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  2. Blai5e

    EK water block question

    The EK-FC1070 GTX - Nickel (3831109831472) and EK-FC1070 GTX - Acetal+Nickel (3831109831489) are compatible with the founders edition of the 1070.
  3. 2070 will make a big difference in performance. The 9900K not so much, and it will also run much hotter.
  4. LukeSavenije

    rumor or real

    that one's too old for me to recognise... @Stefan Payne @Spotty?
  5. SolarNova

    MSI VA Gaming panel

    Of the top of my head i know Rtings.com and tftcentral have good reviews.
  6. ReggieGRS

    EVGA G2 or G3?

    Planning on replacing my dead RMi 850 with an EVGA G2 850 but upon further research, its price is similar to the EVGA G3 1000w Which one should i get? I've seen some threads talking bad about the G3 and it ranks low compared to the G2 in PSU Tier List here... Will power a 7820X (not yet bought so it may change) and a 2080Ti (3 pcie) So, G2 or G3? Once again, prices are similar so looking out for pure quality and reliability here
  7. Yeah, this one is a beefy boi as well though I don't mind that
  8. Rogerzz

    Is this safe? (AMD CPU)

    Haha, made me laugh.
  9. TheSLSAMG

    Which aio cooler should I get for kraken g12

    The stock fan will do fine without an issue. I've been running mine for the last year and a half without any issues.
  10. Blupsyklone

    rumor or real

    This is the power supply I currently have and wanted to use it for a new build https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817171056 Is this possible?
  11. https://www.monsternotebook.com.tr/tulpar/MONSTER-TULPAR-T7-V18-2.html The website does not have a english option but if you click teknik özellikler you can see the specs
  12. I guess my only real issue with the chromax line is having to buy extra pads and maybe the anti vibration mount set. Is the performance worth it over just buying the Be Quiet SW3 High speeds that come with everything?
  13. ELSknutson

    What would you prefer on a laptop?

    no thank you laptops do not relay interest me. I had a gaming laptop from Asus a few years ago and it preformed well and everything but I hated it because it was bulky and heavy. So I sold it and built a desk top and carried around a Surface Pro instead.
  14. FwelStars

    MCE on H370

    Does the TUF H370 Pro gaming board support multi-core enhancement or whatever its called?
  15. JZStudios

    Assassin's Creed Unity Free on Uplay

    I played AC1 almost to the end, but got frustrated by its jank and the fact that near the end if you bump into peasants you get 15 guards on your ass and the fighting sucks. Brotherhood and 2 were decent, but was definitely burnt out on the series by that point. They've innovated rather less over the years. The biggest things that changed in Brotherhood and AC2 were color palette and weapon choice. AC3 added boats. Black Flag was more boats. The combat still bothers me because it's Batman style, but not as good. Every time I get into a fight I get pissed off because the guy keeps doing twirly dodges and parries instead of actually attacking, so fighting 1 guy takes so fucking long to kill that it turns into fighting 10 guys and 15 minutes wasted. It'd be cool if the game let you run away, but they started giving them rocks so the knock you down when you try to climb.
  16. TheSLSAMG

    Which aio cooler should I get for kraken g12

    The H100i RGB Platinum is a CoolIT design, not an Asetek design. Despite the blocks looking similar, the mounting hardware is very different and it will not work with the G12.
  17. yeah... not that good with monitors good luck tho! don't forget to mark it solved, and maybe like here and there
  18. ManosMax13

    What would you prefer on a laptop?

    Send a link but know that the i9 wont improve the performance more than a better gpu.If u plan to game get the better gpu no doubt.
  19. GabeThePCHelper

    Am I dumb, or did I get a lemon?

    Ryzen is very very picky on their ram, certain brands, and then certain speeds.
  20. Kvahuest

    Fan speeds rev up and down

    i believe it was the weather since it was really hot in my room at that time, i closed my blinds and cooled my room down hasnt occurred since, but ill update my bios if it needs to tomorrow
  21. WoodenMarker

    Cooling in Dan Case A4-SFX

    The NH-L9i would work if you undervolt and don't expect getting the most out of turbo boost. If you can get your hands on an AIO like the 545LC, it would be much better and shouldn't have any issue with maintaining full turbo.
  22. Cheers! Yes they are, it's the turkish brand Linus had mentioned in a video, I can send the link of the laptop if you are interested
  23. CertifiedMixed

    Weird stutters

    Hasn't helped installed different drivers.
  24. Dr. Historic Low

    Syba Neck Hook BT earbuds $9.99 shipped

    These are wireless headphones? I feel dumb for also not knowing these exist. I knew the one wireless headphone in one ear existed but never thought about these. So they're just so you don't have a wire to worry about right?
  25. ManosMax13


    Oh xd i was bored to look it up.
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