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  2. sharknado34

    Used PC advice

    That may be true, but for the battlefield series at least they have always been a couple years ahead of the times. 8 gb of ram was pretty standard, then bam battlefield 1 came out needing 16. About a year or 2 later it is pretty standar to use 16 gb of ram for many systems. Cpu cores and theads are no exception. 1 percent lows improve greatly with hyperthreading in many games.
  3. DotzHyper

    Windows 10 On New Build

    Cdkeys.com my b
  4. So, if I'm understanding you right, the Pippin is the best console of all time. Could not agree more.
  5. Oops, my mistake. Battery life has actually been a second thought as I've never seen my Jaybirds go below 60%. To put that into context, 3 hours of usage on a full charge dropped it down to about 60%. I'll add battery life to the OP when I get the chance to fully solidify the extent of the battery life, because I can't get it to drain for the life of me.
  6. Leonardo Fiori

    ASUS GX701, is it actually cooler?

    Just checked it and it is really incredible. I was worried by the fact that for rendering 16gb would not have been enough, then i see that they claim that they can upgrade the ram up to 40gb (8+32). That would solve any issue! Moreover for 90 bucks they even repaste with thermal grizzly and premium cooling pads.. nice! So you say that i can trust them? Here in italy i've never seen people speaking of them.
  7. Bullzy

    Used PC advice

    I've had a lot of people say number 1 is the better option would you all agree?
  8. Yes I know. iT iSn'T sEcUrE tO eNaBlE rOoT, But I need SFTP Root to transfer the files in one root directory. Yes I can CHMOD it but that defeats what I am used to. Moral of the story is Old Host: Installed Ubuntu With root enabled default New Host: Installs normal Ubuntu. I have already tried enabling SSH Root in "/etc/ssh/sshd_config" and no luck.
  9. 40/41c according to the boost states. Same as a 1080. So yes it will down clock at the temps that aio will provide.
  10. Electronics Wizardy

    Windows 10 On New Build

    please don't build a new pc with amd fx, get a ryzen chip. It will be much faster, have more features and just overall better for about the same price. You can also drop the water cooler as they make much less head. Also why win 10 pro? Do you need to add to a domain? Just get win 10 home. Thats the price for windows. You can do other sketchy things to get it cheaper, or just not activate it and have a water mark.
  11. sharknado34

    Used PC advice

    I have seen games that can take up to 6 gb of vram at 1080p, but that of course doesn't mean anything if the hardware itself can't back it up. I would reccomend 4gb of vram minimum for 1080p
  12. DotzHyper

    Windows 10 On New Build

    Okay a few things. First of all get rid of that cpu and get a ryzen 3 2200g or r5 1600. Also, go to ucdkey.com they have 14$ keys. Just install the free version of windows and activate it through that code
  13. The case will take coolers up to 170mm. The DRP4 is 162.8mm, the D14 is 160mm with fans, the D15 is 165mm with fans. So yeah, those should fit just fine.
  14. valdyrgramr

    Sony Now Internally Regulates Sexual Content in Video Games

    With the Wii U the game library is primarily what caused the failure. Nintendo tried to push it at first as pure family console and people gave them shit for it then refused to buy it. So, Nintendo panicked and asked for 3rd party devs. But, the devs didn't want to develop for it due to how hard it was to develop for it. So, they hired guys like Itagaki to make those NSFW games for them. The other problem was Nintendo just not marketing it well. The Switch also has almost no exclusive 3rd party NSFW games which isn't really giving it the boost it needs. Part of what sells games like Dead or Alive, God of War, The Witcher 3, and several others is the sexual aspect. Fun fact, the largest complaint on MK's FB page right now is the downplay of the sexualization of the characters. I wish I was joking, but 9 had far more sexualized characters than the current versions. That's the game people are using to compare the characters of X and 11 too. Why? Rather you like it or not...sex sells... Bayonetta, Devil's Third, Warriors Orochi 3, and other games with high sexual content in them is what pushed the Wii U. Also, the Vita sold in a lot higher numbers in Japan than in the US due to the highly sexualized JRPGS. They only picked up more here when games like those and senran kagura became a thing here.
  15. jerubedo

    Used PC advice

    I wouldn't really say that. It's a few titles from the same 2 developers: Ubisoft: Assassin's Creed Origins, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Far Cry 5 Dice: Battlefield 1, Battlefield V If we look at other recent releases, these games still do fine on older i5s: Resident Evil 2, Metro Exodus, Devil May Cry 5, Sekiro, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. That's just 5 AAA games that have come out in the past few months.
  16. How-to on Passthrough Post: https://geni.us/u0rk Buy AMD CPUs on Amazon: https://geni.us/HcaLFd7 Buy Nvidia video cards on Amazon: https://geni.us/wjj7Vzx
  17. Bearmann

    Help reviewing this build:

    Well, I'm not so sure about that Gigabyte card I listed above. There could be a reason it is cheap. The reviews are not good, but the one you listed in your build is only a little bit better. Maybe Gigabyte is not the way to go. Someone mentioned that all the RTX cards have trouble with artifacting. I'm sure someone here knows a lot more about it than I do.
  18. Bullzy

    Used PC advice

  19. look at reviews. it scores slightly bellow the nh d15.
  20. Did I miss it or is there really no mention of average battery life OP got?
  21. Bullzy

    Used PC advice

    I thought that but I found this.
  22. SpookyCitrus

    I want to hear my Xbox One Audio through my PC

    Honestly if its a USB headset you can just plug it into the USB port on the Xbox and it should work if its compatible. I feel like buying all this audio equipment was a bit more expensive than just buying a Headset compatible with both. Unless theres a specific reason you have to have the Xbox audio come through the PC. Xbox Party Chat on PC and the Xbox are both the same as I remember there is no difference between the two. Are you like playing PC games and Xbox games at the same time or something, this whole setup is boggling me.
  23. So in the future (Over this year) I have plans to build a computer. It will be my first that I build from scratch, with hopefully: Processor FX 8350 Motherboard MSI 970 gaming CPU Cooler Corsair Hydro H60 Graphic Card 4GB RX580 Memory 16GB (2x8gb) Vengeance Pro 2400 DDR3 Storage 1 1TB WD Blue (2012: 7200rpm I think) 2 250GB WD Blue SSD The only problem is while I was looking at the Microsoft website, laughing at them at how much windows 10 (In Either Form) costed initially, I then looked at how much it costed now (Just for in the future when the time comes to me making the computer). £219.99. You all can already see from the specs that I don't have an truck load of money to throw out on this, and considering that I could find most of the pieces together for about that price, I was wondering if there were any solutions you could think of for me. I am building the computer from scratch so it won't have any windows 7 product codes as well. I don't really mind if it is in Pro or Home just so long as it is 64 Bit. Thanks
  24. Lurick

    PC Ethernet wifi always becomes slow!

    Are you both downloading at the same time or is this even when you're downloading and his computer isn't even online? Are there a large number of wifi devices connected and are you closer to something that could be a source of interference compared to your brother? Is your brother closer to the router than you? What adapter(s) are you using and what router do you have?
  25. sharknado34

    Used PC advice

    Those are fairly decent specs, here is what the gtx 980 has for specs. I would recommend however that you go for something that has an i7 though since a lot of games are starting to be really thread heavy. For example my i5 4690k bottlenecks me fairly hard in battlefield 1. The 1% lows are really atrocious in that game. There are also a couple other games that are starting to appear to be that way. So if you could afford it I would get something with an i7. What resolution are you planning on going with for gaming?
  26. bcredeur97

    Windows 10 PRO Activation issue

    if you have any old win 7 keys lying around that aren't being used, just fyi little known fact, they will actually work to activate windows 10. windows 10 pretty much just needs /a key/. anything from Win 7 or 8 (or 10) will work. I think win 7 professional -> will work for win 10 pro win 7 home/standard/ -> win 10 home
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