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  2. Peskanova

    "Audiophile" Gaming headphones?

    schiit magni 3 + modi 2 + akg k712 pro, one of the best setups for gaming
  3. ddennis002

    Windows 10 new install help

    I have windows 10 home builders key for my desktop and was able to go to the junk yard and find a few old PC's with windows 7 pro OEM keys on the cases and plugged them in and it activated my desktop to 10 pro and also on my dell laptop.
  4. Lurtz

    Vega 64 Black Screen + Fan Spin Up crash

    My warranty has expired months ago. Would they still accept a RMA?
  5. 1year used corsair tx650m for 45euro which has warranty left or a new bq pure power 11 400w for 60 euro. 650w is overkill as i don't use more than 300-400w
  6. As title, power on and the laptop is full 8 bit colour (24 bit) and is set to 32 bit in nvidia control panel However when I wake from sleep, the colour depth is close to 6 bit (64 shades instead of 256) but the settings are still 32-bit This issue didnt occur in Windows 10 and has never occured the last time the machine ran 7 Side note is a 2008 HP laptop and doesnt handle 10 as well as I had hoped driver version 331.82 Had the same issue with the latest for my GPU (342.01) with the same problem (Reverted back because older driver performs better, the new one is just plain) Thoughts?
  7. TechyBen

    Windows 10 new install help

    That's good to know. That MS are tracking the account and number of active logins, not the actual hardware. So you could potentially deactivate an old computer, to use the Win10 licence/account on the new one.
  8. GrantCSmith

    VMware/virtual box virtualization and macOS

    Thanks for the guide , I did consider doing it but I’m not sure if Nvidia has proper drivers for Mojave and as far as I know running high Sierra would involve a parched kernel / some workarounds and whilst sure it’s doable I’m just not sure if I’d like to completely wipe my drive and install macOS as I believe macs use a different type of partition map.Still I’ll have a look and thanks for the quick response
  9. So, i have a DDR3 8Gb Hyperx Fury 1866MHz and a DDR3 G.Skill Sniper 4Gb 1600MHz. Will it work in dual-channel if i mix it? Mobo: H110M-C D3
  10. ddennis002

    VMware/virtual box virtualization and macOS

    Use this guide, worked on bare metal for my system (in signature)
  11. Yup. Which then mostly leaves 4c/4t that have matured enough to be deemed consistant. Which is honestly the bigger convern rather than games right now. But at least we can both agree "wait for Zen 2" > "250$++ CPU"
  12. Code.016

    DSL vs Fiber Speed Difference?

    I already have another router with QOS. the one that i got from my provider does have one, but its too much detailed and i'll just waste my time setting it up. I also got that router (with QOS) free, as it was given to my by my neighbor. thanks for the comment! I REAALY hope that ISP one day will offer what exactly they are advertising, and not with the 80% reliability BS.
  13. porina

    Women Better "Gamers" Than Men

    The more credible survey sites, or should that be least bad survey sites, will try to normalise for other factors when comparing a single factor. They would try to have a representative demographic of respondents and adjust to compensate if not. I don't know if 4% being female is representative or not, because if not, that could skew the results. Maybe it is a higher number but many of the others were like, I don't want to fill in some random survey, and those that did were relatively more invested in the game. In short, whenever you see any survey or poll, consider who did they ask to respond?
  14. TechyBen

    Women Better "Gamers" Than Men

    Do you think this is because women are better, or because the best skilled women play online gaming? I think it's hard to say, and find the original article problematic in that sense. With so many people playing games, who knows if people like me (who are just useless at some things when, say ill ) are just loosing not because they are men/women but because of life (or hardware ) situations. PS, graph also shows fitness plays a big role. Like, literally. If I'm too ill to go for a walk/run, then I'll fail in RocketLeague all the time. If I'm feeling fine, I'm out, not playing RL, but may win a couple of games when I do... so I end up de-ranking because I play when I feel too ill to go out. PS... Oh, yes it's a "rate of improvement" graph, and so does not say what the headline says. Stupid faking of results from actual real data.
  15. hardlygone

    Will this air cooler block the memory? please help

    I think LGMRT is the on and it's also same as NH-D15 performance .
  16. sof006

    Help me with routing my house

    The above is true, adding devices such as routers and AP's adds a small amount of latency as those devices have to router that data to it's destination. 8ms is hardly anything and I'd go as far as to say that's pretty good.
  17. JohnnyCyp

    UPS PowerWalker

    With this CyberPower UPS can i put also my speakers and PS4 in surge outlet and the rest in battery ? Can i use this adapter in IEC output of UPS ?
  18. Hi guys it’s my first post here so please excuse my ignorance.I was strongly thinking about getting a laptop for school as I’m going to move away in a few months and likely won’t be able to take my beloved desktop with me , I am leaning towards apple, but I’d rather not buy into the Mac ecosystem without trying the OS out for a few days , I have a ryzen 2nd gen system with an nvidia gpu so I doubt whether I’ll be able to run it on baremetal , I was thinking of running it in VMware/virtual box as they usually were very handy for other virtualization projects but I’m not sure if since I have only 1 gpu I’ll be able to use a hardware renderer in my vm and that’s why I would like to ask if macOS Mojave’s would be usable with a software renderer as I simply wanted a test drive of the OS for a couple of days to see if apple is the way to go for me.
  19. It had lots of problems with Cache though. There was a lot of head scratching in that area. One of the mainframes the company I work for made also had similar issues. Later on a shared cache was implemented.
  20. TRraven

    Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

    Idea for ltt, a buyers guide for competitive esports gaming using all major esport titles overwatch, rocket league, csgo, Apex legends, fortnite, realm royal, league of legends, rainbow 6 etc for 144hz/240hz gaming using 1080 all low settings and 1080p max. Streaming enabled 144/240fps for a baseline 720p 60 32 samples . To help find the machine most gamers want. So ideally it shows you the minimum if you just want to reach 144/240 if you want to he a streamer or not.
  21. ddennis002

    Windows 10 new install help

    sometime you can get around this, i have done it in the past. Try this before you buy a new key. If you linked your Microsoft account to your Windows 10 digital license on the device BEFORE you make the hardware change, you can reactivate Windows using your sign in info: In the troubleshooter, select I changed hardware on this device recently, and then select Next. Enter your Microsoft account and password, and then select Sign in. You’ll also need to enter the password for your local account if the Microsoft account you entered isn’t a connected account. From the list of devices that are linked to your Microsoft account, select the device that you’re currently using, select the check box next to This is the device I’m using right now, and then select Activate. If you don’t see the device you’re using in the list of results, make sure that you’re signed in using the same Microsoft account you linked to the Windows 10 digital license on your device.
  22. This one is, yeah. Anand and Tom's were 1% lows, though. We still only have one data point for the 0.1% lows but as shown he has very different results from the 1% lows, so I'm not sure how much stock we can put in it. And again, my own personal data from TODAY conflicts with his results as well.
  23. Harsh Gujarati

    GPU cooling with CPU Dual tower

  24. More or less. We will have a fundamental disagreement on HT vs non-HT where i will be rather concerned due to historical data with core i5 parts stuttering.
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