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  2. mariushm

    CD limits

    Audio CDs store music in uncompressed form. So each second of audio uses 44100 Hz x 2 channels x 16 bit (2 bytes) per sample = 4 x 44100 = 176,400 bytes per second. So 76 minutes of audio will use 76 minutes x 60 seconds x 176400 = 804,384,000 bytes MINIMUM, or 767 MB There is some empty space between each audio track, and some additional disc space is used to store some data that helps audio players detect tracks and other crap, so the 807 MB approximation is more or less correct. If you're wondering how you could store 800+ MB on a disc when the disc says 700 MB on it, well, that's because CDs can actually store more than 700 MB on them. The 700 MB value is valid only for storing DATA, not when you're creating Audio CDs or for example VideoCD. When storing data, a part of the storage space on CDs is used to store error correction information and other crap useful to correct errors when discs get dirty or scratched, for example it's something like for every 2100 bytes of data, around 400 bytes are used for error correction and other things. When you're creating audio CDs or VideoCDs, the software uses ALL the available data for music or video, with the reasoning that error correction is less important - if there's a scratch on the disc and the unit can't correct the bits under the scratch, worse case scenario you'll hear a click or pop on the audio, or a single video frame would be partially corrupt (you'll see a bunch of green blocks on the screen for 2-3 ms) Your 300 MB audio files are most likely compressed to MP3 or FLAC... that's why they use only 300 MB... on audio CDs the music is uncompressed, so the burner decompresses the music into uncompressed audio which uses more space.
  3. Stefan Payne

    Last nVidia card with dual DVI ports?

    Ähm, it looks like you didn't really look into it really and only want to buy nVidia. You aren't even able to Say "Radeon Technology Group" or AMD. Seems like your knowledge is at least 15 Years old. Sad that Radeon GPUs are rated with what might or might not have happened 15 Years ago.
  4. SlimShady99

    Help with my RAM pls

    Thank you, hopefully i can get them to 3200mhz, mine are trash 2133mhz idk why they went 2400mhz tho obviously its not viable to OC to 2666 it just crash my whole PC, 3000 mhz ftw! bought my RAM 2 years ago, 8gb 2133mhz for 70€, now for 15€ more im buying double of RAM at 1000mhz higher, its crazy
  5. realpetertdm

    What is the best cpu for a dell optiplex 780?

    First of all check the mobo and psu, you might need to upgrade them too and if you're going to game then get an i3 8th gen at least. i5 & Ryzen 5 preferrably. Also like people said don't go for the 1050, RX 570 should give you better performance for lower price
  6. porina

    Intel is selling cheap?

    I guess we'll never know unless manufacturers do describe their operation mode, or if someone could reverse engineer it from observation. My concern remains that a fixed area for higher performance mode could result in uneven wear leveling. Having it non-static would get around that, but then as argued before, lower density writes would still have the same per-cycle hit to endurance as the fundamental QLC mode. In that scenario I could even argue running lower bit-per-cell modes might even increase wear as measured by TBW because you get reduced write capacity per cycle and I'm not convinced you can gain the higher write cycles if it still has to also run QLC at any time. Anyway, it is getting rather theoretical. I'd have no quibbles running a QLC drive such as this myself. It wouldn't be one I choose for high performance, for example my gaming system has Optane 900p OS drive. For my laptop which is space and thus capacity constrained, if it were available at the time, I'd pick it over similarly priced SATA SSDs.
  7. Stefan Payne

    i need some help

    Yeah, the 4930K is already at the upper end, There might be an 8 Core Xeon CPU available, that's also overclockable but that one might be really really expensive. That system looks pretty good and isn't really upradable or makes sense to do so right now. However, mit might be possible to get a good amount of money for it if it is getting sold. The Board might fetch something like 150€, CPU also in that Yeah, its a good idea anyway. But the 850W S12-II Bronze at least has DC-DC but despite the size of the Heatsinks seems to be on the loud side.
  8. My Windforce fans for my older GTX980Ti died, so after giving it some thought I got myself an NZXT G12 Mount and a X42 AIO to cool my GPU. I added my Cooler Master 140AP (RGB) on the rad in a push-pull config, since it used to be my rear fan, itoesn't cost me anything. However, I'm thinking of upgrading some of my fans to Noctua iPPC 3000's for my rads like my MasterLiquid 240 which I use for CPU cooling. Should bother getting extra iPPCs for all my Rads to make them push-pull? All of them are about 30mm Thick Rads. I live in Singapore so ambient temps are it normally pretty hot (30°C+/-), and I do not have air-conditioning. I've seen overall 10-14°C lower temps on my GPU after switching to the AIO, compared to the stock Windforce cooler.
  9. It sounds like a faulty diode in the alternator, I've found another video where the vehicle has the same sort of noise.
  10. No I believe it's software controlled
  11. i would never pick this motheboard. especially with the Asrock Pro4 being on the market for roughly the same ammount of money. i dont understand why people skimp on parts just because they want a cheap build
  12. You can overclock with a B450 motherboard yes.. You are generally at the mercy of the Silicon lottery as well as cooling and power delivery. Only way to know is to try and see if you can hit it.
  13. deeledee

    Buying this system tonight in singapore

    the case is terrible with the interior, you will have a hard time trying to cramp everything in there
  14. EmpZurg14

    Computer turns on for half a second then turns off

    Thanks for the response on this! Now I tried testing the PSU with a paper clip and it turned on and functioned perfectly. Could that still be an issue overall then?
  15. Aacreseandra

    LTT Merch Premiered on Wan

    On the most recent Wan show Linus showed off the upcoming LTT underwear, will there be a female option as well?
  16. Hello! I know this is probably a very dumb question now, but can it overclock to 3.9ghz with a B450m-HDV? I saw Bitwit's "This $500 Console Killer is ACTUALLY Impressive!" He said he didn't want to push it, the motherboard has only a single 4 pin connector for the CPU power, so he only overclocks it to 3.8ghz, I have the exact same build as that, but I didn't really understand what he's talking about.. because, I'm new here.. So if any of you can explain it to me that'll be great
  17. LukeSavenije

    What is the best cpu for a dell optiplex 780?

    probably somewhere around a core2quad check your chipset tho, some can't run them ~a guy with 3 e8400 machines
  18. mariushm

    Intel is selling cheap?

    Think of it like this: The SSD controller doesn't move the data from SLC/MLC mode memory to QLC right away... it does it when the drive is idle, or when the space is required. So let's have an example, like let's say you download an 500 MB installer from the net to install something. The installer unpacks those 500 MB into 700MB - 1 GB in a temporary folder and then you run the setup and install everything somewhere else, and then the installer removes the temporary files and you may or may not delete the installer. If the drive is not close to full, the SSD drive will have up to around 80-100 GB of NAND in SLC or MLC mode, so those 500 MB (initial download) and those 700MB-1 GB that the installer unpacks will basically reside in the write buffer. The SSD won't move them to the QLC portion yet, because there's plenty of write buffer available and the drive didn't switch to "idle" mode, it's still in active state, having files read and written to it. Once you're done with the setup and the installer issues the command to remove the temporary files (those 700MB - 1 GB), the controller simply marks the pages holding that data as "available to be erased and reused" and this 700-1GB chunk of data never hits the QLC memory. Congratulations, you just averted hitting 700MB-1GB worth of blocks with a write (and who knows how many page erases you avoided, because those blocks are in who knows how many pages, because each page may contain tens of blocks and each page may be only partially filled with used blocks) So instead of killing one erase cycle out of 300-500-maximum 1000 erase cycles available from a QLC page, you're just killing an erase cycle from a SLC/MLC mode page, which has THOUSANDS of erase cycles available. That's how you get more endurance. Yes, the area of memory used in SLC or MLC (I'll say MLC from now on to make it simpler to read) mode is dynamic, if I remember correctly from Anandtech review I think it adjusts between something like 10-20GB to 80 GB, depending on how much space is used on the drive... but I have my doubts about the actual memory areas in each flash memory chip also being dynamic. I suspect the memory controller reserves up to 8 GB of pages from each memory chip on the drive, where these 8 GB are always the first 0..8 GB out of each 32-64-128 GB chips. When the drive gets full, the controller most likely takes a portion of the write buffer, writes the data from those portions into QLC pages, then erases the MLC pages and converts them to QLC ... like for example ... you have 80 GB of MLC and drive starts to be full, controller may take 1 GB out of each 8 chips (so a total of 8 GB) of MLC pages, write whatever pages are used from those 8 GB worth of MLC pages into QLC pages, erase the 8 GB MLC pages and convert them to QLC, obtaining 16 GB worth of QLC ... now you have 72 GB of MLC mode memory and you gained 16 GB of QLC memory, minus up to 8 GB of data that was previously in the write buffer in those 8 GB worth of pages.
  19. Freebo

    LTT Store Shipping

    Watched WAN show this week, they discussed shipping again and have another promotion. Does anyone know if the above issue is resolved or has been explained? Also is anyone able to test it in Canada to see if it has the same issue? edit: just did some further testing, Small-XL were at the cheaper rate 2XL and 3XL at the higher rate. I also found an issue when I tried another shirt when it then said no shipping was available I my region despite other shirts working no problem.
  20. Skiiwee29

    What cables r these

    Newer motherboards will have a white header on there that you can connect them too. What is your motherboard?
  21. LukeSavenije

    Help with my RAM pls

    should work fine, tho I'd manually overclock it with 1.35 v on the dram, 3200 mhz (or higher if you can reach) and cl16, as ryzen isn't that stable with odd timings
  22. paddy-stone

    Windows installation m.2 not detected

    Ahh I see.. for future reference, NVMe drives typically are M key (notch on the right hand side), whilst SATA SSDs now are typically B+M key (2 notches).
  23. Ben Quigley

    Folding Community Board

    When you did a friends computer and they let you for on it for the week till they can pick it up.
  24. Stefan Payne

    Cerny announces new PS5 Details

    ...and here the Results with Single Channel: https://www.planet3dnow.de/vbulletin/threads/433138-Athlon-5350-vs-Athlon-200GE?p=5235972&viewfull=1#post5235972 Here a user who has both: https://www.planet3dnow.de/vbulletin/threads/433138-Athlon-5350-vs-Athlon-200GE?p=5235966#post5235966 So looks at around double the Performance with Ryzen. And also the higher frequency. Keep in mind that Ryzen is very efficient up to 3GHz or so. So the frequency might be double the Original PS4 Chip as well (1,6GHz -> 3,2GHz), maybe even 4GHz.
  25. InsaneLike

    Dual Channel wont work

    I tested the rams on my friends pc he has asrock taichi and they work fine there what could be the issue on my mobo
  26. leadeater

    Dr Su will present Zen 2 and Navi at Computex 2019 (May 27th)

    There's a lot of QS and ES CPUs sold on ebay, after product release and after a decent amount of time. If you're willing they are actually a good buy. More on to the point, with so many of them in existence going to motherboard makers, system integrators like HP/Dell/Lenovo etc detailed information getting to the hands of competitors at some point before release should really be expected. I also don't doubt they get ES samples some way or indirect access to them it's just a matter of when/how soon to make that access matter in a short term sense to counter a new product launch. There's also the common knowledge aspect which the companies are working under the same technological restrictions of things like fab technologies so what's achievable is generally understood and it can come down to how far one company expects the other to push towards the maximum or balance the product to fit within desired parameters like die area for cost and yield reasons. Take Nvidia Volta GV100 for example, that's a product where the absolute maximum of every aspect was undertaken. AMD knows the maximum reticle size TSMC (or any fab really) can do and they know enough about Nvidia's architecture to know in advance the core makeup of such a product but when did they know Nvidia was targeting maximum possible? Probably fairly early since TSMC had to do some rather large customizations that would be hard to keep completely under wraps in a shared fab facility, people talk.
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