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  2. MeatFeastMan

    RTX 2060 vs Vega 64

    And yes it's just as good as shadowplay really. Not much difference.
  3. Thanks for the reply EL Sknutson. This was my first choice actually but availability and stocks in my area sucks. Couldn't find one. Saw stocks on Newegg and other similar sites but the cost of shipping doubled the price.
  4. It'll fit on the front, not the top. I have a 280mm rad, too and I wanted to put it on top but the support only goes up to 240mm whereas the front of the case goes up to 360mm support. Steve, Paul, and Greg from Science Studio have reviewed it but I can't remember if Kyle did.
  5. Graham Carter

    Network Switch To Speed Up Performance

    Im a virgin media ISP user on a fibre internet connection here in the UK Have the latest Virgin Media Superb 3.0 at home connected to Virgins VIVID 350 offering and am very happy with the performance of this. Currently the only devices which are plugged into the ethernet ports on the superhub router, are a Synology NAS, a TIVO box and an Amazon Fire TV However my question is one of load sharing... I dug out a Network Switch (NETGEAR GS105 ProSafe 5-port) and was curious to ascertain if I daisy chain this into the superhub and then transfer the NAS and FIRETV into the netgear switch, whether or not I would experience a performance gain? The NAS is used heavily to stream HD content from its hard drives to the FIRETV running PLEX and KODI Considering that both the superhub and netgear have gigabit ethernet speeds, my train of thought was that as most of the high volume traffic is flowing between the NAS and the FIRETV, transferring the x2 devices to the network switch should ease the load on the superhub which primary use is 7 or 8 devices connected to the 5ghz wifi. Whats hurting my head though, is would the netgear switch take care of the heavy lifting with traffic between the NAS and FIRETV or would I have to make some changes on the superhub to make sure this is the case? Im not a networking expert by a long stretch (hence the forum thread) To recap on my questions... Would plugging the NAS and FIRETV directly into the switch improve wired performance? Does one need to make any config changes on the isp provided superhub to insure that traffic between these x2 devices is handled by the netgear switch? Any changes needed to the network config of the NAS? Perhaps use a different subnet on the netgear switch?
  6. wangmauler

    Windows 10 Multiple Monitors Wallpapers issue (2-3 monitors)

    Thanks for the tip! Installed that and it works excellent! Easier than just fixing the issue.
  7. You *should* be okay, but again this is Windows we're talking about. Microsoft has some black magic going on with their OS in determining if you're using the (same) hardware.
  8. Princess Cadence

    Will i7 7700k bottleneck 2080 Ti?

    If you can find a good second hand 1080 Ti for less than either the Radeon 7 or 2080 I would consider it a very worthy pick. The 2080 Ti might be under used on an i7 7700K don't get me wrong it's a perfectly fine CPU with pretty much on pair single threaded performance with even an i9 9900K however the lack of Cores are an issue these days specially if you want to multi-task while gaming
  9. Spotty

    rumor or real

    It's almost 10 years old so will lack the support for modern C-States for energy saving modes which could be what the person was referring to in regards to replacing it with a new PSU to "support" modern Intel CPUs (Haswell onwards). (Kind of a really shit explanation of it, but it's 4:45am so eh) OP, What are the specs of the system you were thinking of buying?
  10. Bitter

    Last nVidia card with dual DVI ports?

    Are you going to be using compute functionality of the cards to accelerate your image processing and media work?
  11. fasauceome

    RTX 2060 vs Vega 64

    Worth looking into the usability features yourself, I don't have that much personal experience but I know some people actually like it at least.
  12. To be fair, Ryzen in general had a lot of memory compatibility issues at launch. My Gigabyte x370 board could barely achieve 2666MHz with manual timings at launch, and took several months (3-4 if I recall correctly) before I could set XMP to 2933MHz with 3000Mhz RAM. I've definitely encountered that myself. If I need to call tech support for anything (such as my internet), I typically prefer talking to level 2, because they at least usually have a clue what they're doing. Unfortunately, I can't always convince them to kick me up the chain right away.
  13. Thanks Fantasia! Was considering that case. Just not sure if the radiator fits. Had instances before that it say it fits in the website description but actually it's not. Saw a video from Dmitry of HardwareCanucks earlier. Also, looking for some reviews from Kyle, Paul and Steve.
  14. nick name

    Am I dumb, or did I get a lemon?

    And expand your search beyond 3600MHz RAM if you find everything else is currently sold out. You'll have to manually tune it, but you'll find some good kits in the same price range that way. https://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007611 601190328 601203950 8000 600327642 601203952 601203953 601203954 601203955&IsNodeId=1&bop=And&Order=PRICE&PageSize=36
  15. MasterKempinis

    Which aio cooler should I get for kraken g12

  16. fantasia.

    EVGA G2 or G3?

  17. Thanks to each and everyone of you for replying back. Im stoked now!
  18. Shiniontv

    RTX 2060 vs Vega 64

    Is it as good as ShadowPlay or better? And does it have the instant replay feature aswell?
  19. Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic
  20. It should be fine, but it'll help that you assign your computer to a microsoft account (@outlook, @live, @hotmail). When you boot up your system after the new hardware changes, you'd only need to sign in with your microsoft account to transfer your license over.
  21. As long as the windows 10 key that you have is transferable (a non OEM retail key) it should be fine. If it doesn't work when you try and you have issues like Origami Cactus, then reinstall.
  22. thinwalrus

    EVGA G2 or G3?

    Id say its highly unlikely that youll ever break anything because of the too high opp on G3. Its a disgrace g3 is listed among cx-series from Corsair when g3 performs better with +100W:s over the sticker value than cx does with 40% load.
  23. It depends a lot on the motherboard, the vast majority of the time it doesn't matter, but my current motherboard was not a fan of a preinstalled OS. It would not recognize a boot option without a fresh install.
  24. AlexTheGreatish

    what to do w/ my life

    Maybe try learning how to code and create games. Also learning how to fiddle with electronics can be a lot of fun, an Arduino and a breadboard can get you started for under $100 and there are heaps of guides online to progress. Another good way to meet people is to join a maker space, they normally will have a bunch of classes that you can attend for a reasonable price, then you get to learn cool things and meet cool people at the same time.
  25. LukeSavenije

    Ram's cas latency diffrence

    I've seen some stability issues with it when overclocking, it's mostly on first gen, but still it matters about as much as frequency btw, you can have 3000 mhz, but when you run it at cl20 it won't be faster
  26. trag1c

    Canadian customs question.

    You just pay the sales tax on the sale value. Your friend just has to go down to cbsa to pay before he can receive the package.
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