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  2. Yeah your Ram does not enjoy being above it's base clocks by the looks of it.
  3. LukeSavenije

    Looking for HDD recommendations.

    i assume you take hgst into that? and what about Hitachi?
  4. Spotty

    Looking for HDD recommendations.

    Really only 3 HDD brands these days, Toshiba, Western Digital, Seagate. For your needs you'd be looking at either the WD Blues, Seagate Barracudas, or the Toshiba P300. Just go with whichever is cheapest in the capacity that you need. They'd probably all be within a few dollars of each other anyway.
  5. Well thats my collection of several attempts to switch to Linux over many years, not all at once, so it wasnt a total desaster Still, every time i ruefully came back to Windows.
  6. LukeSavenije

    PSU vs. 4 pin connection on MB

    yeah, but most mainstream chips don't go above the power delivered by the 4+4 pin already, only on ln2 or something
  7. Sephiroth720

    Overclocking Q6600. Where do you start?

    It seems to be a RAM issue for sure. Your option here didn't work but I lowered the FSB to 400 (for the original target of 3.2Ghz) and put my RAM to 801Mhz @ 1.80 v and i finally got the windows loading circle however it blue screened and gave me an error "Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area". Frustrating that it was as easy as it was for the guy in the original video... I didn't think you had to change the ram speeds at all. It's set back to original 2.40GHz now until i figure out what's going on.
  8. Skiiwee29

    Gtx 1070 freezing at 30 min intervals

    Double check the VBIOS on it. May need to flash it if he had a custom bios on it for mining.
  9. That site is ..well ..crap. Very limited options, i mean 130% max CPU clock ..really. I had to change my 3930k to a 3970X + 130% to get to what i'm actually running, Stock, apparently i'm at 15.6% bottleneck, with the above changes i'm at 3% . Now that's wrong because I know for damn sure that if i try to push high fps, 120+ , my CPU will be holding me back hard, its why i don't do 1080p benchmarks with the 1080ti. So yea dont trust those sites. It also depends on the games ur playing and ur target FPS. CPU dependent games will ofc hamper you the most with a old i5, but GPU dependent ones, especially at max detail settings, wont be harmed. That is unless ur aiming for higher FPS, in which case even in GPU dependent games ur going to notice a weak CPU.
  10. LukeSavenije

    Dutch Talk

    dus ik moet positief zijn? moet lukken
  11. LukeSavenije

    NEW PSU Tier List

    interesting... i know colorful as the gpu brand, how are they on PSUs?
  12. Lord Nicoll

    Warranty information for ASUS in Europe?

    My card was the MSI gaming 4G, it had a solid baseplate yes, but that cooler was absolutely awful. I has almost no mounting (I used nylon washers to get better pressure) and wasn't that good over all.
  13. Skyyblaze

    Make ANY PC Into a Hackintosh!

    Alright yeah that's a good point I agree, maintenance should be better. Honestly all this makes me want to setup a Hackintosh again but I have two pieces of incompatible hardware by now sadly. My GTX 1070 won't run on Mojave though I guess I could install the prior release and my Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer is wholly incompatible with macOS and I don't really want to buy a new sound-card just for macOS to be honest.
  14. GoldenLag

    PSU vs. 4 pin connection on MB

    Zen 2 is going to be a decent performance jump. Going for 9900k right now is not a great course of action
  15. rice guru

    Any recommendations on a Mic & Mic Arm

    ATH 2020 usb and a newer arm
  16. Dunkan77

    Warranty information for ASUS in Europe?

    I've watched a few videos now and it seems to work best on coolers that have a smooth baseplate/coldplate and not with the heatpipes directly in contact with the die, was that your case? But thanks for your feedback anyway, maybe I'll go with kryonaut after all.. I'm not set on what to do yet.
  17. KeyzHostHD

    Boot Logo Change

    ahah lmao, im tryna get yours guys's help so i dont come across a fake tutorial
  18. I'll just drop this here as well:



    I ran out of SATA ports so, it's time to say goodbye to two 1TB drives for a single big one.

  19. xtroria

    Hate the Jabra Elite 65t. any suggestions?

    It almost sounds like as if you have general iem fit problem rather than anything both jabra elite 65t and x3 generally would fit almost everyone just fine
  20. I am wondering what is best Main or Aux for tp link archer t6e? It is auto by default but whats best to use. Plus should I Disable / Enable or set to Auto for Bluetooth Calibration I have no bluetooth devices so disable?
  21. r2724r16

    How to Undervolt My Helios 300

    Pretty decent improvement. It's fine. Modern hardware is unbelievably endurable.
  22. Fooshi

    Manjaro Pamac

    Pamac comes preinstalled on GTK based variants (Gnome, Budgie, Cinnamon, Xfce, etc). On Qt based distros (KDE, LXQT, etc), Octopi comes preinstalled instead. Manjaro KDE was used in the Hackintosh VM video. You can install both if you want by entering this in the terminal. (Depending on which you want to install) sudo pacman -S pamac sudo pacman -S octopi
  23. centurion_08

    Cerny announces new PS5 Details

    Does it all mean better cross-optimization between ps5 and pc game wise?
  24. xtroria

    Any recommendations on a Mic & Mic Arm

    Another option would be to go with XLR mic. if things go awry at least it’s cheaper to replace the mic
  25. OtterlyDumb

    graphics card fans are not working

    ah, ok. thank you!
  26. Well, who knows now. This whole thing has got to the point of new political parties forming and if they start getting votes, all it's going to do is take votes from those that have a chance of running the country, and make the whole thing more of a clusterfuck. Labour could have won last time if the Libs didn't go on their "vote tactically" bullshit campaign, all that did was take votes from Labour and give them to a party without enough support to get anywhere. Now we have a Conservative government supported by a £1 billion handout to the DUP who don't fucking agree with the tories anyway. What the hell happens if we actually leave (I would bet on it not happening)? The DUP is part of the EU, we are not. Do we end up with a government that's half in, half out and both sides hating eachother? I don't agree with a lot of the EU's policies and how it's run, and haven't done for a long time. I'm not a rabid "leave means leave take back our borders" moron either. We would struggle on our own but not simply due to leaving, but because of the work ethic of most of the population. I work in manufacturing, most products end up being exported either by us or our customers. The amount of work experiance and summer job kids that have been in and have zero motivation to do anything is amazing. One was a damn engineering student who couldn't use a screwdriver and only lasted for a day, I say a day, half was spent outside smoking on the phone. People won't do manual work, they want a nice easy sitting around job where sitting on the phone all day is acceptable. That kind of work doesn't export goods and bring money into the country. When the economy is "bad", I'm busy as hell at work, doing overtime on bank holidays and weekends. We export to China of all places, got customers in Canada and Australia too. We stock North American and Australian mains leads, no European ones though. There's stock of a front control panel for a company in Kazakhstan and have had to test equipment for dealing with the temps in the middle east, even as far as calibrating things differently to run outside of the temps they were designed for. Almost all our European customers are in the UK and export mostly outside of the EU, or hire gear out. My point? We sell less to the rest of Europe than outside. We have one customer (well customer of a customer) in Germany who insists on having "Made in Germany" put on our products. They are made in the UK with UK sourced parts from UK suppliers, and we have to put "Made in Germany" on it as not to piss off one of our biggest customers.
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