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  2. LukeSavenije


    hm... but does it work on integrated graphics?
  3. MeatFeastMan

    Is spending an extra 200€ worth it for a 2080?

    Yes, anything is better than a 2070. You won't need either for 1080p though. Get a vega 56 instead. That's the best option for 1080p. You get 8gb vram, HBCC, performance in between the 1660ti and 2060, and you tend to get decent models at good prices too. Both Powercolor Red Dragon and Sapphire Pulse cards are on a great price right now: https://de.pcpartpicker.com/product/3Nx2FT/powercolor-radeon-rx-vega-56-8gb-red-dragon-video-card-axrx-vega-56-8gbhbm2-2d2hdoc https://de.pcpartpicker.com/product/cKhKHx/sapphire-radeon-rx-vega-56-2gb-pulse-video-card-11276-02-40g I'd get one of those if I were you. Amazing value.
  4. Skiiwee29

    Streaming Prime Video/Netflix makes games stutter

    Try disabling hardware acceleration and see if that fixes it.
  5. bdstall.com is useful

  6. bdstall.com is useful with vast of information

  7. Hello, I've had a somewhat odd problem for a while: whenever I try to play a game while having Prime Video or Netflix running the game kind of stutters. It occurs about once to 1 1/2 times a second, it doesnt show a dip in FPS so I dont know what causes it. This doesnt seem to be related to CPU Usage / RAM Usage or Internet Connection. Also the Stream doesnt seem to stutter. My primary browser is Opera but I also tried Chrome and it didnt help - other services like twitch work just fine.. Both Monitors run on 144hz - 1080p for Videos, 1440p for Gaming. OS: Windows 10 Version 1803 GPU: GTX 1080 CPU: Intel i7-7700k at stock RAM: 16GB 2400mhz DDR4 Storage: some SSD Newest Video Card Driver I would appreciate if someone has a clue to what is going on here..
  8. Srijan Verma

    Rx 470 with i3 6100 bottleneck???

    i am sure it will be a bottleneck though not a very big one, for adequate performance you can upgrade to an i5
  9. duncannah

    What Os should I use ?

    windows xp
  10. LukeSavenije

    Rx 470 with i3 6100 bottleneck???

    get that 470 if it's at a good price, it'll bottleneck in some cpu heavier games, but it'll give you a nice improvement in others
  11. lee32uk

    New build, your thoughts ?

    Every brand has good/bad boards for Ryzen. The Asus ones are just more expensive compared to the competition. The ASRock ones are nothing special unless you are talking about the Taichi. I would say that MSI have some of the better mid range offerings (Tomahawk, Gaming Pro Carbon etc).
  12. LukeSavenije

    What Os should I use ?

    maybe lubuntu?
  13. I actually 3D printed that "wrench". It lasted 10 mins then snapped in 2 places. Why? My materials are not really the right type. You can do some of these things (see biology ), but need the right materials and designs. Samsung seems close, but still not there yet.
  14. Mick Naughty

    What are the advantages of having a dual system

    Wish I had a dual case. Having two on my table is a hassle. Would make streaming and recording a lot easier for me having everything closer and not having to install more power outlets. A lot of advantages really. Most people don’t have multiple rigs or the use case for it so they say it doesnt make sense.
  15. LukeSavenije

    NEW PSU Tier List

    ah, adding i thought you modified it into it... that could actually cause a fire... I'd honestly get both... or maybe a psu out there is a little cheaper and still good?
  16. Srijan Verma

    What Os should I use ?

    windows 7
  17. Bramimond


    I once had a hornet in my room. The thing didn't fly around but hid it's presence. Was impossible for me to find. The next morning I accidentally found it hiding on the other side of the drape, revealed by the early sunlight. Somehow I managed to lead it outside the window. I have to say it is genuinely unpleasant to share a room with a hornet in stealth mode.
  18. TechyBen

    UKs Porn Pass law has just passed, will go into affect in July

    And this is? Sooooooo?
  19. xAcid9

    What Os should I use ?

    Win7 or Linux imo.
  20. Radium_Angel

    Last nVidia card with dual DVI ports?

    Dude...chill. I prefer nVidia cards over AT...Radeon Technology Group/AMD cards because they work for my needs. You seem to be taking personal offense that nVidia cards work for my needs better than anything else. As I mentioned before, and perhaps you missed it, by the current batch of Machine Learning software is more mature on nVidia than the other cards, and that's why I stick with nVidia. I'm also a Xeon fan, it's all I use in my system. Gonna berate me for that too?
  21. duncannah

    What is your sleeping position?

    On side hugging pillow, it helps me a lot when I'm trying to sleep.
  22. Mick Naughty

    Poseidon gtx 780

    I’d fix the 1080 issue. No real reason to use a lesser card unless for another pc. But if you want to sell it let me know.
  23. Skiiwee29

    PC under performing

    WEll on your platform, the only CPU upgrade you can do is to the 7700 or 7700k, so either of those would eliminate it.
  24. SolarNova

    Push-Pull for radiators.

    The iPPC fans are not quiet, even at the same speed as 'normal' Noctua fans. They are very much made for industrial use, they are very durable, run fast, and have great airflow and pressure but can be loud. As for push/pull, it really is only worth it on high fin density rads and thick rads. As far i know , AIO rads don't benefit much from P/P.
  25. apyr.mp3

    PC under performing

    thanks for the reply, yes sorry i did not provide any further information as i didnt really seem it was necessary as im pretty certain the issue is from either of these. What cpu would you recommend I get to replace the i5 7600k to not bottleneck my 1070ti?
  26. nifty917

    NEW PSU Tier List

    well i didnt really modified it, I though adding a fan wouldnt cause fire anyway if i have to choose between an pp11 and an ups, which one should i choose? power outage happens 2~3 time a week
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