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  2. JZStudios

    CNC Machine for Custom Reservoir

    Realistically, why? Do you actually do a lot of projects? Maybe we're spoiled... well my dad anyways, since he used to use the top of the line HAAS machines, but everything about the cheapo kits is generally kind of crap. It's okay if you just make some plywood bits, but for any kind of actual precision or harder materials they suck at. The programs used to run them aren't great either. For a HAAS there's options to set drill holes, so... obviously the bit just plunges down at a controlled rate, comes back up, and moves on to the next one. The free CNC programs however for some reason don't have that option, so it drills down and tries to move on ruining the part and snapping your bit. For each hole drilled you need to basically write G-code for it. It's kind of the same thing with home 3d printers, there's generally some kind of fuckery or bullshittery you have to figure out how to get around and avoid. Not to mention the space they take up.
  3. katulen

    2070 RTX Fans running different RPMs - Help

    Im not quite following you there?? Reporting "those" ? The 2 last fans or what do you mean. Sorry :).
  4. potatobuilder

    Need GPU advice on 1080p e-sports gaming

    yes sir may I know what brand will you recommend? My ideal budget will be $100 but I can maybe stretch it to like $150? Is this PSU so bad in quality that I should switch immediately?
  5. anthony man

    HELP with bottleneck question

    im just gonna buy it online either way and U,S
  6. xAcid9

    Need GPU advice on 1080p e-sports gaming

    I probably will since i got
  7. Doesn't matter to me how they fail. They're not serviceable.
  8. As Rocket the Trash Panda would say: You're supposed to use the sarcasm voice! Apple Defends Killing OpenGL, OpenCL as Developers Threaten Revolt
  9. handymanshandle

    Need GPU advice on 1080p e-sports gaming

    Get a 570 (or 1060, whatever's cheaper), buy a better PSU and overclock the fuck out of your 4790K. Dota 2 will enjoy that.
  10. trevb0t

    What to upgrade specs wise

    I mean... could poor power distribution in old crappy VRMs be an issue here? He literally describes the board as old and crappy to the point he cant even tell us what it is
  11. Using a Pixel 2 at this point, I feel completely the same. Going to class at 8:40 and classes end at 11:40, my Pixel 2 goes from fully charge to anywhere between 50% to 60%, and that's only a three-week old Pixel 2 I tried to use restricting app like Brevent, Greenify or Ice Box, they didn't make it better, but not using them also didn't make the case worse, I'm quite confused at this point, but using LTE dose drain the battery more quickly than connected to a Wifi.
  12. maybe disconnect the case IO from the motherboard, it might be causing the freeze.
  13. SafyreLostTooManyAccounts

    Free Photo Editors for Win 10?

    Gimp, Paint.Net, MS Paint is also a very underrated program that comes with Windows.
  14. Slottr

    HELP with bottleneck question

    What country are you from? What computer stores do you have near you?
  15. anthony man

    HELP with bottleneck question

    oh okay i dont understand what your asking though about that company
  16. Hello everyone.First build and first post here.Last week i finally built my first pc and i am currently at the phase of configurinfg everything in order to get all of its powers available(safely). So here it is PSU------->BE QUIET STRAIGHT POWER 11 80+ GOLD MOBO------>MSI X470 GAMING PRO CPU------->RYZEN 5 2600 CPU COOLER-------->BE QUIET DARK ROCK 4 200 TDP WITH ONE FAN GPU----->SAPPHIRE RADEON RX 590 NITRO+ 8gb RAM------->2xG-SKILL AEGIS 8GB F4-3000C16S-8GISB (16-18-18-38) 1.35V SSD----->Patriot Scorch M.2 512GB NVMe HDD---->1TB WD CAVIAR BLUE CASE----->SHARKOON PURE STEEL BLACK *MONITOR ------>1080p,freesync, 60hz overcloccked to 72 Hz *3 INTAKE FANS, 1 OUTAKE USAGE OF PC : Mostly gaming(RPG-FPS-STRATEGY) So i would like to know your opinions about: 1st) OC my CPU? I am currently in all auto.Everything of course works really well(except high edc showing up at ryzen master???) . Will i see a difference in gaming if i go 4+? . Also will a stable vcore help the cpu rather than having it flancuating all the time? 2nd)RAM XMP profile 2 is set to work at 2933(16-18-18-38).I am currently using manual frequency at 3000mhz with 1.35 volts 16-18-18-38.I guess thats ok? 3rd)GPU( just an overclocked 580 but it was really cheap)(Also i love sapphire) Okay so i played some csgo the other day(250-300fps) and i monitored my gpu with hwinfo.Even though cs is not a gpu-lover game, my utilization reached 100% at default wattman settings. Is this normal? Is there any reason to oc this card at 1080p? In radeon display setting should i have Virual Super Resolution and GPU Scaling on? Thanks in advance for your help :))) P.S ) Long live Linus !!!
  17. WoodenMarker

    Stealthy work build cooling

    What case are you using? You could flip the fan to exhaust and see if that helps. If not, you should just remove the fan. More isn't always better.
  18. SafyreLostTooManyAccounts

    Is there such a thing as free domain and hosting?

    Glitch: https://glitch.com Freenom: https://www.freenom.com @Mr.Muffins
  19. LukeSavenije

    HELP with bottleneck question

    microcenter https://www.microcenter.com
  20. WoodenMarker

    Will this air cooler block the memory? please help

    Are you shopping in the US?
  21. LukeSavenije

    Need GPU advice on 1080p e-sports gaming

    already bought? i hope you weren't planning to recommend a rtx 8000 on it...
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