15. If you are good with blue screen errors for windows let me know. My situation is I’m trying to boot windows 10 to my new custom build and I keep getting a blue screen with “WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR”. So far I’ve tried taking out sticks of ram and trying to see if there was a defective one which did nothing, trying different USB ports for the usb with the installation media, did nothing, re-downloading the media, nothing, and updating the bios, nothing. Basically I need help thanks
  16. quakeguy81

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    The scariest part of this battlestation is the LCD on top of the Xbox 360 on top of the DVD/VCR on top of the CRT monitor. Also you might qualify to appear on the TV series "Hoarders."
  17. Dr. KEK

    Make ANY PC Into a Hackintosh!

    SSE4.1 requirement is quite low... that's first generation i7. 2008-2009.
  18. Stefan Payne

    NEW PSU Tier List

    Better?? All I see is that its shorter. Better not necessarily as its still the same circuit, modified for a shorter PCB. And to be blunt: I don't see an advantage in that. On the contrary. Often larger means better in PSU because you don't need to think about the space and just do what you want to.
  19. KingCry

    Will my system boot?

    No, board will hang at trying to detect a GPU.
  20. Slottr

    Will my system boot?

    2600 is not an APU, no
  21. Derkoli

    who else is using adblock

    Use adblock for everything except LTT and channels that i think actually deserve money as they are dedicated to there work and make quality content, such as jayz or ltt or these forums, and people like joentell and what not. i dont wanna be giving lots of people who want passive income from god damn ads.
  22. Jurrunio

    I9 9900k question help pls ..

    5ghz when only 1 core sees load yes, 9900k hits 4.7ghz when all cores are under load.
  23. Derkoli

    whY am i like this (I need help...)

    You sound alot like me a few years ago. im very much the same with my mum, tbf i hate my dad for what he did to me and my mum and he left my life about 6 years ago when i refused to go with him, im alot like this alot of the time during winter, during summer try to get out more, with the girl you talk to alot arrange to meet up and go explore woods near you for example, vitamin D (the sun) is very good for you and how you feel, also internet friends can REALLY help, probably my best friend is a greek girl i know even though we've never met lol. but do try and go out more, and get a hobby such as bike riding or climbing (climbing can be quite cheap to get into, a harness can be 60 pounds and rope about the same) bike riding is a huge part of my life and really helps with my self esteem, learning things like wheelies can be really uplifting, also listening to uplifting music such as "The Fault In Our Stars - Charli XCX - Boom Clap" can help with making you happier and more motivated, and when you have work to do try and integrate it into your life and your routine when you get home, such as do 2 pieces of work every night, then game until you give up and go to bed, having a good routine and timing and also helping other people out such as on here can really help aswell, even just having two mentions or quotes in these forums each day can really help boost my self esteem, it gives you energy because you're giving other people energy aswell and helping them through your problems, also learn a new skill, such as being a really fast typer, or learning knot tying or something simple and easy that you can do regularly and with little amounts of time, not something that you have to dedicate your whole life too, shutting yourself in your room all day aint gonna help, open the curtains and a window, the thicker and more dense air can help with your tiredness, you tend to get tired when your in a dark, hot room because your bodies metabolism goes all out of whack, if you have any more questions or issues, shoot me a message
  24. xAcid9

    Problem ..

    I mean you will get a spike in Latencymon reading if you Alt+Tab while playing games in Fullscreen mode. Did you do that in 2nd screenshot? If you did then that's normal, if you didn't then check Drivers tab for highest DPC/excecution. Btw what you mean it can't handle audio task?
  25. Isa_15

    Will my system boot?

    I recently built a system, Ryzen 2600x asrock b450m pro, 2×8 ram from corsair, and 550 cxm psu from corsair. Can I boot without a gpu?
  26. JoostinOnline

    Linus Fixes Click Bait Titles

    It's also ironic how many of those videos I would have watched if they'd been given descriptive titles instead of "clicky" titles (as Linus calls them). An example is the "Does size really matter" video. I had no idea what that was about. All I saw was the garbage title and didn't want to contribute to it. Now I know it's about tubing. Hell yeah I'm gonna watch that!
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