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  2. I know, I'm disagreeing it is the best OS for a NAS.
  3. what is better? usb or pcie?
  4. I'm looking at reviews it isn't. I'm agreeing that 4k is overkill but if they want to spend that much give them nice stuff. I've got a smaller sized game collection of about 100-125 games and it is easily coming up on 3TB. to me the higher end drives aren't about slightly better performance, it is long term support and reliability. I wouldn't put in any of the new gen 4 drives. there are use cases but he hasn't listed any
  5. You can apply this to many, many, many things that I decide to branch out and explore. My knowledge is like a tree where all the open air between the branches is everything I don't know. Which if you can imagine your average tree there's a lot more air than their are branches. Personally I would find something like this useful for when running TimeShift. Does Windows have a driver for it or does it still rely on the virtio drivers? Unrelated. Talking to the LG author we've gotten the Clipboard working enabling copy/paste between the two OS's. Coincidentally the fix for the clipboard also fixes the scroll wheel problem.
  6. Ryzen 7 3700X with it's stock cooler X570 asus prime pro motherboard 16gb of vengean pro rgb 3000mhz(2x8gb stick) rx580 asus strix 850watt corasair RMx power supply and 250gb 2.5 laptop hard drive (7200rpm)
  7. I'm assuming you're from the US since this wouldn't even be a decision you'd be able to make in most of Europe. There isn't really a lot of learning involved with driving an automatic car, so I suppose it doesn't make a ton of sense for you to go to a driving school to learn how to operate the car in general. That being said, I don't think that the lessons will do any harm, and getting your training for just 360 USD is crazy cheap as well. To give you a bit of perspective: Getting your driver's license in Germany involves at least 1500€, sometimes up to 3000€ depending on your driving school and location. That includes at least 12 mandatory driving lessons plus (usually) a few additional ones to iron out mistakes. I still wouldn't blame you for not taking them. If it's not legally required and you feel like you're able to control the car just fine, then it's really just about the laws and rules of the road. You're not going to learn how to drive properly by the time you're getting your license either way - being a good driver requires a lot of practice and experience. I'd just say be reasonable and honest with yourself. Taking lessons isn't shameful and if you're not feeling confident in front of the steering wheel yet, it's the responsible decision to make.
  8. Oh i missed that but is there a huge diference?
  9. Wait there is a 3600 are you sure i have never seen that one except if you are thinkin the ryzen 5 maybe?
  10. they are not the same. 2 sticks is easier to overclock than 4. that is inherent to how memmory topology, and tracing works. 1st and 2nd gen dont like anything faster than 3200mhz. and 3rd gen stops clocking at 3600mhz due IF being in 1:1 mode. more ram puts more strain on the memmory controller. so yes, the ammount of ram does affect how high you can overclock the memmory, or what voltage you need to use.
  11. Just torrent it, dude. If you really feel bad about not paying the devs, you can always buy the game at a later date when you have money/it comes out on steam.
  12. 2060 super, not 2060.
  13. Screw the mount down right into the table top of the desk.
  14. I was thinking about the 2060 but after several videos and loking some online its actually 1660 ti better than 2060 mostly depends on the game you are playing but in my country the 1660 is cheaper than 2060 and for the same performance or maybe better i dont know il think about it and i mean the rtx thing is something i kinda dont find usefull
  15. I enjoy the free games. I would never actually buy anything from there, however. No way I'm putting my credit card info into a store with such security breaches, and also I don't want to support console-like business practices.
  16. Maybe sell pc if i can experience faults in pc in future?Somebody said:"Use a quality surge protector on important things and even though the PC works now it may have suffered as well and in a couple months if you experience faults you know why."
  17. no freeNAS does plenty well and costs 0. you could also go with any linux distro designed for server so it has a web ui.
  18. firstly, it's one of the fastest ssd's. secondly, I was trying to make the point that spending 4k on a build is a bit overkill unless you have a particular application. 90% of the people don't need more than 1tb ssd, 2tb hdd. most people won't even notice the difference between a sata and a nvme ssd in terms of speed. so i don't think anyone would notice the sp a80 has 90% of the performance of a 970 evo plus or whatever. sure, i can make builds with corsair mp600 4.0 drives, but what's the point? no one needs it.
  19. Capacity is only indirectly applicable, in that the number of modules, and/or the rank of the modules tend to go up to achieve higher total capacity. Both those could affect the overclocking limit of the ram in a given system. All else being equal, one module per channel of single rank ram is most likely to reach highest speeds. Running dual rank module, and/or two modules per channel may limit that. Unless you need the fastest possible ram for some reason (competitive overclocking) it doesn't make a big difference even if you have a bit of a speed difference from ram configuration. Note I found having more than one rank per channel gives an improvement to performance at a given speed/timing. This can be either by multiple modules or within a single module. If max performance is the goal it isn't necessarily achieved by max speed.
  20. You say that like people are these foolproof locators of auditory stimulation. People haven't forgotten about sound queues, and the car example is one of the easiest possible due to doppler shifting that gives multiple layers of information for our brains to process along with a persistent generally continuous sound to track. Or as if even the HRTF systems doesn't make massive assumptions about what constitutes "average human hearing response curves" among other things. Yes it's a reference model, I get that.
  21. Thank you all for your input. I am particularly looking for input in regard to having an SSD installed in a NAS and setup as a basic disk where apps/VMs etc. can be installed without any RAID on the SSD. The HDDs in the NAS will be setup in a RAID6 used for storage/data only (no apps or VMs running off of the HDD RAID6 volume). With this setup I aim to make and SSD cache obsolete as the SSD cache would not be able to perform better than the basic disk SSD itself anyway. In this scenario with the SSD installed as a basic disk with no RAID whatsoever, would a consumer grade SSD be fine and perhaps "preferred" (cost/performance) or is an enterprise/NAS or data center SSD always preferred/recommended when installed in a NAS no matter which way the SSD is setup (as basic disk or as part of a RAID) due to the extra features such as Power Loss Protection etc., or are those features irrelevant when the SSD is setup as a basic disk? I would assume that an SSD in a NAS setup as a basic disk would behave exactly the same as an SSD installed in any personal computer, thus making it no more and no less important which model/features the SSD would have when installed in a NAS?
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